Friday, June 26, 2009

A Social Addiction Tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
Above, watch "The Way You Make Me Feel" video. Man Michael Jackson was so cool!

I was so nervous looking out at the crowd. So many people filled the auditorium. I saw my friends, my teacher, oh okay there were mom and dad looking hopeful, smiling at me. I was gonna be okay. I looked down at my knees one last time and over to the left at my friend with me on stage. The music began and we “tap danced” to The Jackson 5’s “Torture”. I don’t know why I loved that song so much, surely my 2nd grade mind couldn't grasp the lyrical depth but when I signed up for the annual talent show I just knew it had to be a Jackson song that I danced to…me and my patent leather shoes. I wanted to be just like the stars in the music video. And back then you couldn’t have told me that they weren’t real taps on the ends of my shoes.

Like many of you, I grew up with Michael Jackson. I had the glove, I knew all the songs, I tried to moonwalk, I used to stare in wonder when a new video premiere featuring the seemingly ageless King of Pop would come on television. Who can forget, “Remember the Time” with Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan & Iman co-starring with Jackson when it premiered? I sat in anticipation until its 9 p.m. debut! The thought provoking and humble, “Man in the Mirror”, the dance classic, “Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough”, who could EVER dare to redo the creative madness of the top selling "Thriller" and so MANY more.

I’m not here to talk about his money, his allegations, or his faults, something every human can identify with. I think Mike spent enough time on this earth being judged, vilified and dehumanized (remember the infamous linking of the elephant man to our pop super star?). I want to celebrate his life, his humility and his extreme philanthropy on this earth. No doubt God blessed this man with a great spirit, an incredible voice and amazing dance flexibility that many of today’s greats willingly admit used MJ as their inspiration. May all his deeds that may come under scrutiny good or bad be accounted for and to God’s supreme judgment, not mans’. For never had a super star in American history destroyed barriers as Jackson did. He crossed color lines until in fact he was colorless. Not many out gave him in creating music to bring a torn world together, bringing awareness to the hungry and challenging people to look within themselves to help a hurting species. Not many were as gentle in greeting fans or spreading financial help to children who hoped for a meal. Never can anyone tell a story of how Jackson said an Ill word to them, was unkind, or lacked his always present grace. And what a graceful being he was. In a world where we are constantly told to be gritty & look out for self first, where many pressured celebrities become easily annoyed with fans & ungrateful for those that ultimately put money into their bank accounts, this man always had his hand reaching toward others to see how he could meet the need possibly even neglecting his own emotional suffering.

Years of Jackson being the butt of many jokes, gossip and speculation never stopped him from attempting to give love. I don’t know how his heart could stand it anymore. And maybe it couldn’t at the age of 50 so he was allowed his final day of rest on June 25th 2009. There are no mistakes, he had accomplished enough. Possibly he was tired and his heart had broken too many times beyond repair. I’m not sure but I do know that with rest comes peace. Finally! So today I encourage a celebration of his life, his legacy and the supreme genius of Michael Jackson’s iconic talent! I doubt there will be another woven of such fine cloth that could hypnotize even the most hardened of women and bring grown men to tears at his presence. Think about that…Wow!

I joyfully say, rest in peace Michael Jackson. I mourn only for his surviving young children and family & true friends that knew him the dearest and shall miss him the greatest. Peace and comfort I wish for them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the Plies show...starring Plies. 2009 Birthday Bash Rehash!

Plies putting a stamp on the city of Atlanta
Some women find him very sessi (that being said pray HARD to Jesus tonight there there are no lil new Plies in the making from Bday Bash wknd!
Do it!
Nikki Minaj and Gucci

View Birthday Bash video above

Birthday bash started out with a bang for some…literally. Gun shots fired outside of the Phillips Arena in pure large party fashion as people continued to pile in and pack the vast arena. Recession? "You’s a lie" because there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. So here goes, Birthday Bash 2009 who was there, the good, the bad and the say what?!!

Jerimih, Young Dro, Young LA, Shop Boys, Hurricane Chris, Sean Garrett, Plies, Fabulous, Young Jezzy, Mary J Blige, Trey Songz, Gorilla Zoe, Nikki Minaj, Pleasure P, O.J. Da Juice Man (name to doggon long!) Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Players Circle, Weezy and more.

Trey Songz, Gorilla Zoe, Plies took over the stage (and I’m not even a fan), Weezy showed, MJB got on stage

*O.J. the Juiceman’s set was way too long. I almost thought it was the O.J. show…
*Radio One said no media this year due to “legal reasons” and that only MTV could cover the event and get exclusives. I think I broke that rule just a teeny tiny but much more could have been done with the access I had last year.
*The show didn’t end until half past midnight.

Super Bad (added this because my pain is real):
I lost my new favorite ring. POOOO! :(

Say What a.k.a. Whachu Talking Bout Willis:
*So tell me why did Jeezy bring his surprise guest out, Mary J. Blige who we LOVE but didn’t have her sing a song, or even a hook? Who da who??!!

