Friday, September 10, 2010

Jon Wain 2010, the triple threat

Let's talk about Triple Threats. Yes because I heard good things come in three's. Didn't you? Ok so there's The Dream, Missy Elliot, the legendary R. Kelly, just to name a select few "respectables" who fall into this special category in the music industry. In case you were born yesterday, Triple Threat = a writer, producer and singer. While you may have many that tout their expertise, not all who put out the work, do it well so when you encounter one who does justice to their entire craft you must take note. And I've taken note of writer, producer, singer, Jon Wain. It's my joyful duty to share him (And I'm not usually "that kind" of woman... ;) ).

A young man from the city of Chicago, burning up the musical streets of Atlanta in 3 hot ways has come to stake his claim. He's somebody to look out for with singles like, "Iz you Ready" (Listen and/or download here), a slow jam for the lady or the lover. No this is not the John Wayne of your parent's parent's favorite country western flick, this is the sexy, yet still strong and confident Jon Wain of 2010. Oooh weee. Time to bring in the new.

Want more? Sure you do. For more Jon Wain, follow and connect with him at the links below: *Note for the fans- he actually stays in touch, get at him while you can.




Jon Wain video:

Monday, April 12, 2010

So what does Chilli Want? PLUS party with her TONIGHT at the Gold Room!

Chilli at her Atlanta private viewing
Party with Chilli

Ok so who watched the show last night?? Will Chilli REALLY find love?
Will Tionna (love coach) hurt someone with those tigobitties?
And what's wrong with a little pork chop in your life?

Well the member of the famed pop group TLC is attempting to do so in a new VH1 reality show (answers to the other posed questions explored at an unknown date. just stay TUNED!). She explores dating men with the help of a sassy NY dating coach, Tionna Smalls in order to possibly find, "the one". It's smart the coach is there because ya girl is picky. No not just picky, as in, he needs to be tall, nice teeth, and working, NO. I'm talking about PICKY all the way down to what he will or won't eat. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Well good luck. And i don't say that in a sarcastic way. I think it's good to have a list of desires you want in a mate. HOWEVER be flexible. AND be willing to work on YOU. There is no perfection. Which is good because it keeps life interesting (And allows counselors to stay employed and get paid. *wink*).

So that poses a question, are women in general too picky? Hmm. Many men would shout a loud, "YES!" however boys, i have encountered quite a few VERY picky guys in my day. I'm talking about the ones that want what they can't even provide or want a "bad chick" but they just all together look BAD! SMH. Anyway i had the opportunity to attend the private viewing for the new show a few days ago here in Atlanta at Straits restaurant and i promise, the entire room was laughing! So if you missed it last night, catch Chilli's fun show, "What Chilli Wants" on VH1 Sunday nights! Good TV. Social Addiction APPROVED!

Thanks to Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR for the invite. Such great PR! She goes hard for Chilli!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bucc's Barbeque, Atlanta's new finger licking eatery!

Indie artist, Meeka Means
Dawnee Robinson in front of the Bucc's large menu
Need i explain besides, "MMM MMM MMM!"

Atlanta is known for being a brave city entrepreneurially speaking. As a city patron for almost 16 years i have seen many enthusiastic ideas and attempts of club and restaurant greatness in that near double decade.

Well right in time for hot weather, one of those good ideas has hit Atlanta with the grand opening of Bucc's Barbecue! I am always a slight skeptic upon hearing of business owners and investors with new hopes of grandeur in the form of a new hot spot for both the elite and non to mix,mingle or simply, "get their eat on". It takes bravery in a flailing economy to decide to hope, dream then build, which going for it, is the part i can respect. So while i wasn't sold on a new eatery in hotlanta, especially a BBQ eatery, i immediately respected the efforts to bring something old out with a fresh twist.

On the hot spring day that i drove to Bucc's i must admit i was secretly hoping for its success because i was a tad hungry...bump that i was famished (Everyone knows i'm a fat kid at heart. Consistent workout is my saving grace.)! And i arrived at the right time because i came moments before the passing of the plates, if you will. I got my plate, and SOLD! Bucc's has a menu full of southern barbecue favorites, some with as i said earlier, fresh or new twists. They serve beef ribs, chicken wings, link sandwiches (YES!!), slammin' potato salad, greens, green beans, and not to mention (Side thought: Why do people say "not to mention" and then mention it anyway? Hmmm.), the best macaroni and cheese this side of hwy 85. The only thing i really didn't care for was the chicken chili. The chicken in the chili was a little dry and the mixture had flavors that were strong yet didn't work well together in my opinion. I like my homemade chili to taste like it came straight from Grandma's pot. You know, the one she put her foot in. So now that i've listed about a quarter of the menu i bet the meat connoisseurs know what wasn't mentioned. Pork. Cuz there's no pork. GASP! Yea i said it, no swine, no "other white meat" but you won't miss ms.piggy because the menu is so full of goodness that your pig fetish will fly away faster than a man confronted by his main chick and his side piece at a rowdy family reunion (I'm just sayin'...).

