Friday, November 30, 2007

Is the writers' march over? Hollywood Studios make an offer to striking writers.

Ugly Betty members join writers strike
Jack Black strikes back for the writers!

Is the writers' march over? Hollywood Studios make an offer to striking writers.
The strike has been in full affect for some time seems finally waves are being made. Actors like Ben Stiller and the Desperate Housewives cast and writers have united together in this front. What will be the outcome?
Story below from the AP Press
Hollywood studios presented a new contract offer to striking film and TV writers that the studios said would

pay writers millions of dollars extra for shows created for the Internet. But writers said some of the proposals, announced Thursday, amounted to rollbacks and said studios should adopt their counteroffer.

The Writers Guild of America said it asked for a recess in the talks until Tuesday to consider its options, but it called on members to continue picketing Friday and Monday.

The producers said the new offer, dubbed the New Economic Partnership, included payments for work shown on the Internet, the key sticking points in the talks.

"The entire value of the New Economic Partnership will deliver more than $130 million in additional compensation above and beyond the more than $1.3 billion writers already receive each year," the statement from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said.

The $130 million sum was over the life of the proposed three-year deal, producers said. No further details of the terms were released since both sides imposed a media blackout Monday.
The guild countered with a lengthier response, saying the producers' proposal dealt only with advertising-supported programs streamed for free and jurisdiction over shows created for the Web.

The writers said their plan, presented Thursday, would cost producers $151 million over three years.

"That's a little over a 3 percent increase in writer earnings each year, while company revenues are projected to grow at a rate of 10 percent," the statement said. "We are falling behind."

David Kidd, a screenwriter, said he was hopeful, but not overly optimistic, about what he described as an apparent "sweet offer" from producers.

"I don't know what sweet is until I taste it," Kidd said. "Nobody wants to go in and accept a bad offer."

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mourning the death of young football strength, Sean Taylor

He was strong, attractive, young, a new dad (to daughter 18 month old Jackie), changing his life and on top of his game. It seems like his life was left unfinished as it was selfishly taken away from him for reasons unknown. Until more sense can be made of this tragedy we wonder as we mourn the death of Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins. We bask in sad shades of darkness to the tune of "what else would he have accomplished??" if given more than the short 24 years he had to prove on this earth in the aftermath of this sudden tragedy.

The football safety passed in the hospital on Tuesday November 27th a day after he and his girlfriend Jackie Garcia's Miami Florida home was broken into. The couple heard loud noises, Taylor went for a Machete he keeps for protection, the bedroom door was broken down, and Sean (no one else) was shot at a couple of times. One of the shots proved to be fatal. The bullet damaged the femoral artery in Taylor's leg, causing significant blood loss. Despite Taylor squeezing the hand of a nurse on staff, making it seem like he was going to possibly be fine, he didn't make it through.

The shooter was bold and careless. This intruder and killer didn't take a thing. Strangely there was an earlier invasion of Sean's home 8 days prior. Draws were rummaged through but again nothing was taken. Yet there was a small token left on the bed; a kitchen knife. Maybe a premonition or a warning.

It seems that a football contract is hazardous to your health but not just while on the playing field. This year ESPN's Outside the Lines (I enjoy this show) hosted a show with a topic on eventual body damage done to football players due to years of physical blows to the body, particularly the brain area where loss of motor skills and depression are a sad outcome from the head trauma. But it seems in the past few years the NFL has been plagued with these sudden death, unexpected tragic killings of players who were good guys, not thugs, who were simply living their normal lives, trying to stop a fight or in the wrong place at the wrong time (Darrent Williams on New Years). It is very real and very rough. Our prayers go out to the Taylor family.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, the sexy girl/woman next door is getting married!

I purposely chose this candidly BAD, "look at us lovers classically romping in the water" picture....eheheee. I'm bad.
Look she aint a bad looking chick in the raw AT ALL BUT I'm just is gooooowd!

It's confirmed. To those of you who still hold on to cult hit, yet short lived shows like, My So Called Life and Arrested Development, your favorite girl/woman party of fiver from the classic show Party of Five (dang i feel like i already said that when i said "party of fiver" but whatever...), actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged to be married to her boyfriend, Scottish actor Ross McCall. Woo hoo Jenny Love! I'm happy for her...even tho her beau has this, "I'm you uncle" vibe look to him, so what whatever. This girl has been through some major Holly Woodies if ya know what I mean (remember her public fling with the hot Carson Daly, her tabloid romance with John Mayer...cuz her "body is a wonderland" or her romp with the original PUNK Wilmer Valderrama??? Ooooh juicy! And i could try go on but I'm tired right now.)! McCall may be a keeper. His first name is Ross and in the popular ex sitcom Friends the character Ross was a good guy and Jennifer Anniston played Rachel who loved Ross and Ross loved her right and Jennifer Love Hewitt's first name is Jennifer so therefore it's a sign that this will work! Yes a mind is a terrible thing to waste and yes I am a genius, thanks.

