Friday, September 10, 2010

Jon Wain 2010, the triple threat

Let's talk about Triple Threats. Yes because I heard good things come in three's. Didn't you? Ok so there's The Dream, Missy Elliot, the legendary R. Kelly, just to name a select few "respectables" who fall into this special category in the music industry. In case you were born yesterday, Triple Threat = a writer, producer and singer. While you may have many that tout their expertise, not all who put out the work, do it well so when you encounter one who does justice to their entire craft you must take note. And I've taken note of writer, producer, singer, Jon Wain. It's my joyful duty to share him (And I'm not usually "that kind" of woman... ;) ).

A young man from the city of Chicago, burning up the musical streets of Atlanta in 3 hot ways has come to stake his claim. He's somebody to look out for with singles like, "Iz you Ready" (Listen and/or download here), a slow jam for the lady or the lover. No this is not the John Wayne of your parent's parent's favorite country western flick, this is the sexy, yet still strong and confident Jon Wain of 2010. Oooh weee. Time to bring in the new.

Want more? Sure you do. For more Jon Wain, follow and connect with him at the links below: *Note for the fans- he actually stays in touch, get at him while you can.




Jon Wain video: