Tuesday, October 14, 2008

R&B Live keeps Atlanta LIVE with Common, Mario and Marsha (Floetry)!!

J Erving Group/Mute Media
Marsha marveling over her new love (isn't she a doll?!!)
Marsha (Floetry) and Mario had fun with each other backstage. Too cute!
Singing for the ladies...mmmm hmmmm.
Thanks for letting us see your eyes Common.

I had a chance to be entertained by some of the industry's most talented: Marsha Ambrosius (Floetry), Mario (who serenaded me!), AND Common took over the stage in a sexy fashion last week during the latest installment of R&B Live at 595 North in Atlanta (sponsored by Lincoln). And by the performances i saw, i can securely say that music and true talent in of itself is not dead.

Marsha has broke away from Floetry and is putting her sultry sounds to the test, coming out with a solo project next year. Not only can she sing like a humming bird but she can ball. Did you know that the 31 year old London native was slated to play ball for GA Tech before her music deal came into place? I'm glad she didn't miss this calling. From a BAD break-up to a new love, the songstress put her heart on wax with her new project, but is there a song beef with fellow singer Alicia Keys? Hmmm. The sweet crooner, Mario has been busy with a new album of his own dropping next year but his followers wanna know what's up with his family? Is his mom off of the addiction? And fan favorite, hip hop legend Common raps his way into our hearts with another album titled, "Universal Mind Control", dropping November 11th. Yall it's HOTT! This might be his best lyrical effort yet. He did a few samples of the new LP during the show. Expect some funky surprises. Get up with some pieces of the performance and interviews with Marsha and Mario throughout this post.

Crazy fun night (yo the DJ was HOTT with it!!), good, REAL music. Shout out to Mute Media and J Erving Group: JCarter, Mark Issa and J Erving for R&B Live Atlanta's influence!!

Thanks so much to Ms. Cherry Banez (CherryPublicty LLC), publicity diva herself for the invite. She cares for her clients and always looks out for the media and it's appreciated.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

T.I. is still "Untouchable" as he celebrates his 28th birthday in style! Plus "Paper Trail" selling out in stores!

Birthday boy flashing me a smile right for the camera!
Tiny and Tip (looking like an angry red man. Probably tired of pictures huh?)
Gentleman, Toccara (looked FAB!!) and Mr. Kevin Liles (clean the whole weekend)
Kenny Burns doing what Kenny does...acting out (during Sean Garrett interview)
TBoz (that's her bro sliding away)
Young Bre (upcoming artist) and Jerry Clarke (Island Def Jam)
Mr. Knight looking clean per usual.
Drumma Boy (my 1st interview EVER. I'll never forget. Thanks to Squeak his awesome manager for that last year.)
Me and Jarvis- DTP artist (i saw the ladies all over this one yall! All you gotta do is say, "Record Deal" and the claws come out. Sad.)
Lisa and Ed Hartwell (Real Housewives of ATL and NFL)
Alpha and Deon Grant (Seattle Seahawks)
Open bars are from the deBil!
Victorian ladies happily shaking their groove thangs in a cage

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way."
A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens. Hmmm or was that, "T.I. versus TIP"- Clifford Harris? It does talk about both sides of the self inflicted, dueling rapper. No no no, actually it is "Paper Trail" which tells a tale of two cities. A man who has been on the dark side and is entering the light. Who lost almost everything and then starts to gain the respect back.

It was the worst of times October 2007 when the king was busted on illegal weapons charges hours before he was to take the stage at the 1st annual BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. But it seems that the particular defeat was cleverly disguised as a victory as the MC, refreshed and wiser is emerging a year older, and a HOT new album stronger. With "Paper Trail" furiously flying off the shelves in record stores in an age when hip hop is NOT selling for the majority. I'd say for this southern gentleman, It is the BEST of times.