The Ghost Whisperer must have whispered the sweetest of nothings into her new fiance's ears loud enough for the past two years to make him so ready to pop the question. Or like everyone else in the plastic town of tinsel...maybe he's still obsessed with how a girl with such a small frame (actually her frame is not even that small these days. she's actually got a very real womanly figure...she's not super skinny starvation body barbie. amen!) can have such a large rack...of lamb that is. Okay yes I am tired. But anyway congrats J Love...not to be confused with J Low. I hope this works out for yall. Jennys seem to always get all the love in Hollywood (except for Jennifer Anniston in real life and i like her so much, dang-it Brad!) anyway so she'll be fine people. Oh and for that matter so will Jennifer take that Brangelina!

Snoop Daddy Don't!

Tell me why Snoop Dogg has a new reality show on E! called, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. The slogan is, "this aint the Cosby's". Ha haaaaaa! This should be funny yall. He's a super smooth dude, pretty cool,a rap legend with a truly unique flow and he could rival comedian Katt Williams for the male with the sexiest hair in hip hop "award" BUT the man kinda makes me sick raising young kids and living a wild, sexually charged life style. Time to settle down Snoop...c'mon. it on E! debuting December 9th this year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Usher is a daddy!!!

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster had their baby boy, Usher Raymond V (Usher told E! News earlier this year that the couple had planned to name their child after him) around 9:59 p.m. in Atlanta, GA on Monday night! The little Usher weighed 7lbs 9oz. Mother and son are both fine.

Usher called to speak directly to Ryan Cameron on V103 radio yesterday to give him & Atlanta the news.
"I'm officially in the club," said an emotional Usher who told Ryan to say, "hey daddy," when he's out in the clubs.

Usher told Ryan he helped with the delivery. "I did it all, I did what I had to do," he said.

“We are so happy and proud of our beautiful son,” the couple said in a statement. “What a blessing!”

Reportedly Tameka and baby will be returning home today.

Wow this guy has really grown up! Go Usher and Tameka...God bless!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Miracles- T.I., Ryan Cameron, JD, and Polo Da Don pull it together!

The Atlanta boys in black did it big this year for the Holiday!

Last week pre-Thanksgiving T.I. and Ryan Cameron of V103 radio worked together to help Hosea Feed the Homeless keep their giving going by raising over $166 thousand dollars. The organization had just lost a $150k supporter this year so the popular radio personality & T.I. along with celebrity friends like JD brought in the giving spirit in just a few hours! Wow! I'm so impressed and glad in my heart.

In addition the Grand Hustle family donated 400 turkeys. Not to be outdone...Polo Da Don did the same the day before the holiday (400 turkey giveaway on Cascade in Atlanta) and added one up...anyone who lived in Zone 4 got their rent paid...for a year! I don't think this was in direct competition of each other in no means, but a friendly out giving doesn't hurt those who receive I say.

Great news...great job Atlanta. I would love to see things like this happen all year round.


Linda Hogan calls it quits- Hogan Divorce

"We are family...i mean...were family...i mean...shucks who knows!!"

Apparently the news from a Florida reporter is that Linda Bollea (real last name) Hogan filed for divorce from Terry Bollea Hogan last Friday. According to the reporter the wrestler had no clue that she was filing for divorce.

"Thank you for the great information," Hulk told the reporter.

"My wife has been in California for about three weeks. ... Holy smokes," Bollea told the newspaper after he allegedly hung up on him first then called him right back.
"Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me."

If this is a fact and their problems are such that can be worked out (whatever they may be at this time) I hope they labor at it. Both of them. But how much of this is true we don't know yet. However the blondest family on television, the Hogans do have a very public "reality" (HELLO!) show on VH1 which in one recent episode last season they chronicled the issues in the long time couple's relationship. Linda wanted to get a divorce from Terry so they showed the couple going to counseling and trying to work on their relationship. In the end they said.."Lets stay together" in Lyfe Jennings style. Troubles in any relationship is part of life.

These are my personal observations:

Linda seems a little uptight, dizzy, delusional, and worrisome (as many mothers are) yet very committed to her family.

Terry seems over-protective (as some dads surely are), chauvinistic, authoritative, super controlling, but very supportive of his family.

Both selfish and they can both improve their skills in listening. But it's difficult for an unmarried person to give advice to ones that are. The same as people with no kids telling you how to raise your own brood. Nada. But that doesn't mean that those outsiders with less experience can't see the truth that the involved may be blind to and even offer a little advice.

