Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Osi Umenyiora's celbrity charity weekend (

The man of the hour, Osi Umenyoria (party held at the W Hotel downtown Atlanta)
Jason Allen and Takeo Spikes (far right) please don't ask me everyone elses' name. But I promise I am brushing up on my sports knowledge like a good lil girlie should!
Vernon Jones, Osi, and Charles Mathis (important men of Atlanta)

Pretty ladies dressed up for the Friday night soiree
Hannah Kang (Grand Hustle manager, far right) and her friends
Katena Keno (right) and friends
Osi's younger brother and Nicole Garner (PR Guru!) at 300 Atlanta
Striking for the cure and looking niiiiiiiiiice doing it
Jason Allen
Shane (Minnesota Vikings)

Taking time out from bowling to talk to To ESPN

Osi Umenyiora (New York Giants #72) took over the city of Atlanta last weekend in honor of his annual celebrity charity weekend for Strike 4 a Cure. Umenyiora started off the festivities on Thursday afternoon when he spoke to the youth at Carver High School about being hard workers, AIDS awareness and being protected. I hear he had the kids rapt attention.
The party portion started Friday evening which presented the exclusive black tie affair held at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta (who knew there was a W in downtown too?! Oh oh i see, all of yall i'm the only one who didn't know you say? oh aight...). The affair was welcoming with an open bar, an appearance by Atlanta's premier entertainment attorney, Charles Mathis, Dekalb County CEO, Vernon Jones (quite the social magnet for the ladies), Hannah Kang of Grand Hustle (who received her own award and honor), Takeo Spikes, Jason Allen, and Osi Umenyiora himself who gallantly mingled with his honored guests and NFL friends. Basically the crowd was scattered with different football players in a different type of uniform for the evening, a suit and tie. The evening ended with a night of dancing at Verve Lounge. I couldn't hang yall so I bounced. I'm not feeling the club vibe too much these days...besides I was at Studio 72 two weekends in a naw i'm good. But I know it was good times.
Saturday afternoon was incredibly fun as Osi and his friends took over the private suite at 300 Atlanta's bowling alley. The catered event almost felt like a tiny club with all the tight music videos booming on the big screens as men and women competed for bragging rights and more importantly were Striking for a Cure, to raise money for the charity. And you already know they went to the club again that night right? Yup this is Atlanta, duh. So off to Club Esso's on memorial drive they partied, finishing it all off on Sunday night at my favorite, The Velvet Room.

Osi's second annual Strike 4 a Cure event raised over $40,000 with the proceeds going to the charity's focus on HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer's research, outreach and education. Osi is a gentleman who is rather low key, doesn't crave too much attention outside of the field, and is no nonsense. Good look Osi, we are very proud of your work and dedication. To learn more please go to

Thanks to the Garner Circle PR for the invite, you did such a great job and I'm so proud of your success! And Daniel it was such a pleasure to finally meet you, your rock. Also to Katena Keno who had her infamous clipboard in hand at Saturday's bowling event because she was about business! I appreciate how she always takes good care of us media. So maybe we are not mere peons right? LOL!

I will post the video of some of the bowling night from Saturday with a brief word from Osi and the drive for his charity tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take a shower with Luda!

Ludacris is using his celebrity to change the world. His foundation is doing great, he has involved himself in aids research and now he's focused on conserving water for the environment.

From Sandra Rose:
Tommy Lee and Ludacris (uhmmm maybe they are best buds now since they've been in several pics together over the last week!) invited fellow minded environmentalists to explore water conservation in Las Vegas by staging a communal shower. As part of the new Planet Green series, BATTLEGROUND EARTH, Tommy Lee and Ludacris travel across the country to raise awareness about the essentials of being eco-friendly. They are trying to set the Guinness World Record for the ‘Worlds Largest Group Shower’ in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Tommy Lee, Ludacris and their “eco-rages”, invited hundreds to shower with a friend and save water. END

Okay so as for me and my This is not the business. I am not taking showers wit a chick or a random dude for some group orgy type of dirty deal. And I want to be able to get water contact on my skin too or else i won't be clean and we'll end up being in the shower longer which defeats the purpose. BUT i can agree to shorter showers AND think that Luda is doing a great job at using his talents for the betterment of the planet and mankind.

