Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monica puts on her hosting shoes for Polow's Foundation F.O.C.U.S fashion show party!

Monica singing one of her classics is feeling the crowd!

The Hemp Hill Kids posing (very sweet and talented)
The Hemp Hill Kids dance
Mr.Taylor (www.indakno.com) and myself (http://Twitter.com/SocialAddiction) I was ret ta go at this point!

Polow had to leave town but as they say, "The party must go on." and go on it did. Polow Da Don, million dollar super producer held his first annual, Foundation F.O.C.U.S event last week giving light to our youth in areas of education, and provided programs and seminars. Keep the youth motivated to succeed, that's what i'm talking about! A worthy cause.

Wednesday night the foundation held an intimate soiree at the W Hotel in Atlanta leading into Thursdays fashion show held at Club Opera, featuring designs like Sean Jean and apparel from local kick back fashions like, Sole Monkey. Stunning male and female models strutting down stages, stairs and run ways.

A highlight for me was when the teen group, The Hemp Hill Kids got up to perform a few times. They first came out signing an old Jackson 5 hit (and KILLED it...POW!!), then came back later before Atlanta's favorite, Monica (taping her reality show) got on stage. The kids can sing and dance. A very talented, young, humble and positive teen group. More please! They are gonna do some great things with the right promotion. They are sweet kids on top of all i learned sitting with them back stage.

Finally Monica got on stage to host the party part of the night. It was a little late and the crowd who had anticipated her coming earlier, had started to thin (HELLO this is the entertainment industry and celebs don't keep time yall), but the gorgeous singer, still gave her heart. Showing love to the performing kids and her die hard fans. She teased us a little with her angelic voice and rocked it out on stage to the DJ. Yes the party went on. And so did i. I was sleepy & home called.

Here is a little of Monica singing (view video). (It was dark but we got some light going soon!)

Congrats to Foundation F.O.C.U.S on a successful launch. I admire when people with heart an influence show their real strength by giving attention to something other than their career.

ABOUT: Foundation F.O.C.U.S: The mission of Foundation F.O.C.U.S. is to instill a desire for education, interpersonal skills, networking and marketability within our youth. F.O.C.U.S. will provide assistance through a variety of programs, seminars and panels to ensure success in producing educated, humble, talented and goal-oriented youth.

Thanks to Laura & Kristin at Avid Exposure PR (credentials)

p.s. A fashion show should have fashions right? Well this time my focus was on Monica and the kids performing. But you can get pictures from Freddyo.com.

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Is Sean Paul "Blazing"?

Me/Social Addiction and Sean (Just adorable in person ladies!)
Sean peacing us out as he's leaving for the eveningMoses Davis, Atlantic/Warner music group sales/marketing mngr E. Coast held it down! Great artist meet event. Thanks for the invite Mo.

A great way to start a party weekend is a cocktail hour Friday. All in favor say "I!!". Soooo how 'bout a cocktail PARTY with the drinks, food, a live DJ (hittin' it by the way) and a hot artist thrown in the mix? That gives you what Atlantic records did over the weekend to celebrate the top selling Jamaican artist of all times in the U.S., Sean Paul's upcoming album release, "Imperial Blaze", his fourth album with a definate dance hall flair.
Winner of such accolades as favorite pop artist from the American Music Awards and a grammy winning album, the Kingston artist isn't comfortable living on his past success alone but is on a firey trail to build new ones with his latest installment dropping August 18th, 2009.
Sean flew into Atlanta on Friday to meet fans, media and get it in the popular city. Hitting Atlantic amongst his first stops and club Essos on the east side to end the night. I didn't bother with Essos but his stop at Atlantic was fun. Open bar (tip please!) ummm hello and i like to party so that was a given. Sean mingled (until he took a time out, LOL!) with everyone while the DJ played and remixed all of Seans known hits. Folks were dancing. We had a ball. I have to say that for me Atlantic records (at least the ATL office) rarely dissapoints in that department of throwing great artist meet events. Big up to the label for treating the media right while having fun. Thanks to Yancey Rich & Moses Davis!
Pick up Sean's new album, it will not dissapoint. If you know Sean's music, and of course you do, you already know so i aint saying anything new. Ciao.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How does Lisa Raye really feel about being single again?! (The 2nd Annual Fairways & Highways event for domestic violence)

Lisa Raye interview

The second annual Fairways and Highways Celebrity Golf and Biker Weekend in awareness of domestic violence for teens and young women (as well as boys) took place this past weekend in Atlanta. American Family Insurance saw the important events took off with such recent high profile cases like that of pop music’s Chris Brown & Rihanna. The weekend events included a kick off dinner at Aqua Knox, a red carpet event party at the W Hotel Buckhead as well as a Sunday biker parade down 285 in an act against such violent crimes.

Spokesperson, Lisa Raye helped to lead the event joined by celebs such as, Chef G.Garvin, Jacque Reid, Terance Mathis & Kenny Lofton.

As everyone knows these events also took place during the same time the annual BET Awards that go down in LA every summer so there was a bit of competition in attendees. It would have been an EVEN better attendance otherwise I’m sure. Still the positive message was delivered & a good time was had in the interim by guests.

Above view my talk with the strong yet glamorous Lisa Raye. The mother of a daughter herself, she shares with me the importance of young women finding their own confidence as well the most important factor she believes needs to be in every marriage. Nope, she’s not bitter, don’t get it twisted, she’s single & loving it. She also says, "No she has never been a victim of domestic violence". That didn't stop her from lending her name in support of this needed event. The thing i admire most about Lisa Raye is her great energy! She reminds me much of the successful, strong, sexy and sassy character she played on, "All of Us".

Also look for an upcoming reality show (Of course..this is the time to do it and I KNEW IT!!) in the workings for Lisa Raye. She confirmed that taping will start in two weeks to possibly air on TV One. The new show will highlight her life as she journeys from being a first lady and married to Turks & Caicos former Prime Minister, Michael Misick. Yet in many people’s eyes her powerful presence will always have her as a first lady. After a media heavy rocky '08 it looks like 2009 is proving to be joyful for the star. Ow owwww!

Thanks to Lisa Raye, her assistant Stacy Montgomery and double thank you to The Garner Circle PR event credentials. They work hard, always a great job!

Also check out Carol Causeesto-McCollum of The Return of the Lady who holds tea party seminars to also empower young women. She's got a great program going!

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