Well my 2nd Favorite rapper (second only to Andre 3000) did it again! He threw himself (with the help of Music Business Politics and The Garner Circle PR at the Biltmore hotel in Downtown Atlanta) another crazy birthday party but not only to celebrate another physical year of life but the birth of a newer him, and the release of his newest album monikered to pinpoint how he journaled the lyrics instead of his normal off the dome style. And it makes a difference!! Everyone i've talked to thus far is saying, "This is his best work yet!". A male friend happily told me yesterday, "It seems I can play the whole thing without skipping any songs." Now I've always stanned for T.I. Just a couple years ago my best girlfriend and I used to scream in lust (yeah i said it) and awe when ever he'd come on TV (so sad). That's why I jumped to be an intern for a year at Grand Hustle Records during that time. I always believed in his talent. We see T.I. is confident, we see T.I. can rip, but "Paper Trail"...oooh weee. The newest edition to his discography leaves its own trail. A trail of fire blazing wilding yet still in total control daring other rappers to try to match his current grandeur. This album might be the baby. But this baby is a little man (you know the type ladies...), with a mustache and muscles. So patna, be easy. And if you haven't copped, "Paper Trail", duh. What are you waiting for? If you can't get it in stores, get it online here. I found it for the slackers right there on Buy.com for less than $11.00. It's selling. Not only because it's damn good but because controversy and drama sells albums point blank PERIOD. This man has his share. Again the whole album is smokin' but my favorite track is: "My Life". What a perfect calabo with mega star Rihanna. I bump this one hard over and over again in my hooptie. :-)

Thank you to Nicole and her team at The Garner Circle PR (thank you Daniel for looking out) for the invite and Music Business Politics (Hannah Kang and Grand Hustle GM) for entry. I also thank the open bar which made me sick. J/K. No honestly, i am a light weight and that's why i don't really drink. Hello! But the party was lovely. Kevin Liles (Atlantic Records royalty!), Jason Jeter, Toccara, Tione (T-Boz), The Hartwells (Ed and Lisa), Michael Knight, Sean Garrett, Kenny Burns, Jerry Clarke, Young Dro, Big Kuntry (album dropped 9.30.08 as well...which i don't understand but okay...) Alphamega, Deon Grant, Jazze Pha (he goes to ER party though), Ryan Cameron (V-103...hmmm where was Frank?), Stay Fresh (producer), Drumma Boy (Producer), Andrew Young, Jarvis (DTP artist), Ecstacy, and more came to help Tip and Tiny celebrate for not only the party but some even for the entire Grand Hustle take over weekend (including, comedy show, skating, and a Sunday power brunch hosted by Liles and Tip). I must say, great touch on the ice sculpture and the quartet playing in the beautiful Biltmore hotel lobby. Classy. Last years' party held a little more star power and was even more crowded (which i don't enjoy crowds) but this year was better in that the people i spoke with I was able to network with. A special thanks to Island Def Jam VP, Jerry Clark who was part responsible for my short term sickness but mostly responsible for keeping me laughing for a good 20 minutes. I look forward to our interview. Good peoples...

p.s. I no longer lust after the likes of T.I. I have moved on to greener and more darker skinned pastures.

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Check out the AMAZING Life CHANGING wellness/fitness center founded by top trainer and former NFL player in Atlanta's back yard!

Saint Day and Siddeeq Shabazz, brothers and partners in business!

Siddeeq Shabazz, Anthony and Edgar trying to help this poor sap. Oh yeah that's me . (p.s. and i didn't mind such gorgeous men helping me...damsel mode! but they weren't impressed.)

Have you ever stepped into someplace and immediately felt surrounded by love and light?
Have you ever received a lifetime worth of healing in couple hours time span?
Have you ever felt like you were being seriously entertained by angels on earth?

Welcome to, Your Day e.t.c. (extraordinary transformation center) and EXTRAordinary it is.

Your Day, in Atlanta, GA on Roswell Rd., is founded by top trainer an coach, Saint Day Adeogba and his NFL brother, Siddeeq Shabazz (former Atlanta Falcon). They surround themselves with combined years of experience with a fully trained staff of trainers, wellness practitioners and life style coaches to help you better enjoy the skin you are in, in every possible way (I promise i've never seen a room full of people who didn't have any body fat. If you want to look and feel your best, these ARE definitely the people you want to help you, OMG!). They offer: Ionic foot baths, colonics, massages, nutrition consultation, yoga, personal training sessions and much more through a membership or ala cart services to improve your quality of life. All that in one place. I personally had the incredible experience to sample several of the clubs programs like, yoga, personal training, pilates, and a massage. Did i say incredible experience? Yes i did. I left feeling like i was walking on air and that i solely could start a peace revolution. It changed my mind.

