Friday, September 28, 2007

Grey's Anatomy without Isaiah Washington...

The good old days of Grey's

I didn't know how it was gonna turn out...! What! You mean the show goes on without the dramatic and out spoken divo (male diva) Washington or Dr. Burke as he was known on TV's (ABC) popular hospital drama, Grey's Anatomy?!! Well yes the show did go on last night on the season premiere and what a premiere it was! There was lots of blood, sadness, drama, deep conversations and even some funny momments (tell me how in the heck that deer popped up so fast like he/she did when Izzy jump started it's heart?!! too funny!) And even more everyone is still the same kinda sad and whiny, complainy, lost, confused, cold or ungrateful little employees with big paychecks that they were before. Still lots of junk and issues to go around for everyone to get their share. Tarry ho! Click below to watch the show if you missed it! I won't ruin it for you. The bottom line is everything is going to be jusssssssssssssst fine. :)

Paris Hilton remembers her post jail promise...going to Rwanda

So remember not too long ago Paris went to jail for driving drunk and driving on a suspended license yada yada. Well that's old news BUT the new news is that the social maven is going to Rwanda to help. She seems to be making good on her post jail promise to change and be a woman more interested in "important" things and not just herself. Some people are laughing about it but i say let her do it. Any help there is good help and a need. The motive if impure does not matter at this time.

Report from
It's not the typical sort of hot spot she's used to, but Paris Hilton says that she's planning to hit the road to Rwanda. Apparently making good on her post-jail promise to help others, the socialite, 26, tells E! Online about her African ambitions, "I'll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie. There's so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help."

Though a trouble spot of notorious proportions – an infamous 1994 genocide in Rwanda claimed about a million lives (in a nation of 9 million) – the country's multitude of problems doesn't seem to worry Hilton, who vows to pay calls upon a variety of beleaguered regions.

"I want to visit more countries where poverty and children's issues are a big concern," she says. "I know there's a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues." Hilton reportedly will visit Rwanda at the invitation of Scott Lazerson, whose year-old Playing for Good charity assists celebrities and high-profile business personalities in getting involved with organizations that benefit those in need. Hilton's Rwanda trip will also cap a busy September, during which she's been in Toronto filming her upcoming movie Repo! The Genetic Opera, partying at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas and hitting a slew of Emmy parties in Los Angeles.

The unattached Hilton, who recently has been seen with Entourage star Adrian Grenier, insists that the actor is not a romantic interest. All this week she's been spotted with Alex Vaggo, a model-esque Swede.
end report

Kanye and LeBron James on Saturday Night Live season premiere

A popular rapper and a popular basket ball great on SNL's premiere!

On the season premiere of SNL Kanye West will be the musical guest while Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star, LeBron James is going to host! Both performers know how to be serious and then turn around and poke fun at themselves. How about James' humor with those hilarious Nike Ads featuring his alter ego? Those are the best!

LeBron who got his lines this past Wednesday says that he is going to "Wing it".

When prompted for more information about his SNL debut, "I want to make an impression," James said. "Just go out there and be original and have some fun."

We'll be looking for you Bron.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pictures from Tip, Weezy & Jeezy's bday bash at Atlanta warehouse last night!

Man Tip loves that girl! He's the only one in the crew wit his gurl...and he's proud too
Shawty to Shawty

Tiny's red lip stick is hot!

That's real fly BUT typical. They should have done an 8732 cake broadcasting Jeezy's new clothing line

Yeah uh Weezy decided to NOT go with the whole 1920's party theme there. Oh well.
Kelly makes Tip blush...ultra glam look for Kell...pretty.

Ooooh! Guess whose hand didn't let go of that entire bottle of Petron the whole evening...? Answer soon...
Nice! But is one of those Weezy's cake?? Hey! Well if not then for Weezy they should have done a cake that looked like some black lips with a diamond grille shining from the middle!

and the answer is...Yung Jeeeezyyyyyy! "Jezzy like to drink, Jezzy likes to smoke, Jeezy like to mix Arm & Hammer with his coke..." (it's a song of his yall) Ha haaa!
CTE represent!
Mac B!
So Fresh N So Clean

Dro always knows how to dress the occasion.

One is Dapper, the other is chilling but both Libra men are in party mode.