But truthfully no one knows what truly goes on behind anyone's closed doors...even with a reality show who can say what the real deal is with anybody? Many people thought Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were gonna last forever (they had such a great love story and a popular reality show to go with it) but the world sees how that ended. And actually I never liked Nick for Jess anyway and while the rest of the world was ooohing and ahhhhing about their "love" I saw differently. Yes I know I know...I don't know the guy but from what I saw...he didn't truly love Jess and was very selfish, greedy and Jess was way to spoiled, immature and slightly disillusioned about marriage.

I do love reality TV but i have a feeling that it is not the best for relationships or families. They tend to highlight character flaws and bring judgments into your life that many times you really can do without. I'd like to get my 15 minutes of fame another way please.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The 12 Centennial Park, Atlanta, GA- Hotel Review

12 Centennial Park
400 West Peachtree
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Phone: 404.961.8888
Fax: 404.961.8889
I expected alot. I am a woman of high expectations especially if you build me up to think that I am going to be pleasantly surprised. So when I knew that I would be staying in a 2 room suite at the 12 Hotel/Condo Centennial in Atlanta for a girlfriend's 30th birthday celebration I was psyched.

I had been to this hotel/condo 3 weeks before for an interview with an actor from a funny and popular local TV show that lives in one of the condos. The condos are on one side and the hotel on another. So the only place I'd seen was the condo, hotel lobby and the restaurant called Room. I had dinner there with my crew after the interview.
We arrived, met our friend and exchanged giggles and greetings as we headed up to our party quarters for our semi-weekend of fun. The 8 of us (and oh yall we were oh so cute!) had dinner plans, club plans, just chilling in the room plans and a surprise 30 minute massage (compliments of the birthday girl...yes she is da bomb yall and it was all her treat. The massage contact info will be below...he was magnificent!) for all of her friends that came to celebrate her special day.

As soon as I walked in I dropped my bags and knew I was home. I didn't feel like it was too prissy where I could not relax with my toes out, yet it was beautiful enough to where I didn't want to eat cookies (thanks to Blessing for baking them for us!!) in the bed.

The two room suite was spacious and colorful but in a muted way. You know warm browns, bright and silky blues. The beds were dressed in all their party splendor in the finest of linens and the televisions were on playing this new world wordless type music as it flashed psychedelic mind trippy images across its monitor.

Need to check your email? There is a desk smartly pressed against the wall with a computer. High speed baby.
And yes it was very roomy. We had our massage man, Nathan come in with his table and equipment Sunday morning before check out and there was still enough room for people to walk around the living quarters. Additionally the bedrooms and bathrooms were big and not over crowded. In fact the hotel is nicer than the condos. I'd rather buy a hotel suite instead!
*HUGE and well decorated suite! I could totally live there. And it should have that effect for $350 a night!
*We were on the 11th floor and the view was amazing! Not breathtaking but yes amazing!
*Great security! If your purse gets stolen It's gotta be an illusion because you have to have a card to access the floors. At any time you are not able to just push any button on the elevator to enter another floor besides your own.
*Fabulous gym on the 7th floor, complete with state of the art treadmills, yoga mats, yoga balls (and lots of space to do it), mirrors, music and televisions that lead out to a spectacular outdoor pool and deck. There is a grille that surrounds the pool area so it would be a perfect spot for friends to gather for an awesome pool party in the summer.
*3 large flat screen TVs, cable and DVD player complete in the two room suite.
*Room service tends to take a little longer to arrive when requested. Plus the food they have is too high priced and not enough for what you are paying. One of my friends ordered a steak salad and I promise it came with like 3 pieces of lettuce...she payed $16 bucks!
*The staff is very stoic.
*$22 dollars to park A DAY in the hotel parking garage! I suggest you find alternate parking.
*If you are a little ghetto...they will be watching you...not in a good way either. I'm not speaking about me being ghetto's this friend I know.

*The hotel has an upscale restaurant called, ROOM and I've got to say they've got the best sushi and rolls on that side of Midtown Atlanta. Oh and lots of the sushi is a great price.
*The hotel suites come stocked with several robes that you can use during your stay.
*The bathrooms are magnificent. The showers are large, glass and look like a dream. If you are planning a honeymoon may i suggest this hotel just for the boom boom room effect that the bathrooms bring to the suite. Seriously you don't even want to go to the restroom in these. But you do...get over that quickly.