Bucc's was started by owner Will Robinson and is the brain child of Dawnee Robinson the mother of 2009's young slain rapper, Roderick "Dolla" Burton who was lovingly known as Bucc to loved ones. The eatery is located in the perfect location in the Grant Park area on Boulevard in downtown Atlanta. But don't expect to sit and gab with your homies while licking perfect mango bbq sauce off of your greedy little fingers, the spot is equipped with a drive thru, a walk in counter but no tables. Get your stuff, take it home to your family or friends or catered picnic and be on your merry eating way! And guess what they are open late you belly busters (mainly talking to myself)! Matter of fact, i've done made myself so hungry from writing this article that i just might...oooh let me stop before i have to pop in another Billy Blanks tape! Anywho...i came, i saw, i ate, i loved! If you haven't had Bucc's do yourself a favor and HAVE BUCC'S! I betcha a "dolla" you'll love it! :)

Bucc's BBQ
313 Boulevard S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312

Special thanks to Dennis Byron of Hip Hop Enquirer and Christal Jordan Mimms of Enchanted PR.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Soul Train stops in Atlanta

Natori Naughton of "Fame" & "Notorious" (Currently filming "Lottery Ticket in ATL Herdon Homes)
Kiara Akita (Filming "Between Love & a Hard Place" next month) Look for our interview next week!
Tyler Perry's "House of Payne"
This is some SERIOUS all natural skin care. Wonderful scents! (Skincare by Feleciai)
The Odelia wine, i got one for myself...tastes like grapes fresh off the vine. INCREDIBLE! (South African company, 7 Sisters)

Soul Train Tuesday popped off with Prominence PR's premiere gifting suite. Incredible vendors and some celebrity eye candy walked through the building at Room Servic Lounge, to get a load of the goodies like: Wine, cigars, clothing and skin products. I got some cool schwag myself. Woohoo! Thanks to Keisha McCotry.
Debra Lee (BET), Ludacris & the beautiful Toni Braxton
Kandi, Trey, Rashida, Toya
Estelle. I hear she likes "America Boys"...
Straits, midtown ATL location. Great food, drinks & it's HUGE.

Uptown had a party, Joia (i drove by for a minute, Lyfe Jennings & Tameka Foster-Raymond were there) had a party but aint no party like a Ludacris party obviously, because many of the Soul Train celebrity participants headed over to his restaurant Straits to end the night right into the next day. I arrived late because my company (http://www.nuanceworldmedia/) is involved in a movie casting (check the website for more details!) But even by the time i got there it was still packed from wall to wall. People with SOUL sure know how to party! Do you got soul?

I must say that this year Soul Train awards TRUMPED BET's. Hmmm. Well, let the games begin...


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Monday, October 12, 2009

D.Woods CAN sing AND rock!

D.Woods enjoying her album listening party

Brian Patrick Davis and Meeka Means
Supporters and Sebastian (The Celeb Assistant)
Twins 2Cute doing as kids do...and they are too cute!

This past weekend was of course the BET Hip Hop weekend that has been held annually in Atlanta during the past few falls. Well D.Woods, formerly of Danity Kane is coming out with her official solo project and what better timing than to do a listening party preview than while all of young black Hollywood is in town anyway? Wise move.

The event was packed. One look at the crowd and you could see that she was surrounded by true friends and not just fly by night followers. Food, drinks, good company and most importantly dope music. The dancer and writer can actually sing and if anything i believe being in the confines of the popular all girls group that abruptly dismantled last year took away from that fact. She is able to shine better as a solo artist. She's got some fun tracks, love tracks, club bangers all thanks to great production and a convincing sound. She's not Beyonce. She's not Amerie. But does she have to be? D is confidently driving in her lane that makes many sharp turns but will bring her toward musical success. Plus she's so gracious it's hard not to luv her.

Look out for more news on D.Woods here in the coming weeks AND of course look out for her album, The Grey Area dropping December 8th. Yehaaaw right before my birthday! I'll let yall who haven't, hear a couple be the judge. Look out!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

BET Bang: Style Suite AND were there TOO many BET parties over the weekend??

Fun marketing behind my new fave t-shirt line, Sugar Mafia. Sexy designs! I got one & will be getting more! Check them out at

Some of the best cup-cakes in the south...hands down! If you are in ATL and don't know about those Cami Cakes...shame on you! Over a dozen flavors. Check them out at
Konvict Music singer, Ray Lavender
Entertainment Lawyer, Phaedra Parks
DJ Don Cannon & Rich Boy
Raheem Devaughn (I still go CRAZY when i hear "YOU".)
Designer Mychael Knight

Comedian Joe Torrey

Drinks on the HOUSE!