Xstacy minus one
Looks like a scene straight out of a movie
D. Woods (Making the Band's Danity Kane) came out to play...

A.K. is ballin' tonight

Alphamega...i swear dat boi is craZee. Look at him? He's real loose...but you gotta have fun when you are around him...well maybe. It depends on the person.

Big Kuntry bottle poppin'

The party was strictly PRIVATE and invite/rsvp only. But still the house or should I say warehouse was packed like a can full of sardines! It was fun but dang it was hot up in nere with all those folks dancing, talking, taking pics, drinking no DRANKING (cuz it was an open bar maaaaaaaaan! but i was good! yeeeeaaaah!) and having a good time...well doesn't it look fun? I can vouch, the bash was incredible! The celeb party-a-thon was thrown by high end event planning company Music Business Politics,, Hannah and Laura know how to do it. Other glossy parties they have planned before include the likes of Usher and Beyonce to name a couple. The before and after genius or creating a venue to be ready for a party can only be done by master minds of their crafts and this was nothing short of a master event. Both ladies support Atlanta record labels, Hannah at Grand Hustle and Laura at Sho Nuff.

The theme of the party of 1920/30/40's. Real hot. I gave you most of the details in the post i wrote about this earlier so now...just feast thine eyes on a sight to behold...a tale of three southern rappers...and their party AND after party!

Lindsay Lohan to get healthy in rehab

We haven't heard too much about LL (the other LL) lately. It seems she continues to stay in recovery. Staying out of the limelight right now is what she needs. Stay another 2 months if you have to girl! I'm sure she'll get better.

News Story from
Lindsay Lohan will not be leaving the Cirque Lodge rehab program in Utah this weekend, as had been speculated, according to her mother. "Not true," Dina Lohan, 45, told Access Hollywood in an e-mail, "staying in Utah."

A source close to the star also tells PEOPLE: "Lindsay is not leaving Cirque Lodge in Utah any time soon. She has a few more weeks to grow and develop, and she is doing great." Lindsay's treatment at the facility began last month, following her early morning July 24 arrest in Santa Monica, Calif., on suspicion of drunken driving after a brief car chase.

At the police station, Lohan, 21, was searched and a "small" amount of cocaine was found in her pocket, said Santa Monica police spokesman Lt. Alex Padilla. Immediately after she was booked, her attorney said that Lohan, who had recently completed a six-week stint at Malibu's Promises rehab center, had "relapsed" and was receiving "medical care."

A month later, at the time her lawyer negotiated a plea deal for Lohan in her DUI cases, the actress issued a statement in which she accepted responsibility for her actions and said she suffers from drug and alcohol addiction. "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," her statement began. During her time at the Cirque Lodge, Lohan was spotted taking bicycling and whitewater-rafting excursions.

She was also reunited with her long-estranged father, Michael Lohan. Her mother and her siblings, Cody and Ali, have also paid her visits.
End Story

T.I., Jeezy & Weezy's Atlanta Birthday Bash last night!

Until I get the pics from last night's bash why not tease you with these...this is a pic of Wayne's bday party in Houston on 9/23/07. My grille toothed (looks kinda like braces right?) brotha is having a blast!
This is a pic of the, "Go Ghetta" and the "King" at a T.I. bday party bash i'll call it on 09/25/06 as Tip turn's 26 in New York last year. These two are obviously real friends who like to kick it. Atlanta staying strong!Tip and Nelly seem to be real cool wit each other too. This month you can catch these two on the BET Hip Hop summit about how rap is affecting and defining women, children, blacks in a negative light. The first episode was really strong. Both sides had some forceful things to say. If you love rap or you are concerned with the images of rap then check it out!
Nice gift right??

Current pictures and more info is coming...I just wanted to let yall know that I was there at the threesome's most recent birthday bash last night and it was awesome! Girls in 1920's showgirl costumes sitting on ceiling hung swings, flapper girls walking around passing out cigars, an open bar to all and i mean OPEN (Petron, the Goose, the juice, Moet, etc. and etc!.), food catered again by the fabulous Ashley (she does tons of celeb events including Tip's (and Tiny's) 3 year old son King last month as i covered in an August post), music by the herald DJ Khaled AND DJ Drama, celeb appearances by: Fantasia, Kelly Rowland (who sang the bday song to Tip), G.Garvin, Rick Ross, Yung Dro, Big Kuntry, A.K., Mac Boney, Alphamega, etc. and of course the ever so loved birthday boys of the night, Tip, Wayne and Jeezy! Oooh weee...this was a party you didn't want to miss!