*Rioters, Picketers were outside the arena marching along not so merily with signs ranging from women’s rights all the way to Iran. Now large crowds are a great way to get attention and this would have been good for the “Rainbow People” (do gooders, Peta types, rioters) if it were any other place but birthday bash. I mean Birthday Bash? Did the Rainbows not do their research to know who would be there? There were more people holding up Plies and Rick Ross promotion signs for the ancy kids attending the concert to much care. There were some worthy causes being stood for in that hot sun so I sure hope the rioters efforts weren’t wasted any more than trying to teach a new born to do Halle Berry…I’m just sayin’…

Final Verdict:
Birthday Bash 2008 was much better. Better performances, better access for media and I miss T.I.

Watch the Video above for Birthday Bash EXCLUSIVE footage of Plies, Hurricane Chris, Sean Garrett & more…

Thanks to Dennis Byron (pictures & video capture) for his help and for capturing the “unlawful”. LOL!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

DJ Trauma birthday bash brings the drama

Men of Honor! Happy birthday love!
Vawn & Jazze staying fresh (Welcome to Dreamland on BET)Dennis Byon (Management) & Maff Test in the building
Don Cannon (That kat is funny...)
Friend & Ray Daniels (Rock City's Manager)
Drumma Boy (Welcome to Dreamland BET)Packed like sardines...smh but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (unless they were stabbed)

And not DJ Drama…well actually he was there too with his lady Summer Walker. But the kind of drama I’m talking about is the kind that sadly seems to erupt when you have too much testosterone in a packed place. The celebrity DJ of Hot 107.9 radio’s birthday ended with several men being involved in an altercation ending in 3 men being stabbed (via AJC). The first reports on the popular social network Twitter from some of the urban community were reports of gun shots and a shooting. The truth revealed the stabbing that took place right as Atlanta’s Luckie Lounge, the spot where the festivities were held, was shutting down for the night/day.

Well besides that I’m sure Trauma had a great time partying with his celebrity friends: Estelle, DJ Drama, Summer Walker, Drumma Boy, Vawn, Jazze Pha, Maff Test, Lil Duval, MLK, JD, Don Cannon, Ludacris (who kept a low profile…nothing new), Chaka and more. For me the party was just decent…nothing I hadn’t seen before in Atlanta, same ol. However lots of excited guests who wanted to be around celebrities (and pay $200 vip fees…WTH?!) showed out till there was no room to find your own face. It was hotter than Hades in that joint. Anyway happy birthday again to an obviously beloved DJ.

P.S. Late post due to internet down.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sex, Lies & Videotape

Greg Street, model Angela Buggs, DJ Judgemental, Dennis Byron (manegement)
Maff Test & DJ Judgemental

Well not really. No sex (Not directly. Hmm..not that i know of). No lies. (Not today anyway).

There is something overtly illicit and indulging about pool parties. The secret taste of forbidden seems to stir the air. There is something openly sensual about water, warm bodies, beer, swim caps & loose lips that sink ships. You don’t have to say this out loud. It’s just known. You know what I mean? Yea you do. So what happens when Greg Street, Dennis Byron, DJ Judgmental and sexy singles from the A town meet on a Saturday afternoon? Well that I’m not telling. These lips are not loose. No ships will sink…not on my watch.

I can share some jewels though. Come closer to your screen here...closer...closer. Okay. Here it goes. I love a good party. Yes i do. And while that's not a jewel to all that's a perfect preface for the bauble i'm divulging. And that's that you should have been there. It was what you would call, good times. New artist Maff Test had his listening session with photographs snapping and video rolling (so yes the video part is true), Dj Judgemental did his thing, Greg Street played the primo host, people ate, folks drank, a few cuties swam and the rest i'll keep to myself as i often do quite a many things. I'm not the kid who used to share her toys. In fact i never had them. Don't ask me about now...


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*photos provided by Dennis Byron

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maff Test, musically yours...

Maff Test

Maff Test...i wasn't so sure about him at first, that's the truth. There are so many rappers or would be's out here that it's a task for me to get excited about a new claimant. I met Maff last weekend at a Greg Street (V103 radio Atlanta) and Dennis Byron (Hip Hop Weekly contributor) hosted pool party/Maff Test album listening event at the Block Lofts in Atlanta. Things were swinging and the day was winding down with the sun in a race close behind. And in he walks. The young Illinois (raised close to my hometown = brownie points) bred rapper sauntered into the room followed by a few of what i would guess to be his entourage. He was clean from head to toe. All eyes and cameras were immediately on him. Talk about making an entrance. Yet with all the hooha that followed him walking into the room and making such the fuss...he had a certain controlled poise about him that can be respected by the young and desperates trying to still cling to youth in an unfriendly industry. I hate the word swag (ugh too overused!) but as i dig into my "sometimes" bag full of rejected vocabulary words i pull out "swag" for Maff Test, Young Harvey born Jason D. Frazier.