DJ showing love

More Sugar Mafia!

Adidas Campaign
Hair & make-up station.


In the tradition of the BET Hip Hop Awards the Atlanta annual style suite helped to set the tone the night before the awards. This year's suite lounge was bigger and grander than last year. Because if you are going to do it again, you MUST do it better. Check out who came and what goodies were given. I got to indulge as well and above shared a couple new favorites that i fully plan to support. YAY! The above pics are people that i caught the hour that i spent there but there were other attendees of the goodie bag festivities like: Lil Duval, Sheree Whitfield, OJ Da Juice Man, Toccara, Tameka Cottle, Toya Carter, Eva Marcille, Lance Gross and more. And hello who doesn't like GOOD free stuff? The Garner Circle secured partnered w' some great vendors!
As you know there were SO many events going on during the weekend. Probably too many as to where they began to sabotage each other in a fight for crowd attendance! I also stopped by the Gentleman Jack Lounge at the Compound Friday evening that was supposed to be a luxory affair put on by Grand Hustle's Jason Geter and Bu (Konvict & Def Jam) however i didn't see them there (you know celebs show late & if it's not poppin' like they like, not at all) then it rained like crazy & to add to my dismay, the DJ only played down south music. HOWEVER the club is looking great & there was plenty of drink in the house if you like that strong dark know the kind that tends to get a PYT in trouble. But no worries i went home el-solo that night kids. I knew i had a busy Saturday ahead. I refused to let BET weekend take over my life as i did in years past. You just grow up and what is most important to you changes. As a whole, BET Hip Hop weekend in Atlanta was ok. I have a little feeling that in a couple more runs they will put the red light to the southern hip hop production of these awards. We'll see...

Thank you to the Garner Circle for the invite. Known for cating such clean events!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chilli supports Senator Kasim Reed & gets a little "tender luvin" on the side...

Senator Kasim Reed, Chilli, Charles Mathis (entertainment lawyer), Will Packer (director/producer)
Chilli speaking
Floyd Mayweather & Chilli (mmmhmmm...)
New hot pop group 3D and Floyd Mayweather
Grand Hustle's, Jason Geter & girlfriend
Tionna Smalls (co-host on Chilli's new reality love show)
Two FAB ladies: My friend Denise & Ebony Steele (NOT a porn star name so stop!) of The Rickey Smiley Morning show.
Chef Michael Noble of Grandmaz House
Event Mansion of Charles Mathis (the pic is a little crooked i know...i only had 2 glasses of champagne so idk...)

Senator Kasim Reed, Mayoral candidate, was thrown a classy event via "Chilli" Rozanda Thomas last night at the Atlanta mansion of entertainment attorney Charles Mathis. The former high school mates reflected on growing up as kids as well as keeping connected & still supporting each other into their successful careers. Top reality tv show contenders, VH1 was in the house taping the event including it as part of the singer's new dating/love show.

Q Parker and Cri$tyle performed "Tomorrow" duet (Tevin Campbell). It was beautiful & fitting for the event. Chef Michael Noble of "Grandmaz House" (perfect name with his southern style catering) filled everyone up on Hennessy chicken BBQ kabobs & Macaroni cup cakes (YUM!), and the entire crowd watched as Floyd Mayweather, who flew in from Vegas just for his "home-girl", and Chilli hugged and spoke endlessy throughout the night. Oooh weee! Do the other suitors in her new reality show even have a chance?! We will see. I'm not sure if Floyd being there and acting extra lovey toward our hostess of the evening was a TV move OR sincere. It looked real to me. He was very comfortable & it's obvious that the two are indeed great friends if nothing else. I enjoyed their candor. But if they are to get together Floyd would have to step it. He's known to be a bit of a playboy and Chilli isn't having any of that. She's mature and knows what she wants. And i'm about done with everyone saying they wish she would re-unie with Usher post Tameka. Just because they used to date doesn't mean it's the best idea NOW. Plus you see her right? ANY man has to come with his "A" game. Your girl is BAAAAD! Oww owww.

Thanks to Enchanted PR for the invite. Great event & wonderful networking.
Check out a couple of the people i met last night for the 1st time or re-acquainted with. All wonderful with great things to offer.

Michael Noble- Grandmaz House (catering)
Haley Kilpartrick- Girl Talk (mentoring girl chapters)
Mo Stegall- The Self Show (Talk show, radio show & yearly college tours)
Patrick T. Cooper- Live in Color (Radio show co-host, marketing, fashion & just an all around funny guy who had me in the corner rolling!)
Ebony Steele- The Rickey Smiley Morning Show (Co-host. She was so cool!)
Tionna Smalls (Talk show & new co-star of Chilli's new reality show playing the side kick/match maker personnel)

Miesha White (The Laptop Socialite) (All the filling, 0 calories. Indulge!)