The party ended around 3 or 3:30 a.m. BUT alot of the crew headed back to the Grand Hustle Echo Studio's and then T.I.'s Club Crucial (open mike with winner every Monday night at 8 p.m.!) for more party antics. Jeezy actually made it in to Atlanta's v103 this morning at 9 a.m. to talk about his new clothing line and all the partying he's been doing! That man has energy. I just have this crazy feeling that dude don't sleep...ever!

More on the story to come...stay tuned!

If you subscribe to this blog via email or feed reader you may not be able to view the above video of Jeezy's party past. If troubles please log onto to view. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Usher is having a boy!

All these above pics are from Usher's new fragrance line, "Usher" (for men and women) party at Cipriani in Manhattan
The Atlanta Don of R&B, Usher and his wife Tameka are having a boy! Well actually Tameka is doing the work by having the lil crumb snatcher (but a cute one i bet. lol!) and the daddy Usher will get all the firm pats on the backs and "good job man" from his buddies for his sperm getting to that egg! Ok I'm a little crass here but isn't that how it really goes. Nah but on the serious I'm very happy for the couple and the coming of their new little man in November. The singer spoke to Tuesday to give reports...

News from
...When asked what he is looking forward to most about being a new dad, Usher, 28, said his desires are pretty basic. "I just want my son to fully be coherent and to be healthy, first and foremost," he told PEOPLE at the USHER for Men and USHER for Women fragrance launch party at Cipriani in Manhattan. "I've found that it is a step-by-step process. You can wish for a million and one things. But I hope that my son has the same energy I had as a child," Usher said.

"Hopefully, he won't be as bad as me. I hope that he's just a healthy son." Usher is already getting what he hopes for, considering he announced, "I want it to be a boy," on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in August. On that same show he also gave some hints about what he'd name his male progeny. "If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Usher," the musician – full name Usher Raymond – said. "I'm hoping to name him that. I've been playing with a few names. I'm the fourth. Usher Raymond IV. I just want to pass the name on. Maybe I'll change the middle name." Mom-to-be, Foster, 37, told PEOPLE she's feeling "beautiful" but having odd cravings.

"I eat ice all day (Tameka i eat ice all day too...but i aint got no "bun in the oven"...i think i just need some iron pills)," she said. "It's a weird thing. I love it. Now I'm thinking about ice. I want to find some ice." Foster also admits that while she's aiming for a natural birth, it might not happen. "I don't want drugs," she said. "I'll try. I say that now. You call me about ten hours into labor. I'll be asking for everything. Vicodin and everything."
Also on hand was Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, who has reportedly clashed with Foster. Patton did not attend their wedding, but is looking forward to the couple's birth. "I'm very excited about being a grandmother," she said.
End news from

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maya Angelou at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center in Atlanta, GA this past Sunday

The AMAZING Maya over the years...
There's alot happening in Atlanta. See there! Celebrities have been rolling in and out of here this past weekend including gracious and wise poet, Maya Angelou. The writer was a speaker at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center, which is run by Dr. Barbara L. King (Reverend). The Truth Center is a spiritual mind, body and soul center that has different powerful speakers come in, workshops, wellness centers, etc. This coming Saturday Rev. Iyanla Vanzant, author and former life coach will be speaking. If anyone is interested to find out more about Hillside Chapel here it is!:

2450 Cascade Road, SW
Atlanta, GA, 30311
Phone: 404-758-6811

CELEB GOOD NEWS!!! Ne-Yo pledges to support Grady Hospital

As all Atlanta, GA residents know by now, Grady Hospital, one of the oldest running and largest hospital in the city has been in financial duress for some time now. Well I put caps on the celeb good news in the title because it's so wonderful when celebs are noted for their positive behavior and not just the negative.

Def Jam Records multi-platinum recording artist and songwriter, Ne-Yo, made a special appearance at Grady Memorial Hospital Monday in an effort to assist the facility in its budget shortfall. I also recently heard (last Wednesday) that Grady just received an allowance from Fulton County commissioners to give the hospital an extra $15 million. Now that's something the "Grady Babies" can smile about. And no...I'm not a Grady baby....anyway...