p.s. doesn't tommy lee look like a geeked up lil kid in this pic (he's probably flippin' out about his shower wit a bunch of random chicks...dang tommy chill out son). LOL!
p.p.s. and who all thinks that these people in this picture actually care more about taking a shower with a celeb (luda and tommy) then the damn planet? i'm just sayin' shawt...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Marijuana baby epidemic

So i flip back from V-103 and 102.5 in the mornings. I don't care for the music I just want to hear the talk. The two stations are a mixture of laughter, politics, and serious issues/conversations (Gotta love that Strawberry Letter Steve Harvey!). Anyway a couple of days this week Frank Ski and Wanda (V-103) hit on the issue of youth verses marijuana smoking. I knew it was a widely accepted issue but honestly i didn't know it was such a detrimental thing never being a pot smoker myself. A mother called into the show hysterical because her twin sons were suffering from this big brown weed that was taking over the minds of her children. Now i know that rollin' a blunt may not harm everyone however i think this report is worth taking a look at. Also they played a Lil Wayne song from his new album, The Carter III about drug uses ups and then the "after the high" decline so low that you feel like, "Dying". Hmmmm. Pretty chilling. Any thoughts?

Depressed Teens Using Marijuana, Other Drugs to Relieve Symptoms:

Although marijuana use among teens has dropped by 25 percent since 2001, more teens use marijuana than all other illicit drugs combined. The new report, "Teen Marijuana Use Worsens Depression: An Analysis of Recent Data Shows 'Self-Medicating' Could Actually Make Things Worse," shows the following:

*Teens who smoke marijuana at least once a month are three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than non-users;
*Using marijuana can cause depression and other mental illnesses;
*The percentage of depressed teens is equal to the percentage of depressed adults, but depressed teens are more likely than depressed adults to use marijuana and other illicit drugs;
*Teen girls who use marijuana daily are more likely to develop depression than girls who do not use marijuana;
*Depressed teens are also more likely than non-depressed teens to engage in other risky behaviors such as daily cigarette use and heavy alcohol use.
(Read More...)

I am glad it's being talked about in the news and popular radio. Now go talk to your kids, and siblings please.

Diddy lied...what's new?

Yeah Diddy and Cassie were spotted cuddling in NY days ago. But didn't the whole world already know he had a thing for this girl when he first got her to join Bad Boy then Sean Jean from a myspace meeting? Cassie gave hope that any random person could land a dream contract from myspace fame but in reality Diddy just wanted to tap that. Your girl is very cute but she can't sing.

The truth is no one really knows what's going on with him, Cassie or Kim Porter when the camera's aint on. And it aint really none of our business but since we oh so like to know I gotta share this pics. Aight...movin' on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jill, Mary, and Alicia cover the June issue of Essence Magazine

covers from

Don't they look super?! Especially Jill. She is so beautiful.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama wins the Democratic Nomination (WOOHOOO!) but do you think he'll win President of the United States?

Barack Obama on Time Magazine

Finally my friends half of the race is over. Hill, even with her dirty tactics wasn't able to win America over. So yes nice guys don't finish last and good prevails over evil. While i'm super joyed that Obama won the Democratic Nomination (WOOHOOO!) I want to ask the world, do you think he'll win the ultimate title, President of the United States? It's all in the hands of the voters and ultimately the hand of God.

For now we celebrate! I KNEW he could do it!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teen girl jumps in an old lady's face on Marta, Oh hell nawl!

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This lil teen freaked out on an old lady like this on Marta!? Hell to the nawl. This is NOT the business. I think the girl is on drugs and has been beat in the head too many times. Sadly it probably isn't even her fault.

Happy Thursday evening yall (in somber voice).

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Q Parker's album listening party

Q and Sharlinda (this photo from

112 Familia
Sharlinda (Q's lovely wife) and Rashan Ali (Hot 107.9)
Hi Katena! (on right end)
I met Derek Wright and his partner from Da Buz DVD last night. Real cool. Check them out at:

Q Parker (112) who had dance auditions to secure 4 female background dancers just last week, had an album listening party at Seasons Bistro on Northlake Pkwy in Tucker last night. His 112 comrades, Rashan Ali (Hot 107.9, great girl), April Love (Love Consulting), his wife Sharlinda (she seems sooo cool), and a host of many others came to show love. The event was catered and the place was packed. The audience had a great opportunity to listen to the songs and give feedback back to what 12 or 13 songs would be chosen for the album.