*You can't keep the robes. Even though you pay $$$$$$$$$ to stay in the high faluten suite...the robe is NOT a souvenir.
*They don't do anything special for birthdays! It was my friend's 30th bday extravaganza and with the hotels full knowledge they simply left a thank you for staying hotel card, hope you have a nice bday deal. Nothing else.
*The shower water ranges between luke warm and cold (not to mention the water pressure was mediocre). It never really got hot and the staff claimed there was nothing they could do about it. Sad.
*There are not many restaurants in close proximity or walking distance. The ones that are near are pricey and sometimes a girl just wants a damn $8 dollar burger and fries not $25 roast duck...okay! So yes stock the fridge if you want to save a little green...but hey that's more reason to stay in for the night. p.s. DON'T get delivery from the Papa John's on State Street damn-it! They jacked up our order and then never showed up!

On the Average-
*The furniture in the room like lots of classy hotels was nice, very nice in fact but not so different than many of the nice hotels in Metro Atlanta. Now if you want furniture and decor that is out of this world...try the W hotel in Dunwoody. That lobby is a dream.

In a word...WONDERFUL. That is how I would describe my stay at the 12 Hotel/Condo Atlanta. I had a grand time and seeing that I was with incredible friends it made my stay that much sweeter. There is another 12 Hotel/Condo in Atlantic station but I've heard terrible things about it like the hallways smell, it's dirty, the staff is rude. Even the managers at the Atlantic Station 12 suggest that people come to the Centennial Park 12 if they'd like a proper stay. I'm glad I stayed in the right one or my review may have been very different.

Shout out again to master therapist Nathan at Untouchable Massage. Now don't go stalking him is his info as I promised:
Untouchable Massage Mobile Space Services
Nathan Phillips (15+ years experience)
P.O. Box 2011
Tucker, GA 30084


Ne-Yo is dropped from the Kells tour!

Ne-Yo spreading some of his Sexy Love.
Is Kelly jelly of Ne-Yo?

Did Ne-Yo's camp really just drop the ball on him signing a contract so he could keep performing with Kells? And if that is the case why not simply get him to sign and fulfill his contractual duties which Ne-Yo would have willing done because he was excited about the tour and expressed confusion to why he got dropped so suddenly!!!

"I don't understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing, said Ne-Yo. In my opinion, I was doing everything possible to make the tour a success. I love being on stage in front of fans because of the immediate feedback you get. You know right away if they are feeling you; and they were really feeling our show."

And you know what this tour will suffer some in my opinion without Ne-Yo. He's a phenomenal artist!!! I'm so embarrassed of R Kelly cuz he's from my dog on home he's making the Windy City look bad. MAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Anyway to add gasoline to the smoke, in an interview yesterday between Big Tigger and Ne-Yo, the million dollar writer stated that he didn't want any beef with the show Headliner (R Kelly) but showed some obvious annoyance when Ne-Yo told Tigger " a person, I might have lost a little respect for him." That "him" is of course the Pied Piper himself...RRRRRRRah Kelly. Mmmm mmm MMMMM!
"We dealt with it for as long as we could," said Ne-Yo, "all the silly stuff - can't nobody be in the hallway when he walk through."

Ne-Yo said Kelly took over every last dressing room (7) on the first stop of the tour which left no dressing rooms for Ne-Yo or his dancers. Ne-Yo also said his HOT reviews may have shook Kells up a bit.

This tour has been surrounded by lots of drama...besides R Kelly acting up we also had Keyshia Cole throwing a damn tantrum. Ne-Yo discussed his confusion at Keyshia Cole's 5,4,3,2,1...MELTDOWN in Columbus, Georgia when she refused to go on before Ne-Yo. He said he would love to talk to Keyshia to see what the issue was. it looks like some of this stuff we see, hear and speculate about these SILLY celebrities is TRUE!! They are human just like us but because they have money some of them wanna show they booties and they think it's just fine. Whatever...booooooooo for the celeb snobs out there...boooooooooooooooooo to yous!!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are Serena Williams and Common REALLY dating??!!!

Serena and Common at a recent dinner for Venus Williams...i'm a little bitter about this but i'll be okay..."Lola please hold my phone calls for the rest of the day!" :(

All i gotta say is, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" i don't say that because the rumor is not true, no i say that because i hope the rumor is not true. I really like folks know that I have this obsessive mind love with my personal soulful rapper's delight!!!

Anyway according to the New York Post (page 6) and Sandra Rose the two were together at a dinner for Serena's sister Venus, holding hands and arm in arm...very cozy the entire night.

Awwwwwwww Damn Common!!! Why couldn't you wait for me yo?!!! Plus she is WAY too big for you. But hell i aint hatin' cuz home girl got killer washboard abs and a phat padunkadunk! Yeah I said it and i'm a girl but it's true so what...I can't be mad at the tennis champ. If you got got it. Now her mug may not be all that cute (to some people) but having a toned body and upgrading her image into a more classy look over the past couple of years surely helps things out. She has never had a problem pulling very hot and very successful dudes of all trades and all races...hello Serena...will you be my teacher??!

