Monday, March 31, 2008

Chris Brown denies rumors of a love connection between him and Rihanna

Chris had his hoodie custom made just for the popular kid's award show!

Right before the famed Nickelodeon Kid's choice awards where Chris Brown won favorite male singer, the teenaged heartthrob denies the love connection between he and pop princess friend Rihanna.

"We're not in a relationship or anything...". He was quoted. Okay so what...yall just hook up from time to time but she aint ya number one? Mmmm hmmmm. Hope not.

Trust I am the first to agree that celebrities should want their privacy kept private BUT c'mon Chris. After all the romantic pictures with Rihanna we've seen floatin' around if there aint nothing going on then there was or you were strongly hoping for it to happen. Plus after Papoos and Remy finally broke their love bird silence (after denying over and over again that they were romantically linked) we know what yall two kids are up to! "Kiss kiss...!"

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Exclusive interivew with "Oblivious" director Marlon Campbell.

Marlon at the Ritz
"The Producers" (Joe, Marlon & Akbar) these guys are serious, and they are making moves in the industry!

His new movie may be "Oblivious" but Marlon Campbell himself is far from that. The multi faceted Campbell is completely aware of the entertainment world around him and in essence, the world seems to be his oyster.

I sat down with the marvelous Marlon and a couple of his business associates to start off my weekend. You can listen to our interview here to learn more about this man who has spent his career respectively both in front of and behind the scenes.

The cousin of the talented Tyler Perry, Marlon Campbell, grew up close to his family in the southern New Orleans. In a home ran by a hard working single mother, Campbell always had a mind for entertainment and success. He started climbing the ladder of fame singing in the group Shy Shy and C.R.I.M.E in the 80's and 90's. After singing Campbell continued to steadily climb the rungs of the ladder with: consulting for popular artist, his first television film and then he hit the stage as Claudius in Shakespeare's, "Macbeth" in 1996.

After meeting back with his cousin in 2003 acting as Tyler Perry's first film distributor, Campbell became the president of the popular online gaming company, 404 Gaming. But since film was a constant goal for Campbell he's recently started to put the wheels in motion for his first feature film, "Oblivious" to go into production this summer. "Oblivious" is the story about a group of young people whose lives take a downward blind spiral in a series of events. The exciting thriller is slated for a summer 2009 release date. But as important as a first film is, his movie is not the only thing on his plate. Currently Campbell along with business executive, Akbar Cojoe is involved as an executive producer of, "Blaque in the house", a reality show featuring the original members of the R&B girl group Blaque (with TLC member T-Boz) as they make their return to the music industry after suffering the loss of their beloved mentor, Lisa Lopez.

Campbell remains focused, wise and giving as he continues to plan, plot and make his dreams a reality. The new director plans to use his new movie, "Oblivious" as a monetary and social platform to bring more attention to crisis in Darfur, Africa. Basically that means he and his team are putting their money where their mouths are. I give respect to a man that gives out of heart and pocket when they are able. During our interview he speaks about Darfur and his plans to put his heart where it is needed in the relief efforts. To listen to our talk please click here.

You can contact Marlon at: to keep up with the new movie!

And if you've always had an itch for acting, Akbar Cojoe (producer) is who the contact for other roles in the film. Find out more here.

Thanks Marlon for our pleasant meeting. And thanks to Pam Pinnock of, A List PR for the interview opportunity. When Mr.Campbell's name starts to buzz even louder I can have the pleasure in knowing that I got to know him before all of the madness that is this business!

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AK Tha Razor Man (Grand Hustle/PSC) New Music!

While Tip is away business is conducting like normal at Grand Hustle Records. Check out the new music from PSC member, AK. Below are songs (click on links to listen), "All I wanna do" and "Check my face card" from his latest coming album, "Check my face card". You can download for yourself from Verizon and AT&T wireless. It's the digital age baby! AK is good people man. He's real and he's loyal to his folks.

For those of you who want to see AK perform he will be at The Gold Bar (next to club Motions) on Friday April 4th with Greg Street. Save the date!

Speaking again of Grand Hustle...I am too excited that not only does Tip only get a year BUT that he is going to talk to youth for his community service. He's got this amazing opportunity to be a positive impact on kids. God can use a not so good situation for greatness.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

T.I.- The Final Word on his sentence

Tip leaving the courthouse after his hearing
Hannah Kang, Clay Evans and Lil Duval showin' love in the Grand Hustle Fam
Tip surrounded by friends, radio personalities and media

Below is the final word on T.I.'s situation. During his one year house arrest that is when he will be doing his community service, then he'll go to prison for a year (which he could get out a little early for good behavior) then he'll be on probation. So he will get to see his baby born. Amen.