Be prepared- everybody hugs you, everybody is beautiful, everybody is full of fun and life because Your Day focuses on making everything a fun yet challenging game. Skeptic? Don't worry. Trust me you'll like it. Imagine sitting on a breezy country porch or a swing in lavender fields, sipping sweet lemonade and sampling oatmeal raisin cookies with grandad, just without the high fructose corn syrup and the fat and your grandad is really not your relative and looks more like a model! Yeah all the energizing and comfortable feelings of being welcomed home but in a more glamafied way!

At this wellness/transformation center, you WILL not only get in better physical shape but get overall mind and body healing. It is truly hands on, very personal and unlike any other gym or fitness type center I've ever seen or been to. I recommend this for everyone. Not just those seeking a better body, but a better mind and spirit. It's the exclusive club you need to be a part of in a time where the stresses of the planet weigh heavy on us physically and emotionally. Check out what founder, Saint Day Adeogba had to say about the center and what drives him to help people in this way.

Unwind and step into Your Day e.t.c open now- a fantastic health voyage!

Saint Day Adeogba tells us about, Your Day e.t.c!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Q Parker is what R&B music NEEDS!

This is SERIOUS!

Q after his set
Ronnie DeVoe (BBD) and wife, Shamari (Blaque, new album and reality show coming this year!)
Singer/songwriter Cri$tyle (Mariah's "Touch my Body") got on stage & blew us all away with her amazing voice. She wrote for Q's new album.
Drift City Records CEO's and Islad Def Jam's VP Jerry

It's no secret that Q Parker of 112 fame is dropping his much anticipated solo album, "Real Talk", this Fall and going on tour soon after. But what about what you don't know?

Is this artist's solo project going to be one that you need to download to your ipod?

Is he talented enough to carry an album without Slim and the guys?

Has he gone all family man?



And Yes, with a But...

Q Parker can siiiiiiiing, I know, old news. He's got a strong voice but still smooth because let's be honest, he's likable to the ladies. It helps that he has a great team behind him and his new album like, hot new writer, Cri$tyle, (Mariah Carey's, "Touch my Body").

Wait, didn't tell you how he ROCKED the stage and kept the crowd on their feet this Summer during one of Atlanta's famous, "Wind Down Wednesday's" at Centennial Olympic Park? I feel bad for the other artists that take the stage post Q because he left a mark. Seeing him sing and work that stage, you can tell he gives 100% because music is his passion. He sang new songs, songs from other artists and even dipped back into the 112 vault of lyrical goodies and enticed us with those song too. And you know what, uhmmmm...nobody noticed that the rest of the group wasn't singing with him. Slim who? Okay Slim is good, he can sing. However Q's got that IT that allows him to be able to sing solo coming from a popular R&B group and look great while doing it.

So yes he is a family man BUT have you ever seen a man who loved and respected his wife be so sexy?!! Yes that's Q. In fact he wrote much of his album in dedication and love to his amazing wife. Awwwww...honest in this business a man that is truly dedicated to his family is even sexier. So he just stepped his game up.

Get Ready for Q's breakout album, "Real Talk" coming soon.
Thank you Katena Keno (PR Diva) for the invite and private access. I truly had fun, even in the heat. :)

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Cri$tyle- the girl behind the music, and on top of the notes

Tricky (Cri$tyles Manager), Cri$tyle, and Christal (Enchanted PR) at Signature Sound Studios

Ice Cube says, "Today was a good day.", so I'll modify that to, "Last week was a good week." I traveled out of town for good times with friends in blazin' Florida, I noticed my hard work at the Kickboxing gym has finally been paying off (kisses her little budding "guns"), and I had the pleasure to meet and interview mega talented singer (YES she can REALLY sing, trust)/songwriter, properly penned, "The Ink" (pun intended), Cri$tyle at Atlanta based, Signature Sound studios. After our chat i was reminded why out of all the talent in the biz, writers fascinate me the most.

*Which artist that she worked with, turns out to be super cool and surprisingly undiva like?
*What's behind that fierce drive that's made her a new writing favorite?
*What does she promise to do that she's always wanted to do for her 25th birthday?

*Cri$tyle stays on the move, but what's her MOST favorite/enjoyable thing to do when she gets to relax?

So, The Ink? Is it THAT serious? Explain...