But not much to worry about...they won't marry even if they are dating. You see all these "stars" do is date for a few months, have sex, argue, get bored, see another hottie and then move on to the next. So shallow...oh well. Anywhooooooo i'll still dream of Common like one Dreams of Genie but my dreams will be pure and full of lemon drops and chocolate hearts of a man who's name does not match his heart.


Mike Vick goes in 3 weeks early!

According to ESPN and other news sources, Michael Vick made arrangements Monday with the U.S. Marshall Service to voluntarily turn himself in to begin serving his sentence before his sentencing hearing on Dec. 10. His legal teams says this action does not serve as an admission of guilt...okay.

The word on the street is that he will most likely get some time shaved off of his sentence by going in early. Wow. This has gotta be hard but if you do the crime (or at least know about it and allow it) you gotta do the time.

Mike has been through some junk this year...of his own doing of course but some junk all the same. However I am confident that these incidents will change him into a better man. Sometimes you gotta suffer a little before you can learn gratitude and better lead nations.

Kanye's hanging in there- Paris concert breakdown video

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The world knows that my man Kanye is dealing with the recent death of his beloved mother & friend Dr. Donda West. Her funeral is tomorrow.

I wondered why there is so much EXTRA press surrounding Dr.Donda West's death. Many celebs have a mother of close family member that passes away and I don't recall there being this much press for many of them. I came up with some reasons why this tragedy has stuck the heart of entertainment America so forcefully:

1. Kanye is at the current height of his fame and popularity
2. Kanye is controversial, a fashion icon, and publicly known to fully speak his mind or have honest outbursts.
3. Kanye and his mother were publicly VERY close. They were family that worked and traveled together.
4. No death is ever at the right time but Dr.Donda West's death was not foreseen.
5. Reports say the death was caused due to post surgery complications so it was possibly avoidable.

Before the passing of his mother Kanye spoke of being excited to get married to fiance Alexis Phifer, fashion designer. He told an interviewer that he didn't want the wedding to be a spectacle because he had nothing to prove to anyone but he was happy to go and just do it because he's found someone who he really loves and is just as crazy as he is. I'm glad to hear the top selling rapper is so much in love. It is good that he has Alexis by his side in this current crisis.

God is in control of all of this of course. I continue to pray for Kanye, Alexis and the entire West family.

Bilal in concert Wednesday night at Center Stage- Hurry tickets are going FAST!!!

Bilal, The Knight of Baby Making Music

Sultry soul singer Bilal is gracing the city of Atlanta with his magical melodies tomorrow night with a performance at Center Stage (West Peachtree & 17th St.-near Atlantic Station).

Tickets can be purchased from Sol Fusion at for $25.00

The after party is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN with Dj DNice!

Kenny burns and J Carter of Sol Fusion will also be in attendance. This concert/party is to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the soulful event party company.

The concert is at 9 p.m. and the after party begins at 11 p.m. BE THERE!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fantasia and Young Dro

Dro- before he got his PSC chain snatched by a dumb "fan" during a show Fantasia- looking Fantastic with those tats...dang shawty make me wanna go get more!

Fantasia and Dro:

Are they dating?

Is there a baby in their future?

Yes and maybe...!

Most bloggers have heard that the two are in fact dating since fall this year. I am in fact confirming that it is 100% true. They have been in the studio together as of recent. In person Fantasia is too cute and very sweet and of course talented so I can see what Dro sees in this lady. She is not phony, pretensious or Hollywood. Together they certaintly are a cozy and affectionate couple. I have seen them together and there is genuine care there. Her own brothers (Joe and Rico) say that they like Dro cuz he treats her good. And if you have seen Fantasia's brothers...please believe they don't play!

Will they "make it"? Well they both got big lips and that's a fact...but relationships going the distance is a dream...but a possible one. Dang yall know how i feel about those rapper or Hollywood relationships BUT whatever...there is always hope. I would love to see them happy together...especially if there is a baby on the way. Anyway I got a message for Dro: "Do right by her! I don't care what industry this is!!"

Friday, November 16, 2007

Caffe Lisette- A European Coffee House- Cafe Review!!!

Café Lisette
3489-D (Embry Hills Shopping Center)
Chamblee Tucker Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30341

Maybe it’s all in a name. Walking into Café Lisette one gets the sense of walking into a luminous, familiar and fancy home…maybe that of a grandmother’s…you know the one with the plastic over her nice furniture. Lisette means: "My God is a Vow". Wow. Sounds very regal doesn't it?