From Sandra Rose
Atlanta rapper T.I. plead guilty to three weapons charges in federal court in Atlanta on Thursday. T.I. will remain on house arrest until his sentencing hearing a year from now.
If T.I. abides by the conditions set forth in his plea agreement, he will receive a prison sentence of one year plus one day. Because the sentence is longer than one year, Harris will be eligible to earn 15 percent time off for good behavior. Harris also was fined $100,000.

T.I. was accompanied to court by his pregnant girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and his entire Grand hustle family. Comedian Lil’ Duval (Jason Jeter, Alphamega, Hannah Kang, Clay Evans, and some staff members) were exited the court house with fists raised in victory. T.I. appeared relaxed and relieved as he spoke to the assembled media outside the court house.

The fact that their boss won’t spend the next 10 years in jail has lifted the funeral parlor atmosphere around the Grand Hustle facilities.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bryan Michael Cox a celebrity judge at Verseus Entertainment's "Almost Famous" talent showcase (and yes there was real talent present folks!)

B.Cox with what i call the "Black Hollywood Point" (at least it's not that damn peace sign everybody else is throwin' up in pictures.) DJ Nabs
Lil Mo was there with her man Philip before heading to Sugarhill
Cash Camp, "Crank Dat Yank" (oh boy...)
G and Joe Gutta perform, "Spotlight" (Tight!)
Shaquilla singing, "I can be your angel"
Jacob Latimore & his dancers. He is only 11 and has more flavor than a plate of hot wings with seasoned fries (like my analogy??)!
4-IZE, Kenoe (Producer), and friend
G and manager, Willie Anderson of the Cincinattie BengalsG, Willie and Joe Gutta tryna look all humble like. Naw these dudes are straight. (wink, wink!)

Bryan Michael Cox tells us who he has been working with and lets us know about his new website. A part of this video is a tiny bit blurred because Bryan was standing all close to me like he wanted to take me on a date. Okay i kid, i kid people don't trip. But real talk, he's a super cool dude and we know how VERY talented he is. And I honestly got the vibe that dude was really on the humble. And that counts for more than all the loud talking ish talker out there in the industry, my opinion. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto To see the video. Thanks!

Verseus Entertainment Group puts on a showcase a few times a year called, "Almost Famous" where semi celebrities (in their own circles) display their talent before selected celebrity judges. The celebrity judges for this event were: Bryan Michael Cox (you already know) DJ Nabs (So So Def, 107.9), and Kawan "K.P." Prather. 4-IZE did a fantastic job making us laugh as the host of the super star talent show held at The Mark in downtown Atlanta.

Here is my conversation with DJ Nabs (one of the judges) about his career and what he considers true talent. He even gives big-ups to a certain rapper in the game. It may come as a surprise to some of you. Check it out by clicking right here.

Here is my conversation with new rapper G (one of the performers) and his manager Willie Anderson of the Cincinnati Bengals. I spoke with them before G's performance to find out more about this young star before he killed it on the stage. Willie's also got a FatBurger (A.K.A by me, FatBelly) restaurant here in Atlanta. Now he's got a talented kid on his hands!! Go willie. Yall know i'm all for not just relying on sports skills to pay the bills for life.(Note - i apologize yall, it was very loud in the club and i didn't realize that i didn't need to yell into the recorder to be heard. oopsie...)

G and Joe Gutta perform, "Spotlight" at the Almost Famous showcase. These boys are talented. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto To see the video. Thanks!

So even though there were celebrity judges this is not American Idol friends. Rather the talent gets the opportunity to perform and if they are loved then Verseus owner, Rovella Williams, (too fabulous) puts the judges favorite in contact with each other. Deals can be made, projects can be started. The performers get a chance to be put onto the Almost Famous newsletter that subscribes to thousands of people.

My favorites of the night were: Jacob Latimore (and his dancers who i dub the "Fly Girls" of '08!), Don Dolla, Joe Gutter, Shequilla, and G.

That being said I'm coming for Joe Gutta, G and Lil Mo for future formal interviews so get ready artists!

Cash Camp (signed to Sony Epic) performed their single, "Crank dat yank" and other celebrities in attendance were Lil Mo, Kenoe (producer), and Johnta Austin.

Thank you Katena Keno for information about the event. You keep me posted and I appreciate you. And to Rovella Williams at Verseus I didn't know if this was going to be good but it was GREAT! Wonderful job. Check out Verseus at to sign up for the newsletter and stay posted on the next showcase. One is poppin' off in Miami right about now.

Last minute shout outs to: Gam Face Media and World over at Comcast production!

Enjoy the little footage pieces and pictures. Until next time...

