Friday, February 22, 2008

Ciara Dance Auditions today in Atlanta, etc.

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Audition to be Ciara's Backup Dancer!!!

Ciara is hard at work in the studio on her next album! Now she's looking for dancers with fresh, raw talent who can hold their own as Ciara's backup dancer. She will be holding auditions in the following cities below so don't miss your chance. Think you got moves? Come on out and show Ciara what you've got! Check out Ciara's YouTube channel for a message from her about what's she's looking for!

Atlanta - 02/22/08Friday @ 11AM-Gotta Dance Atlanta 1778 Elisworth Industrial Drive., NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Miami – 03/02/08Sunday @ 11AM-Dance Attack Studio 13424 SW 131st StreetMiami, FL 33186
New York – 03/09/08Sunday @ 11AM-New Dance Group 305 West 38th Street2nd Floor New York, New York 10018
Los Angeles – 03/16/08Sunday @ 11AM-Millennium Dance Studio 5113 Lankershim Blvd.North Hollywood, CA 91601


For the latest news on Ciara, visit

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Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are the proud new parents of twins!

Jennifer and Marc at 'A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF' at United Nations headquarters, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008.
It's a girl and and a boy for singer/actress, etc., Jennifer Lopez and singer, Marc Anthony. Simon Fileds, Lopez' publicist told People Magazine that the couple is thrilled. First their daughter was born at 5 pounds, 7 ounces and then their son at 6 pounds on New York's Long Island shortly after midnight.

Congrats to the 39 year old Lopez and her younger man (he's 38 yall...haha!), Anthony. Sometimes you can still have a baby later in age and it's alllllllllllllllllright!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan poses as Marilyn Monroe in "New York" magazine photo spread. But why does the media really find her so hot?

Lindsay, today left -Marilyn, then right

In 1962 vuluptous, tormented starlet, Marilyn Monroe had this scant photo session with photographer, Bert Stern. Such hot pics for a girl of the 60's right? But Monroe was on top of the world it looked. Well 6 weeks later she overdosed. Since it was her last shoot alive, the session was dramatically dubbed, "The Last Sitting". Money, power, look...death?! Who would have guessed it?

It seems that if you are beautiful and rich that the whole world expects that you are happy. Well in modern times we our young Hollywooder, Lindsay Lohan, another hot self made blonde with a troubled life. And guess what? Bert Stern took these same photos of the see through fabrics that forgettably "cover" the young stars ogled bod. In fact it was Stern's idea to shoot and choose Lohan. So are is this spread the depiction of art filled seduction or a deeply wounded sad female soul on the edge? There are several more pictures that will "grace" the pages of the magazine (New York) hitting stands on February 25th. Yes Lindsay has reached this type of fame, but is it because she is just that talented or is it because she's cute and her life is surrounded with drama? We all have our opinions don't we?

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Beyonce to star as the legendary Etta James in new movie she's also producing!

Beyone in vegas last week- when you are a true star like this woman, not only can you afford to have a beautiful, new custom lace wig every other day, but you can also have someone shield it from the wind as well!

Beyonce chanells the energy of the legendary blues singer, Etta James as the star and executive producer of the upcoming drama, "Cadillac Records". The 1950's set flick also stars, Matt Dillion (I bet he is happy to get close to Bey!), and Cedric the Entertainer. The movie begins filming this year.

I am confident that this will be another project that Beyonce will shine in. Is it even fair to be that much of a true super star? The woman is just that fabulously talented and always the graceful, yet sexy lady.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

T.I. is in court today, the BIG trial begins

I know you haven't forgotten what today is. Today is Tip's first day in court. His orginal court date was pushed back until this very day, causing of course frustration for the well missed rap sensation who wanted to get the ball rolling on his illegal weapons case. Well i really REALLY miss T.I. and am anxious for this trial to begin as well. I know that there's mucho negativity out there about the ghetto supastar, false or true but from this end, what's done is done, now is the time to send support.

Tip, who recently spoke with MTV News about the state of "the game" right now has been on house arrest instead of jail, by the grace of God while he awaited this day. Still house arrest is not the type of freedom that being able to travel and work outside of the home allots. I know he is ready! My prayers continue to go out for the Harris family and my friends at Grand Hustle. I will always stand behind yall 100%.