It’s not that Lisette wants to make its guests feel that way…no. The truth be told is that the rich brown wood creates a sense of warmth and familiarity. Inviting you to plant your lower half on that wooden bench with the colorful over-sized throw pillows. Now your grandmother probably made you feel warm and you are certainly familiar since she is your father's momma, and the pretty plastic gleaming in the table lamp’s soft light made you want to go over and sit on the pretty clear covering (that or rip it off) but that doesn't mean you are allowed to sit on the sofa (sofa…because if it were a couch then it would not look as nice).

What I’m trying to say is that this is a very nice coffee house! The warm dark tones and chosen artwork fill this European coffee house with a very confident air. But alas there is also comfort despite the spacious haughty aura.

If you don’t sit VERY straight (these hard benches make you feel like that) on one of the long benches you can kinda relax (right by the front door so not as easy to relax) on one of more plush couches or even plusher (is that a word??) chairs. But if you’ve come with an entourage you can chill at one of wood tables (with a checkers game mat & pieces…check mate!!) or at one of the higher bar tables so your legs can dangle down as you sip your white chocolate hot cocoa (with caramel on top please!) or your mango fruit tea blast smoothie (yes they are both as good as they sound!) while watching the football game on the small television and trying to focus on homework at the same time!

*This place is not cheap.
*The drinks are pricey but delish.
*The sandwiches and salads are a tasty treat!

The desserts are not worth the pleasure-less experience and heavy price tag. Yes thanks for the big piece of coconut cake (or Italian cream cake) but why it is so dry and taste like what I could get outta Kroger’s supermarket after the 3rd day it was made. If you want to have a good desert there I only recommend the Carrot cake…damn s’good! Otherwise if you are looking for a sugar fix just put caramel and whipped cream on top of your delicious mocha latte.

*They just opened a wine bar (see what I mean…this is no bungalow type of coffee house…there’s a wine bar people…can you say fru fru…nice but fru fru.)
*Free wifi (just order a drink and bam…you get the passcode!)
*Live Jazz on certain days (once again…fru fur…anyway call for details on Jazz)

Chamblee Tucker Rd. and the Embry Hills district have become more posh in the last 3 years building a richer quality around the neighborhood. Café Lisette fits right into that mold. Try out this coffee spot where everybody’s welcome here but I’ve noticed that no one who walks in is ever a bum. Or maybe it’s just the atmosphere of the place has a transcendent quality on people’s looks or better yet the beholder’s psyche. Hmmm…maybe it’s all in the name.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

T.I. makes a video statment and claims innocence

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Tip is gratefully on house arrest in his South Atlanta mansion. He talks about God, writing new material with so much time on his hands, and his innocence.

We are praying for miracles!


Dark Chocolate, Warm Lance Gross

Have you ever met someone with such a warm spirit? You know the type of soul that immediately can bring you in with their inviting smiles, and kind eyes?

Okay well do you like candy? Of course you do! I like candy! I especially like chocolate. And more recently due to proven antioxidant benefits i am loving on the dark chocolate. It's all of the pleasures of real milk chocolate without as much of the sugar.

Well Lance Gross is like that. A warm spirited young man with all of the goodness of your favorite tasty dark chocolate bar...yet in him there is a sweet side. And by that I mean wholesome. And in the wild and horny Hollywood it is a treasure to find any attractive man brimming on the wings of success that has phenominal and quality character left in him.

Now the thing about dark chocolate is that is has been out for years but many Americans slept on it. Why? Well because they preferred the cavity powers of milk chocolate. And even if something is not the best for you once you have grown a comfort and familiarity with it, it is hard to try something new even when the best alternative is staring you in the mouth. Yum. Basically more studies had to come out about how good dark chocolate was for you, for your heart. Dark Chocolate had to be seen around town more. Bigger companies had to support the step child of the brown confection and force it out in front of the market and create a demand for the good stuff. Twists were put in the darker toned cocoa with additions like seeds, berries and nuts to substitute for the missing globs of fructose. And dark chocolate had to prove itself. It still is, even in its success.

Lance Gross is not only blessed with a smooth dark brown complexion (that of the likes of dark chocolate) but he compliments that sun kissed skin with a bright smile that can add more light to the room in which he inhibits. Oh and talk about handsome! His easy demeanor makes him even more appealing.
I had a chance to conduct an exclusive interview as The Entertainment Lush for Find Entertainment, LLC with the star of TBS' "House of Payne" on the last day of October this year in his Midtown Atlanta condo. Thanks to Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates in California (represents Lance, for the contact and interview opportunity. Lance lives in Atlanta while taping season is in session for the wildly funny and very close to heart Tyler Perry created series. But the actor still has a drive and passion for L.A. his native land full of sunny beaches, fast life glamour and cosmetic beauty. Still even speaking with this young man who's mind is fully engrossed in Los Angeles I got a sense that his spirit is in a less pretentious more grounded land, maybe one that cannot be boarded by plane or bus because it resides in the heart.