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The verdict is out- T.I. gets only a year and 10 years probation

The King of the South has been touched by an angel...T.I. to only get a year behind bars

So I got a call at 9:30 a.m. this morning from one of my friends from T.I.'s camp (PSC) and the word is-
The verdict is out- T.I. gets only a year in prison and 10 years probation. Now this news was known before the rapper's plea taking place at 1:30 p.m. today because it was shared with certain friends of T.I. that if the he plead guilty he could get a lessor sentence. Anyhow this sentence comes as good news when he was facing up to 15 years. His probation terms are not so bad since he still gets to do his job and travel out of state for concerts or shows. He faces a ton (1,500 hours!) of community service, and of course there is no drug use. Which is only a good thing for anybody, probation or not.

I'm sure that Cliff is grateful for this turn of events because it could have been much worse with him having 8 felonies!! I wonder if him going to church and having a baby has anything to do with this? Naw, maybe not since many people have been in this same situation and received NO mercy. This must be a result of prayer and the hand of God and his grace. Oh and a killer defense team boy!

I'm glad TIP gets to raise his family and hopefully be a positive change for the current generation. Stay grateful man and remember how blessed you are in this situation. This verdict is little more than a slap on the wrist. Wooooooooo! Yeah Grand Hustle lives on!!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tyler Perry could discover you this weekend in Atlanta!

Tasha Smith's acting/coaching work shop will be in Atlanta this weekend. Would be actors and actresses can attend Smith's class being held at the 14th street playhouse over the weekend in day time sessions from 10 am to 3 pm or evening sessions from 5 pm to 10 pm. The weekend long full crash course is $500.

Tasha's class has produced such talent like the handsome, Lance Gross from, "House of Payne" and "Meet the Browns.". Tyler Perry himself is known to stop by the classes to see what type of talent is in the house, that being how he discovered Lance Gross and made him a star! In fact Tasha told Atlanta urban radio station V-103 this morning that Mr.Perry, who is known to cast "unknowns" and fresh faces, promised to stop by the acting classes over this weekend to check things out. Who might get discovered. Tasha met Tyler through her good friend, Tyra Banks. Dang, seems like Tyra is a good friend to have. Girlfriend hooked her girl up and changed her entire career. Do you believe in the concept of "Six Degrees of Separation"? I do!

To learn more log onto Tasha most recently (and probably best) known for her hilarious role as Angela on the Tyler Perry comedic drama, "Why Did I get Married" was gracious enough to give a lucky winner a free pass to the acting workshop for this weekend this morning on the radio. Wanda Smith is said to be there this weekend too. That should be funny. Wanda is a nut. But Miss Sophia (Mr.) is even funnier!

The following is taken from Tasha's myspace page:
You're invited to join us at the next Tasha Smith Actors Workshop (TSAW) in Atlanta!
Fri March 28; Sat March 29 and Sun March 30th, 2008
Actors Workshop Schedule
Morning Session:Friday, 10am - 3pm (Exercise, Technique)Saturday, 10am – 3pm (Monologue)Sunday, 10am – 3pm(Scene Study) OREvening Session:Friday, 5pm – 10pm (Exercise, Technique)Saturday, 5pm – 10pm (Monologue)Sunday, 5pm – 10pm (Scene Study)
All attending actors must have a 2-3 minute monologue.
Location: 14th Street Playhouse173 14th Street NEAtlanta, GA 30309
Price: $500 (Early Bird Registration: Only $400 until February 29th, 2008)
Format: The 3-dayworkshop session provides a no-holds-barred, multi-level instructional training for actors based on the Ivanna Chubbuck studio technique, taught by acclaimed actress and master instructor, Tasha Smith (America’s Next Top Model and Tyler Perry’s, “Why Did I Get Married?”).Payment is required at the time of registration. You must pick either the Morning Session or the Evening Session. No mixing schedules allowed.Light refreshments will be available during breaks.
There are several payment options: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. And if you wish to pay by check, please send to:TSAW, 13351-D Riverside Drive, 404, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.
Register now by Credit Card / PayPal
If you have any questions, please call TSAW at 818-725-2902 or send us an email at
Refund/cancellation policy:A full refund is available until February 29th. Any cancellations made after February 29th will not be refunded. You may "sell" or give your spot to another actor if necessary but you must contact us ASAP to let us know.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

T.I.'s Easter Sunday at New Birth i mean the Georgia Dome!

Tip n the gang (awww lil King is soooooo cute in his church suit!)
My favorite! Show him the way daddy!
Tip and Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

It was a mini celeb fest. You can count on getting folks to come out to church on Easter Sunday (15,000++ people strong at the Dome!). Anyway i ain't here to hate on the sometimers (i got my own ishness to work on...)but to post a pic or two of Tip and the fam from Easter. It seems as though the southern "king of the south" expected to be surrounded by the paparazzo (he knows he's newsworthy) so allowed a few photo opps (rather gracious...but if he didn't allow then they may have just taken anyway right...?!) during his time at church. He even got up and spoke, his message being on aids and "getting it right". I really like dude and am pulling for him and his family. Tiny is still tiny even though she is six months preggers! I tell ya now that chick is ride or die for real shawt. Do Tameka right Cliff.