T.I. to MTV News:
“It’s a lot of bullsh** out right now, I’m not gonna front. I feel it’s definitely about time for somebody to come back out and kick this thing back in gear. The rotation is suffering right now. I intend to do something about it. It’s just a matter of when.”

His new album, "Paper Trial", that's he's been recording in his home studio (and it's very nice) in Jonesboro, GA where he has lived as he awaited trial, does not have a drop date yet...but Tip told MTV that his fans can expect to hear something different from him than they are used to. On T.I's "Let My Beat Pound":
"That’s gonna be a big record.” said Cliff. “It’s a different record. It’s a record I approached differently, and it don’t sound like a typical T.I. record. It’s basically about when you got your first car, one of the first things was to make sure your [sound] system was right. The love for the boomin’ system. It has the sentiments of LL Cool J’s ‘Boomin’ System,’ but it kind of sounds like a Sir Mix-A-Lot [song]. It’s kinda got the mood and tempo of ‘Posse on Broadway,’ but it’s outta here.”
T.I. noted, "Let My Beat Pound" would more than likely "serve the same purpose as 'Top Back' did on King."
and promised that fans will get their money's worth!

Young Dro, who also has a new album dropping this year, co-signed for T.I. on the Grammy's red carpet telling cameras not only is his friend and label mate focused on writing for "Paper Trail" but he's putting his ryhmes on paper. MMMMM...paper trail it is!

We look forward to it Tip. Come on back, we need you in the game homie!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Chattin' with singer/songwriter, Cheri Dennis, "In and Out of Love"- exclusive Interview snippet

Cheri Dennis at her pre-album release luncheon at Atlantic Records in Atlanta

Cheri Dennis is a spicy pepper. First impression. Well aren't all peppers spicy you ask? Okay let me clarify. First, no, they all are not all spicy, hello banana peppers don't cause an instant wish for troths of chilled H2O. Second of all I'll liken her to a jalepeno pepper. A Red one. She's not only a hot and talented fairly new artist on the Bad Boy label but if you get in her face she might burn you up with her words. But don't get mad, it's only business. I found out during yesterday's luncheon, album listening party that she says what she means and I believe she mean what she says. And in an industy called music that's full of's actually quite respectable and refreshing. When she speaks you can tell that she is careful yet truthful in her words. She probably doesn't do phony too well. And that just might make some people a little mad. Good! I say enjoy Cheri Dennis, just keep your water bottle close by.

Okay so she's not some big meanie or anything. The tatted up femme who told me her closet is full of items with stripes, just comes across honest and learned. That might be because Cheri is not the new kid on the block. Yes she has a fresh record deal with Bad Boy Records but this girl's been around the musical block for a minute or two. She first was introuduced to the land of milk and money with the group, Spoiled. When Spoiled "spoiled" she moved to New York and her dreams came true! Well not immediatly. Dennis will tell you it's, a, "Hard Knock Life" especially for a woman in the industry. The good thing about this girl is that she's strong willed and got the heat of her fire sign Leo to back her up. She was featured on Ma$e's album, Double Up in 1999 with a few singles. She recorded, "So Complete" for Bad Boy in 2001, had a hand in the 2005's Duets: The Final Chapter, hooked up the vocals for Yung Joc's freshman album, New Joc City in 2006, and got her shot at her own album in 2007. The only problem is the album that was set to release was pushed back to February 26th 2008. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing really. Good things can come to those who wait. And Cheri has been waiting for years now. The music industry is in for a treat.

Bits and pieces:
*She's emits sweet sounds when she sings. You wouldn't even know this cutie is from rougher beginings in Clevland, Ohio.
*She writes and co-writes songs of present and past. That means more money in her pocket, brainy girl.
*She tells us that she thinks Bad Boy recording artist and now model for Sean Jean, Cassie is smart, a good person and that she'd like to record some tracks with her.
*When I asked her if she could be the spokesperson for Bad Boy talent since many feel that once you sign with Bad Boy your career is over she put down her mini bag of cool ranch Dorritos and told me that she doesn't feel it's her job to be that spokesperson. She feels as if Bad Boy is not her life because she's got so many other things going on, no time to worry. And she knows that she is doing what she needs to do as an artist and she's fine with that. Solid.
*She originally wanted to do alternative hip-hop and enjoys artists like, Janelle Monae, Teedra Moses, Prince, Kanye West, etc.
*Her album drops the same day that Janet Jackson's and Erykah Badu does. But Cheri aint sweating. She said, "It is what it is.".