I will let you see the interview in full in a couple of weeks (I'll let you know when it is airing on the website however I want to give you some brief bio facts on Lance as well as keep you up to date on what's happening now. Hmmm...wasn't that an old black t.v. show stemming from a spin-off?? :)

Birthday: July 8, 1981 (yes he's a 26 year old Cancer)
School Daze: He used to run track and field (he's got muscly muscles yall) and turned down a pro Track and Field career to act. Big dreams+faith=Big success
Beauty and the Brain: Graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in Theater.
Designing Men: Karl Kani (bitter cuz mama and daddy didn't get me no jeans when the designer was hot! But there was this spicy Italian kid in my high school named Micheal Angelo Morales who used to always wear Karl Kani EVERYTHING! He dated this cute blondie named Christie Bilica instead of me of course...dang he was such a fine dude. But i digress...) met Lance on an Elevator after a BET 20th anniversary party and hired him for a national commercial.
Bringing Sexy Black: Lance has stared in several music videos for leading female song birds: Mary J., Rihanna, and Mariah Carey.
Stars in his Eyes: He got his big break on House of Payne when Tyler Perry came to visit friend and actress, Tasha Smith's ("Why Did I Get Married", "Daddy's Little Girls") acting studio where Lance attended. Perry saw Lance and his skills during a "Jungle Fever" scene, later developed the idea for "House of Payne"...and the rest as they say is television history.
Character Flaws: Lance plays Calvin Payne on "House of Payne" as a 25 year old 7 year collegiate who loves the ladies, shuns responsibility and free loads off of mama and papa Payne.
Leading Lady: Lance is dating the beautiful Eva "Diva" Pigford (part-time "House of Payne" guest), an America's Top Model winner and real time model. They met on set...duh and kept meeting after I see. She was in Atlanta for a day after flying from Vancouver to see her manly man during our interview. She seems well and is very cool, lovely and energetic.
Extras Extras!!!: Mr. Gross has played several small guest roles in t.v. shows like: Eve and The Bernie Mac Show.
A Brown Aura: Lance stars as Micheal, a high school basket ball star in a film adaption of the hilarious and popular Tyler Perry play, "Meet the Browns" to release in February 2008. He stars opposite Angela Basset and Rick Fox.
Musical Notes: He enjoys: Jay-Z, T.I. but also listens to alternative music and some rock (I think Eva had something to do with that).
Welcome to Atlanta: His high-rise Midtown condo (totally killer view) is small and minimally decorated yet it lends an airy and classy, smooth vibe with his choice of key pieces and quality furniture placed inside the cozy living quarters. The new age indoor architecture gives the impression of lots of space and Lance uses a mixture of dark and cool colors to bring his domain together in harmonious, smart simplicity. Atlanta is his home away from home.
There's Something About Lance: He's smart, funny, very kind and yes this kid CAN act. So if you haven't watched, "House of Pain" please watch it cuz otherwise you are missing out on a show full of laughter and reality lead by great actors such as Lance Gross.

America don't sleep on Lance Gross like you did on Dark Chocolate too long! This is a bright, talented, warm young man who is making a quiet STORM in Hollywood! His ship is finally starting to come in.


Losing your mother is losing a piece of yourself- Donda West & Kanye

Like Momma like Kanye...they even have the same mouth...and nose. :)

A man and his is a special relationship that may be foreign to women without children or boys of their own womb to understand. Fully grasped or not it is a bond and union that once created is not easily shattered in opposition unless that opposition be death. Well Kanye West faced the greatest opposition of his life this week when his Mother, Dr. Donda West, only 58 passed away after post surgery complications.