Well I'll give an obvious answer, she is in fact The Ink, because Cri$tyle is the powerful substance behind the music of some of today's industry elite: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Natasha Beddingfield, Chilly, Q Parker (112), Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy (new album coming) and even for the up and comers like, Teyana Taylor and Keke Palmer. Ever heard of the "little" well known Billboard chart smashing ditty, "Touch my body", well, yeah that was your girl Cri$tyle, shawty (...what? i mean she was born and raised in ATL and all). And the new, "I'll be loving you long time" another of Mrs. Carey's errr i mean Cannon's (which we talk about that a little in the interview as well) new tracks featuring T.I., which is hot, much to do with the girl who wrote it because without the words, there is no song. So yes, it is that serious.

Cri$tyle, on legal documents Crystal Johnson is the coolest girl next door i've ever met. Yet she's not really a girl, she's a woman who unexpectedly fits the bill of the Hollywood come up story, without all of the HollyWeird attitude. She remembers where she's come from and has the highest of expectations toward her future. She's warm, intelligent, caring, driven, and wears cool kicks! Billboard hits, ASCAP notable, engaged to her true sweet heart, traveling the globe, being an inspiration for young adults (giving back), and hanging out with for some of your favorite artists, all by the age of 24! Move over, Keri Hilson, The Ink is gonna write you off! You know what i like about Cri$tyle, she wouldn't even want me to write something like that. She is humble and has only good things to say about people (especially on tape, LOL!). And for the record, Keri Hilson is dope, but i couldn't resist the line. And the truth is now these other writers have some serious competition because Cri$tyle is a multi talented phenom. (click on the links above to listen to the interview)

Thanks again to Christal Jordan-Mims, the light behind Enchanted PR for the interview opportunity. She's an author, a PR manager and an all around positive person. I'm always proud to meet women like that!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Runway Red Fashion Show, starring, Celebrity Kids!

The Camerons'
Mo Stegall (www.theselfshow.com)

Q Parker and his producer

Now walk it out
Fly at a tender age...
Little angels on earth...

A great foundation with a worthy cause

The Runway Red Fashion show brought smiles and relief to an entertained audience and HIV/Aids charity.

Kids of Atlanta celebrities like: Q Parker (112), Ryan Cameron (V-103 radio), Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (TLC), Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, (Outkast)and Atlanta entertainment boss royalty, Jermaine Dupri.

The kids ran the show, literally, as one adorable curly headed youngster ran down the runway, tripping as she fell to quickly get off of the stage. The great part is that it only added to the appeal of the show! The night opened with singing, dancing, and then fashion. Chilli and her son hosted the event and took turns sharing the podium with Danity Kane's D.Woods, Mo Stegall (The Self Show, www.theselfshow.com), and others who spoke on raising money and education for the highlighted disease.

Thanks to The Garner Circle PR for the invite and for such a warm experience.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

D.Woods celebrates her birthday with Danity Kane, The Girls Club, Llyod, Gorilla Zoe, B.Cox, Rock City and others at Luckie Lounge!

Happy Birthday Deeeeeee!!!!!
She was very pleased with this gift
Me and B.Cox
D making a wish (cake was gooooood!)
Llyod, me, and Dawn (DK).

The Girls Club taking it back to the 80's
DK takes the stage
Gorilla Zoe and D
Danity Kane (after their performance earlier that day at Six Flags)
The Girls Club is here! (Shanelle, Aubrey, D, and Meeka Means)
When i tell you that Rock City took it to the house...they took it to the HOUSE!
Bangladesh (producer, A Milli)
Dorian (College Hill Atlanta)

D.Woods celebrated her birthday at Atlanta hot spot, Luckie Food Lounge on 4th of July eve. Danity Kane, The Girls Club (consists of D.Woods, her sister Shanelle and Meeka Means), Llyod, B.Cox, Gorilla Zoe, Bangladesh, Don Cannon, Mychael Knight, and notably the infamous DJ Jazzy Jeff on the spin, joined the pop star for a night of fun, 80's singing, and great cake! (red velvet ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery...yummmm i promise!)

The stage was ran by The Girls Club (a group with D.Woods in it) who took it back to the Madonna days (when they sang, "Don't Stop Believing" I swear i almost started crying like a wet baby. They did pretty damn good!), DK graced us with one song (but didn't seem so enthused...could be due to the irconcert earlier at Six Flags), and Rock City. Rock City tore it up and even had me jumpin' in a dress and heels. These boys are HOT!

Thank you to The Garner Circle PR (Daniel, go on and check my spelling...LOL!) for allowing me to cover the event. Danity Kane was very pleasant. Great job coordinating!