Check out this interview snippet to learn who she would love to work with in and look for Cheri's album, "In and Out of Love" dropping on February 26th. Thanks to Gyant from Atlanta for the word up on Cheri Dennis' Atlantic Records event. Check him out...he also keeps it real.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting to know Raina Shaw, author of "Ridiculous Situations"

I would describe author, Raina Shaw as strong, confident, smart, savvy, beautiful, and wise. Ms. Shaw is the author of the best selling, "Ridiculous situations". A dating and women's guidance book with powerful spiritual influence. I had the chance to get some one on one with her recently. This is a teaser/intro to the cool audio interview that I'll post up on this site next week. For now learn more about Raina, the female who's got experience in concert promotions for artist like : Yolanda Adams, L.A. Reid, Mary Mary, Kenneth Eric Benet"BabyFace" Edmonds, & Sean Paul. It seems your girl's got an "in" on the music entertainment business side of life as well.

Raina loves Jesus but she wasn't always perfect. I think that's what I appreciate the most about her, her vulnerability. She speaks to the ladies with a wise and careful voice that says, "I've been there my friends, and it doesn't work!" "Ridiculous Situations" is filled with honest accounts that many women can identify with either because they have been in some of those same situations with men who weren't worth the time or are currently bathing in that awful hogwash right now! Raina implores women to trust God, live pure, be happy even if you are currently single, and not to give time and sex to a man who you KNOW aint doing right by you. Ladies you need to hear this!

Men, don't think this is just for women because there is a little something for our strong brothers in the interview too! During our girl talk I asked Ms. Shaw about men, what's she's learned and what she wishes that they knew about women. Raina of course obliged! Guys is it true? What do you think? Well you don't want to miss it so tune into our chat and find out how she's got the goods on the guys who are selling some of that tainted "candy". And by the way, we know that there are good, loyal, Godly men out there and for yall grateful women say, stand up and be proud. We thank you for loving God and then us because it matters!

You can buy "Ridiculous Situations" right here. You can also purchase from other sellers like, Barnes and Nobles and, both online. It's worth the price, knowledge, and an easy read. Raina has a new book in the workings that is a financial empowerment book dedicated to women, and you may see her trying modeling on for size in the future as well. This woman is on the grind so keep an eye out for her! Thanks again Raina for your grace and for telling the truth. May you continue to grow as a woman and an advisor. Thanks again Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates for the interview opportunity. I learned much and learning is one of the major keys to life.

More about Raina Shaw:
Interview opportunities with Raina Shaw:

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Kenny Leon's, "A Raisin in the Sun" brought to Atlanta!

Bill Nun
David Oyelowo
Kenny Leon Arrives on the red carpet
Montel Jordan and his wife
Angelo Taylor, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist and Slim of R&B Group 112
The cast, Kenny and ABC television exec

Fabulous! Incredible! Amazing! 3 thumbs up!
Seems like I'm enthusiastic right? Well I am. Earlier this week I went to go see, Kenny Leon's screen directed version of Lorraine Hansberry's original, "A Raisin in the Sun" at Atlanta's Woodfruff Arts Center and was wowed.

2004's Tony winning,"Raisin" did well at the Sundance Film Festival held in Utah earlier this year and is the 1st Broadway play to go from play to film to Sundance to Television! Quite the accomplishment for the film and 1st time director Mr. Kenny Leon. Leon is co-founder and artistic director of True Colors Theatre Company, a non profit theater company. Upon the cheers and admiration this man got from ABC execs that took the stage before the pre-screening film event, to the cast, and the full audience, you can tell that he is given so much respect and even has a cult following. Mad props to Leon, who did a phenominal job pulling everything together.

In attendance for the red carpet affair were: Audra McDonald (beautiful!!!), Justin Martin, David Oyelowo, Bill Nun, all from the film. Also in attendance were, Mayor Shirely Franklin, Monica Kauffman, Montell Jordan (coming out with a new CD May 2008...woo hooo!), Slim of 112 (coming out with a solo CD this year!), Angelo Taylor (2 time Gold Medal winning Olympist!), Hattie Lemon (producer of "Atlanta Homicide"), Bishop Eddie Long, and comedian Thea Vadall.