So a strong presence is nice but not good enough for me. So what challenged me? I heard the music. And it's not that i like every song that Maff is delivering, not everything is always a winner with even the best of artists. It's his sound. It's his story. Meaning that he is telling a story with a great sound. Weaving a tale while sounding off is something that i miss in hip hop so when such is encountered my attention is captured. Plus he's a bit of an enigma. Somebody wise must have told a young Maff not to "throw his pearls to swine". Maff abided not one to over share or give all of his inner secrets away he remains a bit of a mystery fueling the curious to find out more on this new up and coming rap superstar. So meet Maff Test, a young man with a remarkable inner strength who is steady working his craft to become musically yours.

Will Maff Test survive the ugly biz and make pretty? You decide. Check him out on Myspace and Twitter. Really listen. (Check out Maff Test music. Look out for the song "BE" on his page.)

Thanks to Dennis Byron for the party invite, a journalist, a photographer and truly one of the most eloquent men in hip hop. His wisdom is appreciated.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chopping it up in the studio with Rock WHEN is that album coming out again?

Rock City,Timothy & Theron Thomas at Artist Factory studio

...And if the brother rap, reggae, pop (yes they CAN do it all) duo had the a dollar for every time someone asked them that question...well they'd just have a lot of dollars. Not that they need them because trust my dudes have been in the game longer than your favorite popcorn candy rapper who stumbled onto the scene bringing mediocre music to the offended ears of the public. They've put in their time. So basically they are doing aight ya dig? Yet aight and even very aight is not enough for them. They are pushing for a monster success and courageously taking matters musically until their own hands despite the labels' (Interscope) hold on the album release. How? MIXTAPES & heavy personal Internet marketing! Don't you just love Twitter?

Since i think these guys damn rock (you get it ROCK City?? Ehh?!!) it's my job to tell yall why you need to go to their myspace and download their mixtapes and join the PTFAO movement. Most who follow the talented brothers know what PTFAO means but for those that don't google it and you will understand how that acronym is becoming a phenomenon within itself.

You can listen here to the talk I had with Rock City sitting with them at the Artist Factory studio in Atlanta one evening. We chatted about music, celebrity friends, movies, family, love lives, cheating men in the industry (yes!), the virgin islands, and when the FREAKIN' album is coming out...ya know just casual talk. That's what i wanted, for them to say their piece so i let them flow. These boys are hilarious, very real and serious about their gift which is not only writing for famed artists like Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson but singing and rapping. They are musical creators in every sense of the word.

The attached video here is a little freestyle action i got Timothy & Theron to give me. I'm tellin you...Dem bowyz they serious dae mon! Wow...ummm yea so maybe like i shouldn't try to do that again...i'll stick to my good ol' English. Anyway enjoy, support, rock to will love them. If you don't you're probably just a bum and that's cool. We need all types in this world for balance.

Thanks to Rock City manager Ray Daniels (dude you remind me of Irv Gotti mane...for really though. But don't be mad...Irv is paid!) for the interview set up. Every time i see Ray he is serving up a smile and i love to see it. Thanks to Sabrina Montgomery of Dream Catchers Entertainment, also part of the Rock City team. You hooked me up on the singles i needed, one that i attached to the end of the video ("They the effin BEST!", a Drake remake but dare i say better...) here. I will put out 3 other singles from the Sneak Peak mix tape next week on this site just because i can. :)

These men (and lady) are champions. Rocky City has wisely surrounded themselves with a team full of great energy & I enjoyed chopping it up & just chillin'. Sincerely to true artists, much success...

p.s. "Right About Now..."

Rocky City Twitter:
Timothy Thomas-
Theron Thomas-

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Welcome to Dreamland. From Atlanta to the world with Vawn & Drumma Boy

Drumma & Vawn

Chopped it up at Justin's restaurant with Vawn & Drumma Boy (Jazze Pha was mia), creator and super producer team of welcome to Dreamland, a reality TV show competition to find a female winner with the best overall musical package. Welcome to Dreamland isn't a stranger to television. The show got it's successful start on Atlanta's own local, Peachtree TV. Due to the shows success it was picked up to be re-run on BET for national viewing. Loving the good news.

A better judging team couldn't have been put together for the show. Drumma Boy, the cool, hit winning producer who keeps turning out hit after hit for major artists battles his team against the equally award winning, world famous and energetic Jazze Pha. The two producers have two different styles as they put these girls to the test in a boot-camp like tough love fashion at times but they both have the same goal, make a star!

Catch the show Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. on BET. If you missed it last season or even a few is your chance. If you have already seen it, you can look for season two coming soon to BET. Either way, show support.

Watch the video attached above to find out more about the show as well as what Drumma Boy has been up to musically. He also has some GREAT guidance for the up and coming producers. He gave major love with this one, many thanks.

The audio is here for those who are solely listeners.

Thank you to Rahiem Shabazz for the info & camera work, World for the editing and Keisha McCotry of Prominence Marketing Group for the interview.