The word on the street is that it's always best to marry a man who loves his mother because if he shows her honor then he will surely honor you. Well Kanye West's fashion designer fiance, Alexis Phifer must be a lucky woman because Kanye was known as a man who took care of his mom. Donda West left her job as an English professor in Chicago to run Loop Dreams (teaching kids about the music and entertainment industry) and to aid her son in his career in L.A. The pair were close: they worked together, her as CEO of his entertainment company, Super Good, as a chair of his foundation for children and literacy, Kanye West Foundation, they played together, them attending awards shows together, he supporting her fully on her book about him, "Raising Kanye" this year. Kanye affectionately stated, "My mama's my best friend." and wrote, "Hey Mama" in her living tribute to a single mom who took him to cultural activities in the city when he was younger and always encouraged his artistic endeavours. He gave respect where respect was due to a woman who did her best to raise a man all by herself. Kanye's father left him when he was only 3 years old so it was only Donda and Kanye to fend for themselves in Blue Island and Tinley Park on the South Side of Chicago. Being from the Windy City myself and living on the South Side for a period I can tell you that it is rough. There are no "hoods" in Atlanta like to hoods in Chicago. It is where real gangstas lives and black men are killed for walking on the wrong side of the street or ganked for their new shoes. Yet the Wests still praise Chicago in all its roughness and remembered their roots. Chicago is, "My Kind of Town", Frank Sinatra sang of the Hollywood and more white side of that Midwest piece of America however he wasn't far off the mark. It is a town full of history, old culture and energy.

Despite rough beginnings Donda and Kanye had magical outcomes as she raised this boy to be a successful, albeit emotional man-star! And that star shined and reached back and never forget that mama that loved him in all his boyhood years and through his manhood. I feel saddened by her short life. I wish that she never got the surgery and Donda wasn't even my own mom. I don't even know Kanye intimately but because he wears his emotions on his sleeve I kinda feel a kinship to him and can understand his pain. Just because I have a mother of my own that I admire and appreciate (from childhood to this day my mommy reminds me warmth and all that is good in love and in the earth) I can relate to that kind of agony that can't be soothed in days or even years.

My prayers go out to Kanye, Alexis and the rest of the West family. I know that anyone can get through hard times with God. May HE be closer to Kanye after this hardship than before.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ashley Olsen is dating Lance Armstrong

So how did they hook up?!! The 21 year old actress, Ashley Olsen and the 36 year old (that's it??...thought he was older) Olympian, Lance Armstrong are dating, a couple, a pairing, an item, love birds! And folks are in an uproar!! He could be feeling a bit old so he did the normal getting older guy thing and got him a young gal. If that's the case he must've went out and brought a new red Mustang too...unless he already has one! But he did keep with his type and likes them ladies of his fair skinned and skinny. And Ash could be tired of dating the typical HollyWoodies who are young, drunk and dumb off of pappies moolah so she went for a more seasoned, if you will, man. Wow. Oh well, who are we to judge?

On Monday look forward to some information about my exclusive interview with House of Payne actor (Calvin Payne) Lance Gross. Another Lance yes but a much younger and cuter one, a true gentleman and star on the rise! Until later have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


Excerpt from
The gossip world has crashed and burned at the news that one of their darling actresses is dating a man old enough to be her father. Every blog on the Internet is buzzing with the news that Ashley Olsen, 21, of the famous Olsen twins, is dating retired champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong, 36.

This is the same Lance Armstrong who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in the 90s and accused of using performance-enhancing drugs (aka juice) every year after that until his retirement from the sport. According to the NY Post, Lance has now taken up the sport of rocking cradles. If your 21-year-old daughter brought a 36-year-old man to your house would you accept him or chase him away?

Robert Goulet exits the stage

Young America may not know or appreciate the baritone singing, award winning, musical stage and acting sensation that was Robert Goulet. However the older cats and those in tune to all ages of pop culture can.

Mr. Goulet passed away this past week while awaiting a lung transplant in a Los Angeles hospital. Last month the singer was found to have a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis and went into the hospital to receive treatment and operations. On this past Tuesday he met his final hours in the face. He was 73 years old. Not too young and certainly not too old but it was his time nonetheless.

Mr. Goulet leaves behind his wife, Vera of 25 years who says even during surgery he was in good spirits and quipped to doctors when about to insert a breathing tube, "Just watch my vocal cords."

RG tidbits:
1960's "Camelot" made RG a star
He received a Grammy in 1962 with "Best New Artist"
He recently could been seen sneaking around as a energy drainer in the FUNNY Emerald Nuts commercials.

Roberto Cavalli said it- Jenny is pregers!

Jennifer Shaking a Tale feather about a month ago in a concert performance. Ahh..the big dress makes sense now huh nosy America???!!

The fashion designer who is responsible for making some of Jennifer's fabulous outfits speaks openly about her much lip locked pregnancy.

Roberto Cavalli stated, "It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger."

Oops. Maybe nobody (including his famous pregnant client) gave Cavalli the planet memo that the pregnancy was suppossed to be a secret! Damn Italian fashion designers! Uhmmm...but sure I'll wear your latest line!

So...much of the world already knows this news...I just wanted to put my lil piece of it on the world's ridiculously wide plethora of blog archives myself!

Who knows why she and husband Marc Anthony didn't want to say anything even though the belly bulge was could simply be for privacy sake since much of the performer's entertainment life has been heavily spotlighted.