I went to the pre-screening but the official screening for TV will be on ABC, February 25th. Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sean Combs, Sanaa Lathan and Justin Martin make up the main cast. Let me tell you the two leading women, Rashad and McDonald, received Tony Awards for their performance, and I can see why. They were allowed to stretch their acting genuis in this one people. Very incredible performances by both women. Rashad made history be being the 1st African American in history to win a Tony as a leading actress in a play. Amen! However the entire cast was wonderful! This movie will make you think, and want to lead your family the right way. Grab your household and tune in on February 25th America!

Thanks to CoAnne from Soiree News for the personal invite. I'm so glad for the experience!

The Juice ReporER (chocolate almond milk juice...for an almost all mocca cast, except for John Stamos who played the "bad guy" in the movie but is still as cute as ever!)

Me and my lil sis being cutesy after the screening.

Divan Restaurant & Hookah Lounge- Restaurant review

Divan Restaurant & Hooka Lounge
3125 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

These are a few of my favorite things: God's Love, getting a pedicure, showers, a good book, "Blockbuster nights", Grandma's cooking, Angel perfume by Theirry Muegler, Dancing around, pushing the limit just a little, warm blankets, sweet candy kisses that make your heart beat fast from a cute boy, sincerity, cute blouses with funky accessories, carmel/chocolate roobios red tea, being heard, listening to people's stories and figuring them out (which you never really do it seems...but i aim to try), my family, and Mediterranean food but specifically Divan Restaurant & Hookah Lounge's Mediterranean food.

Wow. I have so much to say and no words to say them at all. I truly struggle to write this review to find the most complimentary words to describe my complete fascination. But you know me, I'll try. Well, my friend and I were looking for something a little different to try for dinner one night. You know..."Just got paid...Friday night" and we planned to go find a new joint to indulge in. I've always liked Labanese, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Morrocan style, well...Mediterranean cuisine. I made some friends from Turkey a while back and they always swore that I could pass for a Turkish girl with the nose that God had given me. Some might think that's good others not so good. But I know what is great and that's how the Turkish prepare meals. OMG! My Turkish friend used to make this fish, these cabbage rolls, this rice...everything was AMAZING! Gosh I miss Ghulshan, she was a great such girl. She taught me how to truly appreciate food from another culture. I'm not talking the Olive Garden real authentic food made from someone who has skill in those other worlds. Well Divan Hookah Lounge has mastered it's craft, mainly because it is it's craft.

First of all, this is a place for friends or lovers. The atmosphere is very "nights within the king's harem": reds, purples, plush pillows, faux satans, long curtains, sensual paintings, and ah yes the Hookah pipes. Oh my goodness...okay well maybe more of a place for lovers but that doesn't stop many friends (who may be secret lovers) from filling the seats or the cushioned benches at this fabulous little house. You can eat outside, you can eat inside downstairs or upstairs, at a table or on a soft bench. It doesn't matter much, you will still have a wonderful experience. Just try it!

Okay, now the most important thing...the food. YES! That's it...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Try the hummus for an appetizer served with slightly toasted warm pita break, the flavor of the chickpeas and other spices joined together melt into happiness on your tounge. You feel as if this was made just for you and to your specific liking. And this is just for starters. When it comes to a meal here are some suggestions:

Pan Seard Tilapia basmati-herb rice, lemon buerre blanc, micro herbs

Saffron Chicken Kabobs saffron, lemon, yogurt, burberrys, and basmati rice

Lamb Kabobs Divan's special blend, yogurt, burberrys, and basmati rice

All the above is right from the menu so you can get a full understanding of what comes within these dishes. You will not be dissapointed in the seasoning blend and fresh flavors which mesh together in harmony with the basmatti rice. The fish is tender, the chicken is super and the lamb...ah the lamb is perfect! If you are a drinker, and i do dabble on the occasion, try the Strawberry Kiss, a blend of dark and light rums with chocolate, cream, strawberries and I potion because I fell in love with that drink. For something a little lighter, the Pineapple Upside Down Martini is a delicously classic blend of vodka, vanilla and pineapple juice with a bit of cream. Mmmm...warm and smooth. Since this is a hookah lounge (no not a downtown street walker!) many try the hookah sweet flavor filled smoking pipes which here is water filtered to remove the tar and nicotine, only a slight trace of tabacco is left but I'd rather be safe than sorry so I dissed the hookah smoking altogether...but it sure does smell good. Slightly less intoxicating than my Strawberry Kiss. I have to talk about that special martini again. Oh all other drinks have competition now!