The only critique i have is that the production on a few of the songs was too similar. It's not that the beats weren't good, it's just that beat variety was lacking. But the wonderful treat is that Q can siiiing. He's gifted with a buttery voice, sex appeal, and charisma. And he was right when he told me last week that the album, "Real Talk" is about real life issues, mostly in relationships. It's the sad, the bad, and the good. He had my mind going as i sat there and listened to all the tracks. It's also evident that he loves his wife (who was dressed in a cute spring dress), that as I mentioned earlier was on board to cheer her man on. He made sure he thanked her at the end of the night.

Here are some of my favorites songs of the evening:
"Contagious" (no it's not about catching pink eye or the chicken pox, it's a banging dance song about a girl)
"Messed up" (oooh boy you done did it now. now you gotta beg for me back!)
"The Call" (pick up the phone damnit! don't make me do like Diddy..."last night...i couldn't even get an answer....")
"Crazy Crazy" (i think his wife has him feeling crazy but a good crazy)
Those could all easily be singles and I hope they are on the album. There were about 3 others that I really liked as well.

Look for "Real Talk" to drop Fall of '08. I am looking forward to bringing R&B back to life in my favorite season of the year. I always call Fall the "boyfriend season" (even though i hate the word boyfriend, it just sounds dumb after 25 years old). I enjoy my rap but it's pretty much taken over so I'm hoping there will be more of a balance in the urban music industry this year. I know there are doubters, but I'm a believer. Since you get what you give, Q is more than worth the money.

Check out the song, "Never let you go" from the album, "Real Talk". This is one of the other 3 that i really liked. If you receive this post via feed or email please log onto to view. Thank you.

Thank you to Katina Keno (also in a cute spring dress) for the invite. I think I need to wear dresses more often yall. The problem is I don't like them.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, "We's married now!". GULP!

OMG. Okay, I totally doubted this one. Guess they shooooooooowed me. HUMPH.

They are really married. So who am i to judge and tell what is real or how I feel their relationship should go. If this is legit, at least they did it right. Whatever...i guess (speaking in soft broken sentences from shock).

Quotes from friends, industry friends, family, and the actual lovebirds themselves:
"She is very happy," he (friend of Carey- Vogue editor, Andre Leon Talley) told PEOPLE at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in New York on Monday.

"I've spoken with her and she is superb. She is over the moon." In his latest communication from the singer, he said she sounds like a woman in love. "I received an email from her [Monday] and she is so happy. She really sounds like someone on her honeymoon."

Talley also had words of praise for the songbird's new husband. "I love Nick Cannon for Mariah," he said. "For Mariah, this is poetry."

Music mogul Russell Simmons said he didn't know about the nuptials ahead of time, but sees why the pairing works. "Whatever makes them happy," he said Friday. "They have a lot in common and should have a lot of fun together."

"It's crazy right! We're definitely happy. Well wishes!" Cannon's brother, Gabriel, tells PEOPLE. "I'm trying to be like him and I love him
very much."

"He called us and told us all about it. We are happy for him. If that is what he wants, then we are happy for him," Linda Cannon, identified simply as a family member, was quoted telling E.

And even though CNN calls this marriage a scam, publicity stunt, this is what the new couple (omg...) have to say about it themselves:
"We really do feel we are soulmates," Carey tells PEOPLE, following their sunset ceremony at the pop star's Bahamian estate. "I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.

" Cannon adds: "She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside."
source: People magazine & E Entertainment

So they met 6 weeks ago (for the first real time, which she could have planned if she wanted to get to know him) when he was the lead in her music video. Soon after she was seen sporting a huge engagement rock (more details on that below), then the rumors started to really fly and create a buzz, the couple kept quiet and then BAM on April 30th at Carey's Bahama home, they made it official. wow.

I've never been a gwaker at other ladies rings (if it aint mine who cares!) but i know most of you women out there care about that stuff so here it is:
The release described it as "crafted from platinum and features a square emerald cut fancy light pink diamond as the center stone surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half moon diamonds on each side.
"The total carat weight of the ring — center stone is 10 carats — is a jaw-dropping 17 carats with a value of $2.5 million." (Jacob & Co.)