You can see many more photos of the 2008 New Birth (Baptist) Easter at SandraRose's website. I just came back from out of town again, I don't have the energy to post most of what has already been done. I hope your holiday was reflective and loving. Holla!

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Football's (past) Jamal Anderson and Travis Hall unveil ProSpot Fitness products for your health!

Subscribers to this blog via email or feed will not be able to view the above video. To view please log onto or click on the link in the email below. Thanks!!

Super Bowl XXXIII players & former Atlanta Falcon stars Jamal Anderson & Travis Hall unveil new patented home gym system that they have been involved in creating, ProSpot Fitness Home Gyms. The difference between ProSpot and other home gyms is in the technology. ProSpot models (there are several different machines) allow free range weights without a spotter. Check out the video above for a quick example. Jamal's little (big) cute self is on the commercial. By the way aren't we glad that Jamal decided (as well as America) that he WASN'T the best rap super star??!! (he had that silly little stint on the MTV mini series) It was still fun to watch though and nothing wrong with a little publicity. Now he and Travis really have something going that fits their expertise!

This is a great idea for your health, especially for staying healthy at home for the busier people who may not have as much time to go to the gym. ProSpot has a warehouse in Atlanta's Gwinnette area (but there are dealers for these products all over) and gave demonstrations of the equipment to certain members of the public last week. You can go to their website at to see the different models/types and stay updated with health and product news. Of course they already have a few celeb or other athlete endorsers. Always a good idea. I am happy that these guys are taking their careers to another level. You can't play football, sing, rap, dance, model (you know what i mean) forever right? Create and make it your own!

Thank you to Cherry Banez of CherryPublicity LLC for last week's invite and updates on this new incredible product!


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Corinne Bailey Rae's husband found dead over the weekend

Corrine and her husband Jason at a gathering

Misfortune has happened upon the Grammy nominated sweetheart Corrine Bailey Rae. Her husband, 32 year old Jason Rae was found dead from an apparent drug overdose in a Leeds (200 miles from London) apartment on Saturday.

Jason Rae and Corrine, 29, have been married since 2001. He was a saxophonist with the Haggis Horns.

I didn't know that she had a husband much less that he was an artist himself. The sax is such a powerful instrument played with such passion and romance. Ahhh drugs...they take everything that is good and turn it into hell.

Our prayers go out to Corrine and the Rae family in this difficult time.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

T.I. gets a happier Easter!

The "rubberband man" is bouncing into church this Sunday

T.I., Clifford Harris gets a happier Easter this year as he has been granted to attend this Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA. Accompanied by his attorney and a court approved monitor, our favorite little lock down rapper gets to attend services from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Sunday. Dang I hope they chicken and waffles in church Tip "cuz you gone be hungry" (a lil ghetto slang for ya). Ahhh i joke, i joke. But real talk I bet he's just happy to get out for a while. And what better thing to do then spend time with God, friends and family.
This holiday temporary liberation grant may come as a pleasant surprise to the 27 year old star who was denied a request for a large Thanksgiving Day feast at his Jonesboro mansion (and it truly is...nicely decked out) by a judge last year. I hope that he enjoys, learns, and that a bunch of fans or nosey folks don't show up (maybe i should not have posted!) to make it a mockery, taking pictures and carrying on. C'mon don't act like you don't know how folks can be. I'm still praying for the family. Anyway...Happy Easter (and even though I do likes to eat, it's not about chocolate bunnies and eggs fam, but Jesus' resurrection) coming. I probably won't post tomorrow as it's Good Friday, or as I've named it, The Goodest Friday and I have it off.

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Sports Profile- Anotonio Cromartie

This picture is fitting for the man we speak about today, Antonio Cromartie

"Call me..."

He has been called a"freakish talent" after this year's season end. Also dubbed, "The Natural", a rarity, dependable, raw, and legend Antonio Cromartie, corner back of the San Diego Chargers is like inherent magic on the field. Yet earlier this week when a fan gushed over him being famous and wanted to take a picture with him, before the flash of the Canon he simply replied, "I'm not famous, i'm just a regular guy with an irregular job."

People see, people talk
What I hear the most about this man, "Antonio loves the game.". When people that know him speak they always stress the word love. But you don't have to be family, friends or a sports enthusiast to gather such obvious observations about #31's passion for the sport. Antonio is not only in the game, he becomes the game. And at 6'3 and 203 pounds, the 23 year old is all might.