Yeah everytime I go, I'm happy but when I leave, I'm sad. I start acting like the ex-girlfriend who won't leave. But it's not too sad because unlike that bad boy you had to let go of, this is good stuff. Fresh, smart, food and you are welcome back. My oh my...I've been charmed.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Presenting "The Wiz" at Sugar Hill

You can buy, "The Wiz" on DVD right here!
some of the ladies sitting and enjoying the scene before the movie event!

I can't tell you how long it had been since I'd seen Sidney Lumet's, "The Wiz"! I could've told you about "Wizard of Oz" but, the black version of the mythical movie...forget about it! The most persistant memory I had of the movie experience was being a kid, kinda being made to watch it on certain occassions and having a jolting case of acid reflux syndrome the last time i'd seen whenever I thought of "The Wiz" my throat automatically started hurting. But that is until a couple of days ago. I recently had the pleasure of watching this classic at an event cleverally dubbed, "Cinemartini" sponsored by Courvoisier at Sugar Hill in the Underground Atlanta. Well the city wasn't so emerald inside Sugar Hill...more ruby red slipper but that suited me just fine, the red vibe gave the evening a slight edge.

I sat amongst the familiars but mostly strangers who were all truly fans of the black spin on the original tale. I mean these people were getting up and dancing, easing down the road (or the club it was held in), and saying lines vehemently before Diana Ross' Dorothy could even move her lips! Omg...i was so embarrassed with myself and secretly mad at my parents for a few minutes for not making me watch the flick more as a kid so i could know the next moves of Micheal Jackson once he got off of that pole! But then I got over it and became just as excited as the rest of the crowd, and even sang a little bit, albeit off key to the tunes of this newer Oz. I can honestly say that this film is one of those cult classics. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching it recently...go ahead and check it out...good memories...good times.

The newer Oz brought me to another thought. What if...what if there were a 2008 version of "The Wiz"? If I were the casting director who would I choose the play the coveted roles in my over the top dramatic big screen version? Well here goes my list:

Dorothy: Beyonce. Duh. This girl is such a performer...singing, dancing! Can't you see this chick easing down the road and making you wanna get up and do the holy dance??!! YUP!
The scarcrow: TI. With that skinny body and that loveable killa swag TIP would make us go out and see the movie a few times over! Okay so he can't sing...but who says the crow can't rap??!
The Tin Man: Usher or Tyrese. That voice...and his face (either one) would look like a dream all oiled up in a nice darker brown or black. Mmmm hmmmm.
The Cowardly Lion: Alphamega or Cedrick the Entertainer. Big boys you don't mess with. But maybe deep down inside they are not so hard.
Evillene: Fantasia...she can sang...hello. And she is thick, the brothas like that.
The Wiz: Steve Harvey man...all day long.
Auntie Emma: Phylicia Rashad. People I just saw her Monday night in Kenny Leon's, "A Raisin in the Sun" and I was sooooooooo impressed. I see why she won the Tony for her broadway performance. Three words: FAB U LOUS!
Glenda The Good Witch: Halle Berry or Kerry Washington. "Bad" chicks but such sweet and lovely faces. Almost angelic.

Now i know...i know...i heard there was another version made last year with Ashanti...but it wasn't so hot. So therefore we need mine and it will have all the missing elements that the other lacked. And further more I'll re-name the classic to something clever like..."Welcome to Oz" no about, "Dreams are made in Oz", or "Welcome to Oz, everything else is Kansas". Let me keeping thinking about that. But I got ideas! So go on now, write me a check!

Hmmm...I think I'll take up casting and directing one day. Watch out now!

Thanks to Nicole Garner and The Garner Circle PR for the invite! This PR agency is on top of Atlanta's entertainment events! And thanks to Lachelle Morris for pointing out Ivory Weems, artist development at DTP Records who hosted that night, so I can make contact for more interviews. Lachelle is such a gem and a wealth of information.