While in Atlanta Ne-Yo also was a guest on the second taping (he taped the first show at, "Center Stage") of popular V103 afternoon radio personality, Ryan Cameron. Ryan now has his own television show called, "Ryan Cameron Uncensored" on cable network channel, Starz. He is able to curse and say whatever he wants unlike the radio. I like Ryan, even if he is a little over the top at times, but America must like that because he got his own show. He is a funny doubt. Other guests Ryan has had were Jermaine Dupree (who said he's not ready to marry Janet, maybe at 50) and Jagged Edge thus far. The show is taped in front of a live interactive audience and will air in November this year.

Britney hit Atlanta over the weekend to "get away"

I know she's NOT pregnant anymore...but i really like this pic

Britney decided to come here to Atlanta to get away from the stress of Los Angeles for a while over this past weekend. While flitting around in HOT LANTA she did a little shopping at store Juicy Couture in one of the nicest Atlanta malls, Phipps Plaza. Her trip into the fashionable store was no more than 20 minutes and her spending was not something to really gasp about. And I'm not gonna tell you how much she spent or what she brought because that seems silly and pointless. She did pick up a couple items though, just like you or I do when we shop.

She was nice to everyone, actually, "very sweet" as one saleswoman tells, and most people were nice to her. she wore dark glasses and dark hair to match. A sorta disguise but not really. But because people really weren't looking for her she remained pretty unnoticed during her stay...exactly as she wished.

Maye she actually got a little rest.

Driving Under the Influence does not discriminate, ask Kiefer Sutherland

At around 1:10 A.M. the mega star of the exciting Fox television series, 24 (which comes back to television January of '08) Keifer Sutherland was pulled over by West Los Angeles authorities after he was spotted making an illegal Uey (U-turn dang it!).

Office Kevin Maiberger reported that the 40 year old actor's alcohol limit was over the state's legal blood alcohol limit of .08 percent. So the story goes he got sent to the slammer, was sentenced with a misdemeanor, and got out on bail a few hours later at about 4:00 a.m. on a $25,000 bail. His court date is October 16th.

It seems this is something that a few actors or celebs have been caught up in lately. Probably more than this but most haven't been caught because no one is learning from their neighbor's example of public humiliation that it can happen to them too or that one drink too many, even if you feel fine is still one drink to many when it comes to the laws and driving. Yes people (celebrities and non celebrities alike) go to events, they drink and then they drive because they don't have another person they came with that can act as a designated driver. This DUI issue is not something that is only common to the rich and's something that happens all over America. So I'm not picking on Hollywood it's just that those are the ones that we find out about hours after it happens. It's a shame for these drivers though because it seems like such a costly mistake. I hope no one gets hurt from one of these DUI incidents.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rosie told O "No" and then cancels with Diane

Well she never claimed to be a fashionista...but the girl does seem to have a big heart under all that talk

Rosie O'Donnell is setting the right kind of stage for her new memoir. She cancelled her interview with Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer on October 9. The interview was for the ex The View co-host to talk about her book, Celebrity Detox. Of course Good Morning America producers said they were very disappointed. But Rosie is very strong and opinionated as most of America knows (Trump, Hasselbeck, whoever else dares to take her on, etc.) so when she speaks, it's a wrap. And it is her choice.

Rosie denies rumors that she dissed Oprah by saying no to an interview. This is what she had to say about the super talk show host's invitation, "Oprah is a force of nature, her invitation made me cry, her kind words about the book reinforce what we all know to be true about her. Although feuds seems to be all the rage, there isn't one, regardless of what you read or see on fast food TV."

The reason that the media boxing Rosie says she doesn't want to do a television interview is because she wants readers of her book to get out of it what they will or what they should without pre-influence. "Writing is for me...the most revealing medium to work in. I do not feel ready to discuss or defend the things I shared on those 209 pages. For now, I decided no interviews about Celebrity Detox. It is too raw." Writings from O'Donnell's blog last Tuesday.

That's very respectable and mature in an age in entertainment where publicity and sales from it are everything. This to me intrigues me more to read the book than any interview talks had before. Good look Rosie.