Difficult circumstances, unlikely victories
He hurt his knee in 2005 so severely that the medical team would not clear him to play. Antonio begged but his pleas were unwarranted. During 2006 his mother underwent treatment for breast cancer, and he put football on hold for a more important love, blood. Then some of you may remember that in the 2006 first round picks Cromartie and his agent seemingly got an unfair deal when as the #19 pick, he took a $900,000 drop in cash flow with "unreasonable" incentives compared to the the #20 pick. Oh and he wasn't even supposed to start in 2007. Guess what? Difficult circumstances can always turn into victories...if even unlikely at first. Cromartie who was always seen to be a raw talent by his team and GM, A.J. Smith, lead the league in 10 interceptions last season and got to play in his first pro bowl. He didn't win defensive player of the year BUT he got a few votes for the title in his favor. And this is really just the beginning for Cromartie who was only in his second season. Wow...I wonder what greatness the future will hold for this young man.

Wedding bells?
Well one great thing the near future holds for Cromartie is more love. Not love for the game or just a love for his family, but an extended family. Antonio Cromartie as most fans know is getting married this summer. He'll be 24 by the time he jumps the broom with a lavish wedding ceremony taking place in ______ at the______with his lovely now fiance ______. Yeah sorry friends I can't give you too many details yet to protect the very delightful nuptials of the happy couple. Plus again many of you out there already know the who the when and maybe even the how.

But this I will share with you: these two really adore each other and the wedding is going to be fabulous!! Oh the decor, the elegance! I know there are some haters out there and people can say negative things all they wish about someone else's romance however nobody knows the true heart of a man but God, that man, that woman and maybe the people who are the closest to them. Trust, they are confident. I am helping to work this wedding so I plan to post some pictures at the right and permitted time to show you all.

I hope that you have your own unique greatness. Whatever that may be. For Antonio it is football, for Chris Brown it is singing and dancing, for Oprah it is reaching the world through talk, for Martha Stewart it is baking and decor, for my mom it is being so selflessly giving. What about you? Find yours and expand so it is not only for self, and share. I also hope that you have a special love that you can call your own. Not a shared one but your own. And if you don't have it YET then that's okay. It doesn't make you less. Hell some people just aren't ready or are full enough. But i ask that when you find it (however and whenever it may come to you) that you respect that love and be grateful. Some things will be taken and never returned again once mistreated. Message...

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People Magazine Cover of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins, Max & Emme

So, People Magazine paid big bucks for these pics. I never get it. They are just regular babies like everyone else's. Well their mom and dad, well mom is all over the TV screen so that makes them cooler i guess? Uhmmm...okay America. I guess it's all about that exclusive right to pictures that celebs can capitalize off of and then the publications get the right to look like, "The Big Dawgs" if they get the first pictures. Whatever.

I actually like the twins names: Max & Emme. I can hear J-Lo saying those names. Anyway, she looks good. Marc probably never will. It's not mean, just real. Oh well, I don't have to kiss him every night so who cares. He'll probably never cheat on her or leave her side (if he's wise). She married for love and that's all that matters.

Another sincere congrats to the happy couple!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 1st African American governor of New York: David Paterson!

New, African American Governor of New York, David Paterson

I just want to give a happy shout to the 1st African American governor of New York: David Paterson! Not only is he the 1st black governor of New York but he's the 8th ever black governor in American history! Mr. Paterson seems to be a pleasant and well received man whose time has just come. I am praying he does well. It means so much not only for New York but our country. Who would have imagined that our country would get to a place that blacks are considered able to lead by the general population. I do not say this to be negative but to be real. Racism took captive the mind of many and turned them into fools to base a humans rights, acceptance, worth and leadership abilities off of the pigmentation of skin. And of which the beholder has none control over such birth sets determined by God Himself. David Paterson for sure is fallible because he is just a man, but i'm glad he is a black man!

This victory comes after the shocking scandals of prostitution and misuse of funds lead by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. And I am not making this a black and white thing because any man or woman has and can mess up. But I'm saying that God has a way of working things out however. The big apple suffered momentarily over the discovery and demise of Spitzer and his dark secrets, Spitzer resigned and in came David Patterson, the legally blind new governor who ran for Lt. Governor two years previous. Now how is that for God using one with "imperfections" and obstacles to run things! 1 Corinthians 1:26-29. Go God!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Chima Brazilian Steak House restaurant review

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse
3215 Peachtree Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Chima is not the newest kid on the block (the restaurant has locations in the DC area as well as Ft. Lauderdale) and not even the newest type of kid on this block. Fogo de Choao, and others have like ideas. But no one does it with more flair, sexiness, and unshakable customer service like Chima does.

See Fogo are like the good old boys because they've been around Atlanta for some years now. So what's brilliant about Chima is that it brings about a fresh, new school spin on the main dish meat serving establishments in the city.