The world is saying publicity stunt but does Mariah really have to fight for that? She's known as the great come-back artist and does have talent so maybe not. And Nick is a bit impulsive for the love of a beautiful woman (look at all his hot and heavy romance with his starlet exes) but this could be it for him. He's 27, so he's not a baby. Marriage is too serious to joke about and the 38 year old Mariah has already been down that road before. You don't see her linked up with any ol guy romantically. I think she chooses wisely. A Leo (Nick) and an Aries (Mariah)....Hmmm, who knows. I've been hoodwinked before but Good luck!

Bye Bye video with Mariah and Nick below:

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Proton Therapy, better radiation for cancer patients??

Proton therapy machine

I've got a good one for ya.

For those who don't know, Emory's Winship Cancer Institute is going to be joining the ranks of the medical center elitist in terms of cancer therapy. There are talks that the center will begin to chart unto the usage path of, Proton Therapy. This is a type of radiation, relatively undiscovered, that can attack cancerous tumors with high radiation doses while limiting damage to surrounding healthy tissues and bring calm to many side effects!

This large Proton Therapy machine (looks rather like an open space bubble with a narrow bed, reminding of an MRI type of machine) is currently used at the U of Florida. The beam used can be adjusted to the shape of the patient's tumor.

I hope for natural healing in many diseases however this could be a good look as long as it doesn't cause later ills and body damage. Awesome technology!

Take care of yourself friends.

Learn more about this by reading! Information from the Atlanta Business Chronicle May 2-8.

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Chaka Kahn & Diana Ross hit the stage singing at the 'Divas With Heart' concert at Radio City Music Hall!

Classic Diana pose. Can't you just see her up there being dramatic, shaking that signature big hair of hers back? Ahhh priceless.
" I feel for you...i...i think i love you."! Big or small Chaka Kahn is still one of the greatest in my book! Woo hoooo! Chaka, chaka, chakaaaa!!!

Chaka Kahn & Diana Ross hit the stage this past Sunday singing at the 'Divas With Heart' concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York! "I run new york!". Well not really but whenever the state is mentioned these days I think about 50's hit that serves as my main ring tone. Fiddy did IT with that one boooooooy. Dang i love that song!

Anyway our beautiful black divaaaaaaaaas look fabulous and probably sounded incredible. Oww owww (for those who don't know that's my party mode or very excited battle cry)! Ageing gracefully is a beautiful thing folks. Eyup. :)
The Juice ReportER (on that feel good juice thinking about this concert. yeah thinking...since i didn't get to actually go.)

World premiere red carpet of, "What Happens in Vegas." (movie)

Diaz and Kutcher hamming it up. Ashton...i still heart thee.
The main cast of, "What Happens in Vegas".
Whose team are you on? Uhhhm team Ashton for me thank you very much. One day he'll acknowledge this very special love.

The dear, sweet, possibly hungry, slightly unstable, Bai Ling "Ling"

Red carpet pictures of, 'What Happens In Vegas' - World Premiere at Mann Village Theater a few days ago. Hmmm, seems like a funny movie. Other celebs that came in attendance and support were: Eva Longoria-Parker, Brooke Burns, Dennis Farina, and the nutty Bai Ling wearing some, witches brew, spiderella, medieval maven's no-no, i need attention contraption. I had to put her picture up here too, cuz her choice of clothing puts her on Miesha's "The World's Worst Whacked Out Dressed" list. She weirds me out a little. I really wish she'd be in a new super movie to occupy her time with. I think i'll start a world wide rally called, "Put Bai Ling to good use...please!" Emphasis on the, "Please". But, real talk, Ling knows what's she's doing (hehee...i just said, "Ling".). Sometimes bad attention is better than no attention to some. Oh shame of shames. :(

It was great to see Diaz out and about after last months sad death of her father. She missed a previous marketing event for the movie that Ashton Kutcher (other star of the film) appeared at alone because of Diaz' mental break-down when her father passed. Diaz was very close to her daddy and of course took his departure terribly hard. She was joined by exes, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer (reportedly dating Jennifer Anniston, they have been cuddling often together in Hollywood where Anniston is filming a new movie...hmmm maybe she could recruit Bai Ling as a co-star...) at her pops funeral. That shows that her past boy toys really care about her and that they were not just lovers, but real friends. Awesome.

Okay here comes a message about love and with my own failures, i've had some victories and i can speak on this. so hear me out!:
All ended relationships don't have to end on bad terms. It depends on the circumstances of the break-up, how it was handled, honesty, chillin' on the over emotional theatrics, and the friendship. So look he left you, saying he needed new excitement, after you stood by his side when he was dead broke and grouchy for 5 years (which personally is rather long to be a girlfriend anyway...okay okay that part is my opinion, to each his/her own baby) but that doesn't mean you need to slash his tires honey! Yeah she was steppin' around behind your back with your step brother who is a dead ringer for Omarion but you don't have to go all Jerry Springer on her or put bleach in her coffee! No. Well sometimes a little (harmless though people) release is good BUT Killing, yes that part is bad. Overall have class, even if they suck, talk about your feelings, and try to move forward, glad to be free. Hard times don't last forever darling.

Yes, a break-up hurts and can break you down, however don't let it steal your flame for too long. If someone is not for you (thinks they don't want you, doesn't respect you, leaves you out to dry, is a chronic cheater, etc.) then hell, let them goooooooooo. Uh bye. Please! Ugggh! Don't you want the right one, not the one keeping the spot warm or wasting YOUR time? Holding onto the wrong one, can cause much misery later and jack up that self-esteem. It's better to cry now and get it out of your system then to be crying in your old age cuz JR. is still doing you dirt! Hello! Let it be. Don't worry, God remembers you and HE is LOVE! True love is worth the wait. You don't have to beg or be lonely newly single either. Fill your life with fun activities, great friends, and helping others. I didn't always see this, these are things I've learned over the years through experience and God, but I see it now and am blessed by it.

If you are not right inside yourself to be a good mate then it aint gonna be good times in a relationship anyway. Are you selfish, mean, a liar, sneaky, spoiled to the point of being unbearable, just plain ol foul, talk your mate down, then oooh uhhn uhhn boo boo, naw. Hey, I myself was a jerk to men in the past. Change is good and you can do it! So, work on you, Live your Life Like it's GOLDEN (Jill Scott) and see what happens later. When a great person (human preferably, aliens or imaginary partners are not real people therefor don't count) comes along and you are ready to give your time away to that someone else again remember that love is not perfect by any means and that he or she that will not be either. Still expect to be treated well and have honesty in that union. A little fun also goes a long way. Value yourself, and in turn value that person right back!!! You often get what you give, and what you allow yourself to be mastered by (in thought or deed) will become your reality. Good or bad. Okay that's my love lesson for the day dears.


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A pretty Julia Roberts

Julia doing the "Hollywood Wave". Looooooooove the jacket!

I just thought these pictures looked pretty, yet simply glam. This is the once America's sweetheart actress, Julia Roberts at the 'The Country Girl' Opening Night On Broadway Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, last week. The 40 plus year old mom looks superb.
photos from Starpulse

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Vanessa Williams will graduate from college this weekend!

Vanessa looks glowing, but her lil friend there needs some Crest Whitening Strips.

Vanessa Williams, beauty queen, actress, singer, mother, and skin care endorser can add another item to her already busy resume, college graduate! Coming this weekend I hear that she will be receiving her bachelor of fine arts degree from Syracuse University, after almost 25 years since she left the school.

The 45 year old can add this accomplishments to many other high honors she's received such as a Tony Award, two NAACP Image Awards, the George Arents Pioneer Medal in 1996(the university's most prestigious alumni award), and nine Grammy nominations.

The LA lady has been more recently seen around town with her NBA ex-baller, ex-husband, Rick Fox (yo he messed that one up for real dude) while attending to their children. Fox did a nice job in Tyler Perry's, "Meet the Browns". While it wasn't much like the play to me (except the funeral scene...very silly) it was a funny, and touching movie. If you haven't seen it, please do. I have to say I was most impressed with Lance Gross' (House of Payne actor) performance. He played Angela Bassets' high school aged son who at the ending of the movie got an NBA contract. The scene where he comes in from the streets after being gone all night to find his mother (Angela's character) angry and worried about the life style he was gonna choose, took my breath away. He did very well. And he's very nice to look at. Eheeheee. Go Eva (dates Lance)!