Enjoy your Wednesday lovlies!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Atlanta Shows!: "Ladies in the Locker Room" and "Atlanta Homicide"

The locker room consorts: Ronie, Nicole, Joy, Hattie (on the bottom), Kristy, & Alexis striking a pose for sport Hattie Mae Lemon of Sweet Lemon Tree Films is at it again! The faithful, out spoken woman of film has created two amazing projects that I'd like to share with you:

One is, "Ladies in the Locker Room". An Atlanta based 6 women hosted Saturday sports talk show. These knowledgable, sexy ladies will be traveling to the the All Star (Basketball) Weekend in the other derty south known as LA this month to bring you coverage from one of the most major annual sports events around! "Ladies in the Locker Room" is good for the women who want to learn and hear about sports from a female point of view and a treat for men who like to look at a prettier face while hearing the highlights of the week!

The second is, "Atlanta Homicide" that can be likened to, "NYPD Blue" or "New York Undercover" (I used to have strange dreams about Malik lie!) but with a homemade southern flair. Think, "Big Momma's House"...but without the syrpy jokes or the fat suit...or the old people...or the...well okay...don't really think of "Big Momma's House" the movie...just think of the southern part. Wait..."Big Momma's House" wasn't even really taped in the south of Georgia. That was an was really filmed in a California neighborhood. Damn. Oh well. But since this tv show, Atlanta Homicide is being taped in the south, i still advise you to get your pecan pie, sweet tea and your bullet proof vest on standby for this well acted thriller!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Hattie, the creater and producer of both projects as well as the cast of main characters of, "Atlanta Homicide". I must say that I'd never met a more humble and loyal cast of any show in my experience. Some of that humility may come from the fact that at our point of meeting they had yet to go national. The show was still looking to be picked up by a televison network for season. I am hoping that the throes of success that this show will surely bring them will keep all the actors very real and as "touchable" as they were the day we met. Hollywood can do a number on the psyche...ugh! But I'm going to be faithful that any changes that this family orientated cast makes...will be for the better!
Check out the trailor above. And check them out when they officially hit the airwaves. As you know if you get this blog via email or feed then you will need to log onto to view. I my lovlies will keep you updated on both shows progress!

"The Producers"

The Juice ReportER

"A Raisin in the Sun" premiere comes to Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center

McDonald, Stamos, Combs, Rashad, and Lathan (dang she looks...amaaaaaaaazing!) at The Sundance Film Fesitval in Utah last month

First Sundance, now Atlanta?? Maybe Atlanta is becoming as fabulous as my eyes are telling me it is!

Kenny Leon, the director of the 2004, Tony Award-Winning Broadway production of, “A Raisin in the Sun” is bringing his version of the play and now tv film to Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center as a red carpet event, Monday, February 11th for a pre-viewing!

Leon took Lorraine Hansberry's classic and put his own spin on it by casting some of today's familiar faces in black Hollywood like: Sanaa Lathan, Audra McDonald (Tony actress winning for her role), Phylicia Rashad (Tony actress winning for her role), John Stamos and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Word is that for now actors from the play that are confirmed as coming are: Audra McDonald, Bill Nunn, David Oyelowo and young actor Justin Martin, who portrays grandson Travis in the telefilm. Leon has put it out there for the other cast members to come however I'm sure with the Grammys placed for this Sunday, stars such as Diddy won't be coming through to Atlanta for the event.

Youngster, Justin Martin

If you don't already have tickets for this incredible night, most likely you won't get any at this point. The good news is you can still catch the 3 hour televsion event on ABC on the 25th of this month.

I will make sure to get great pictures for you all as I will be attending. I look forward to sharing the glamourous details for all of you!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hellz Nawl! Parents, get your kids please!

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Hellz nawl! Parents get your kids please, cuz these children think this is so cute! In fact they think that they are creating "art" by the way they are moving and put it up on YouTube dang it! This is unrealistic and not ART! That could be my little sister, that could be your little sister, that could be your little brother, you catch my drift. And the boy and the girl need a woopin, not just the female. OOOH WEEEEEEE!!! I am praying that we create a positive pattern for our youth in this country.


The Juice ReportER (a lil hennessy with pomegranate juice please so i can get over this video...UGH!)