Walking into the Atlanta location I was hit with the classic neo contempo style. The decor is fun, funky and fresh, both appealing to the younger and more mature eye. It's the place that "Sex in the City's" Carrie Bradshaw (okay,okay...Sarah Jessica Parker), Angela Bassett, Justin Timberlake, Tyler Perry, Kanye West, and Rihanna (quite the ensemble i know) would go for a power dinner, equally. Chima has a come hither appearance to bring you in and muscle behind that perfectly marinated or grilled meats to keep you coming back for more. Brains and beauty have met for such an occasion. And it's very inviting and lovely but not intimidatingly so.

What I love is that as soon as you are seated at this fine dining establishment, you eat. Yes just like that. You can go up to the delightfully stacked hot/cold salad bar ( i recommend the creamy potato salad). And when you are ready for your variety of chicken, steak, chops, lamb, ribs, then you turn your personal card over to let the very attentive (and might I add attractive) wait staff know that you are ready to eat. As long as your card is faced in the orange position then you will be fed to your heart's desire. Meat will be personally cut to your liking right before you. You might feel a little controlling, but it's okay while you are here, calm down.

Upon tasting such favorites like, the top sirloin and the bacon wrapped chicken a little part of me came alive as i tasted the brilliant marriage of select seasoning and meat. My mouth danced! And just like that the Grand opening of Atlanta's Chima Brazilian Steakhouse went off with a smash! Not that I'm THE say so for all cuisine in the city but I do know excellent food when I taste it.

Many of the meats are lean so low carbers can come and enjoy this feast! Other treats are an excellent tiramisu dessert cake, a great wine list, and hot side dishes that they bring to your table. Well you have the order the 1st two, the 3rd is part of your meal package. And that package is more than you will pay for at Ruby Tuesday's but you are not getting Ruby Tuesday quality (Kansas), you are in food Oz, remember that.

With the great location in Buckhead's Peachtree Rd., this is the grown and sexy place that Atlanta's who's who will be coming to for drinks and treats but no tricks. The meat is flavorable and succulent. You are not being mislead. To find out more about Chima go to:

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

NFL Star Rod Coleman's second annual Rod Coleman Foundation Teen Entrepreneurship Camp!

Some of the children Coleman has "adopted" from the Turning Point Group Home in Decatur, GA, painted a mural for Rod.

Calling teens and parents' of teens! Rod Colman (ex Atlanta Falcon) is having his 2nd annual camp for business minded youth. I give props to this football superman who is known to give back to the community and those in need.

Press Release:

Application and Essay Deadline: March 22, 2008

Atlanta Super Bowl XXXVII player and NFL Man of the Year nominee, Rod Coleman is hosting his second annual Rod Coleman Foundation Teen Entrepreneurship Camp!

Only 40 youths will be selected to participate in the five-day business camp. Teens ages 14-18 will learn marketing goals, create business cards, promotional materials, write a business plan, start an actual company and collect revenue and gain profit. Teens will develop skills in negotiation, sales, customer service, problem solving, networking, time management, record keeping, and public speaking. The Rod Coleman Foundation uses a unique hands-on, real-world approach that will help prepare teens for future careers in the workforce as well as entrepreneurship. The teens will then participate in the Rod Coleman Foundation Business Plan Challenge where they present their business plans to corporate executives and compete for venture capital to help fund their start-ups. Rod and other celebrity guests will judge the final business plan competition on April 11, 2008.

The Rod Coleman Foundation is now accepting applications and essays. Visit for contest rules and for further details. The deadline for essay and application submissions is March 22. Winners will be notified on March 28. The Rod Coleman Foundation Teen Business Camp will take place on April 7 – 11, 2008 at the Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. Camp materials, lunch and snacks will be provided. For interview requests with Rod Coleman, contact Cherry Bañez at

Press release from:
Cherry Bañez President/CEO
cherrypublicity LLC
Sports & Entertainment Media Relations and Marketing Strategist
Celebrity/Charity Foundation Management

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snapfinger Elementary's American Idol with celebrity judges

Pictures from AccessAtlanta (my digital camera is down for a moment) The best line of the night from Chris Tucker, "Kids I used to go to this school so I might know some of your mama's but i ain't your daddy!"

This is about half of the kids that performed (the three girls with the silver headbands won 1st place & more!).

Last Friday night I had the extreme pleasure to do media for a talent show at Snapfinger Elementary on the east side of Atlanta. Besides sweating away every blessed carb that I had consumed that day while sitting in the school's gym where the show was held, I had such a good time! All I'm saying is that the gym could double as a health club sauna. But hey sweating is good because it releases toxins right?! Think positive.

By the time I arrived I had missed the first 3 performances however I was just in time to still be filled with laughter and warmth from the acts that the remaining 10 children put on. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for kids. And these youngsters were brave to get up there and sing, dance, and put all their effort before a packed audience. The best part was every child got a gift certificate award and it was emphasized strongly that all the kids were winners. And they were to me.

Guest celebrity judges included: the always hilarious and kind, Chris Tucker, the now producing, T-Boz, Blaque (yes they are coming back! now involved in recording a new reality show...more on that below), Marlon Campbell (screenwriter of the new movie, "Oblivious" to release Summer 2009 and cousin of Tyler Perry), and another producer. Ronnie DeVoe was also expected in appearance but I'm unsure of his whereabouts.

The celebrity judges were of course very positive and graceful with the children. Chris tucker's heart is so soft that he could not even participate in judging the kids. He didn't think he could choose one winner. Tucker used to attend Snapfinger Elementary as a child. He constantly made jokes with the audience about his tenure at the school before and after receiving a thank you plaque that every judge received. Tucker's best friend has 3 children that now attend the school and he was invited to lead the judging panel. It was such a treat for the children who treated him like he was a modern day Chris Brown, fanning themselves at his sight (and it wasn't the heat of the gym yall), flirting with him, and crowding him for autographs and pictures. Chris and the rest of the celebs obliged.

The winners for the night was a three girl group of chocolate dimes. Friends they were so precious. They won with their "Give me Body" (Beyonce) dance/song medley. These little girls shimmied like Tina Turner no lie! The most exciting thing about their performance is that they were so good that the ladies from Blaque stood up and praised them and then told them that they would be featured on the reality show, play the girls from Blaque when they were younger, and be in the next music video. The kids and parents were so excited jumping up and down I thought the stage would come undone. Instead the Heavens were smiling. It's good to see kids so happy.

Thanks so much to Pam Pinnock of A List PR for the details of the event and for allowing me to secure private interviews with some of the judges (Blaque & Marlon Campbell) at a future date. She was very nice and efficient without coming off rushed and too busy. This isn't always easy in a crowd such as Friday's. But I give love to most of the publicists I have met in this last 6 months. Many events you all have quite the job before you.

Stayed tuned for more on Blaque's upcoming reality show, interviews, and movie appearance for Natina Reed in Marlon Campbell's "Oblivious". The ladies still look the same, so pretty! This picture came out from my toss away camera. Dang I feel like a lame using those these days. Praying for my digital to get fixed ASAP!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model auditions today at the Wyndham- Mitown Atlanta!

So like i chose this pic of Tyra because her lace front wig here is totally fieeeeeeeeerce (isn't that one of those ANTM words?)!
Are you tall, or close to tall?
Are you thin, or curvy?
Do you have stand out features?
Can you walk a runway, or have the potential?
Do you want to meet Tyra Banks?
Are you just dying to act like a conceited jerk, ghetto banshe, over sensitive cry baby, or the girl that hates everyone else in the household on reality tv?

Well, "America's Next Top Model" featuring the girl power creator/entrepreneur model extraordinaire Tyra Banks (and her team) is holding auditions today at the Wyndham hotel in Midtown Atlanta, GA ladies. I hear the line is loooooooong because women have been camping out overnight. But it's not too late...the doors are open from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Go on girl and become a STAR!!

Wyndham- Midtown Atlanta
125 10th St., NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

p.s. I like Tyra. She's smart, outspoken, moral, silly, glamourous and cool!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More on Cheri Dennis and her views in this industry

Cheri Dennis, of Bad Boy records just dropped her highly anticipated album last week. You can watch the 1st Cheri Dennis interview snippet I posted right here! Well during Cheri's meet and great luncheon at Atlantic Records there was alot more talk going on then what I posted. Today I am sharing some more audio footage from the outspoken and honest singer.

Listen here to Cheri on her start and Cheri on what some call "the Bad Boy curse", etc. (All New!)

Also Sheena Neal interviewed the incredible Ms.Dennis for the March edition of Klutch Magazine. The confident Dennis talks about love, karma, obstacles and conflicts. You can check out her piece right here.

You can catch Lachelle Morris of Honey Magazine talking to Cheri as well here.

Pick up Cheri's album in your local record store or right here since you are thinking about it! This woman is not a one hit wonder but someone the music business should truly appreciate. I wish her all the luck in the world in her 1st week sales!

One more time...
Cheri Dennis speaks here and again here!

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Raina Shaw exclusive interview, "Ridiculous Situations"

I recently shared with you that I had the opportunity to have an amazing "girl talk" (I don't even want to keep calling it an interview) with Raina Shaw, author of "Ridiculous Situations". "Ridiculous Situations" is a book of spiritual love and guidance for single or dating women. The book includes real life situations with men and women that are rather...well RIDICULOUS! But they are situations that we as ladies can find ourselves in from time to time to time to time to...etc. (you catch my drift) if we don't put God first and have some common self esteem. Raina teaches women that being single can be great if you so choose or just haven't found a worthy companion. It is okay to live life and wait on God. God's promises are not for the married alone. Her chapters cover: self esteem, men with kids, sex, brainwashing, keeping one's word, abuse, money and much more! I can't give it all way here. However I can tell you that upon reading this funny, true and informative book, I shook my head, laughed and even dipped my head a little low thinking...gosh I've been there before. Yuck! But Ms.Shaw's goal is not to make women feel bad or bitter toward men, no, just to empower them in Christ and heart.

This woman is full of wisdom and not just for the ladies but for some men as well. Well meaning men can be uplifted and even get some key pointers. I hope you can learn and enjoy her time as much as I did.
Listen to the Raina Shaw interview here. She has great pearls to share to please take your time to enjoy this download.

Thanks Raina again for your kindness and grace. I appreciate your simple message to "Always trust God". I hope our friendship continues and will blossom into something that fulfills a great purpose (and this may be part of it!).

Thanks to Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates for letting me know about this special faithful woman whose heart is to serve God by telling the truth.

Listen to the Raina Shaw interview here!
If you missed the 1st story I posted about Ms.Shaw you can catch up right here.
And you can purchase her wonderful, best-selling book right here!

More about Raina Shaw:

Raina Shaw MySpace

Interview opportunities with Raina Shaw:

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Day 26 (Making the Band 4) exclusive interview!

Robert, Q, Willie, Brian, Mike
Q, Mike, Shem, Robert, Me (kneeling), Willy, Brian

The boys from Bad Boy's newest group, Day 26 (Making the Band 4) were in Atlanta over the weekend. But these boys are not so bad. In fact they are actually pretty good and have a solid image. These men are actually friends and "brothers", and truly likeable. Sean Combs put together a group of 5 talented singers, very cool to talk to and down to earth (so far) oh and...did i mention that they were all sexy. Yes all of them! Even young Q has a lil sump sump adorable about him in person.

In-between hitting the airwaves at V103, and a couple clubs, the boys took some time to talk to some of the press (ME!!) at The R Group (located in Midtown Atlanta) and tell us what's up with them these days. And since I truly won't miss an episode every Monday night on MTV, I was too excited to get the opportunity to rap with the singers.

Here are some of my own observations of each guy's stand out characteristics most from our meeting, some from tv:
Q- The talker, The youngin', sincere
Brian- The leader, Most mature (wife and kids), Cool, Fire cracker
Robert- The guy who wants everyone to really like him, Another talker/interjector, wants everyone to know what the band is really all about, Flashy, "Misunderstood", Another fire cracker
Mike- The comedian, The flirt, The Real
Willy- Also cool, The quieter one but will bust that head if it comes down to blows (hello my boy is from my hometown Chicago yall...oh and he's married girls so back off!)

But I have to tell you one thing they all share and have in common is they are incredibly WARM. I felt as if amongst friends and I received sincere hugs (no kisses ladies) from all the guys (My sweater still smells like Mike...he smelled goooooowd yall! Okay dear sweater wasnt lucky enough to carry the scent but he did smell mighty fine.) and genuine appreciation for the interview.

Listen to the Day 26 interview here! Thanks Shem for the pictures!

Me being not only a reporter but a fan, I found out some cool things during our all too short interview. To find out who these talented young men look up to musically, how they now deal with family, going out, changes, and to hear them singing a piece for the fans, click on the link below.

As we know, the album has been recorded and will drop March 25th. So, "Hurry Up and Buy!"! You can actually pre-order now here from Amazon.

A special thanks to Tyreal Lewis (President) and Katena Keno (PR)at The R Group for their kindness and setting things up for a great interview! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Listen to DAY 26 at The R Group here-
Turn up your volume, these guys have some things to say! And make sure to tune into MTV every Monday night at 10 p.m., e.s.t., for new episodes of Making the Band to keep up with the Bad Boy triple threat: Day 26, Donnie, and Danity Kane.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Tasha Ramos from Star Trak (Pharell)!

If you subscribe to this blog via feed or email then you won't be able to view this video unless you click on the web link below or log onto to view the blog. Thanks!

This "new" Star Trak artist can saaaaaang.

I wanted to post this interview that I did with a cool new singer. It's been on youtube for a little while but I wanted to share it with my audience here because I was truly impressed by this song bird, Natasha Ramos. Tasha is sweet, fun, and yes she's very talented. Check her out and support her when her album drops. I am anxiously awaiting to hear you on the radio Tasha. Make that note Pharell and put her on. Music has been waiting for a voice like this. I hope all is well and her album is still in hot pursuit and process!

You didn't know:

*As pretty as Tasha is, she's got some hood in her.
*Tasha likes to go out and dance just like many Atlanta residents
*Tasha does NOT have a man man (last time i checked)...ooooh boys behave.
*Tasha is a new artist only because her album hasn't dropped. BUT she's been in the studio recording her new album for quite a minute!


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