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Britney Spears is an Alicia Keys fan

Photo by: INF; Peter Kramer/AP

Alicia Key's Monday night concert was attended by none other than the most attention getting naturally blond girl of the century, Britney Spears. The pop singer, turned mom and tabloid maven, avoiding paparazzi, arrived with her mom (Lynn), her assistant, and two bodyguards in tow. She missed Ne-Yo's act but was just in time to watch Alicia run the show. She appeared to have fun and looked well, according to People Magazine. I wonder if Alicia knew she was coming through. Probably not. Oh well, just thinking.

Today (right at this time actually) she has a progress review hearing in a Los Angeles family court with her ex leach errh husband, Kevin Federlame...uhmm i mean Federlie...i mean Feder-he crossed no no...Federline. Okay...sorry don't know what's wrong with me today.

Always praying for Britney and kids...

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Kanye West chills in Atlanta over the weekend. Was his ATL concert better than Jay's??

Kanye's highly anticipated "Glow in the Dark" concert tour featuring Pharell, Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna finally hit the A this past weekend. My friend and ace, Shem went and said that the concert was bananas! Even better than Jay's (with Mary J) recent concert that hit our great city and i'm like dayum! Yet not shocked. I know that Kanye has major talent. See Ye is the performer while Jay is the more mature seasoned vet with the better business sense. Once Ye cools down on all of his emotion he may be playing in the same league that Jay does. But Ye's got that talent, that crazy genius way about him that creates insane lyrics, awesome press (even though he is banning the press at this point, i get cuz they DO twist folks words) and a style frenzy (Jay can dress but Kanye dressesssssssssssss). Not that the two rappers can be compared on every level, but if to be compared on an intelligent writing, and stage performance level, I'd choose Ye. Not that Jay can't write (he's hot) or ain't got a great presence. It's just that Ye sounds better on paper intellectually and Jay has been around for so long that he's kinda lazy on stage...and damn he can be. He's older so he aint gotta jump around the way Ye does (plus that aint Jay's style or energy), and will sell tickets without really trying. It's good to be Jay. Jay still beats Ye in the swagga department. That boy is tooooo cool for words. Kanye goes off too much to be cool. He's a hot head. He's real wit it, and honest but he's a hot head. Jay will just ignore you and treat you like you are a peasant. AND get away with it. Dag. Incredible Swagger.

Kanye ripped it. Rihanna sang well (so i heard but am not yet convinced), and Lupe fell (and got right back up...he did a Beyonce) on the stage while doing his thing. It's not funny (stifles giggles...) yall.

Rihanna and Chris Brown supposedly were chillin' all lovey dovey at The Verge Lounge (who knows...) and Kanye skipped his after party at Studio 72 (been and I didn't really dig it like i do the Velvet Room), and went to The Chill Spot at 300 Bowling Alley (had a few lanes reserved. I dig the more intimate party instead of clubbin' it alllllllll night long. Love Kanye.) with Quincy Jones, Chaka (DTP) Polow, and Quincy Jones and then hung with Pharell and Jeezy at the Velvet Room. Kanye always does what he wants to do. But if he didn't...would he even be Kanye anymore??

My boy Gyant at SOHH has more. Click here for some pictures and even a little bit of video of Kanye at 300. He was on the scene!

The Juice ReportER (don't want none of that energy drink juice that Ye is drinking....)

Friday, May 2, 2008

TBoz & Blaque inspire the youth at Annie Hoffman's, "Life Lessons with the Stars"/Blaque tells us about their new album & reality show!

Blaque, TBoz (Tionne Watkins), and some pre-teen girls from the event
On Panel: Blaque, TBoz, and Annie Hoffman

Blaque (Brandy, Shamari, & Natina)
Nikky Jamz (HotLanta)
Having a conversation with Nikky Jamz (HotLanta)
Producer 88, and Marni (new artist)

Watching people teach children with a pure heart of love is such a serotonin builder for me. And I have always had a heart for getting a message across to young girls that they are beautiful, should be confident, and fight against certain drug, and sexual peer pressures that other kids, and media puts on them at such an early age. So when Akbar Cojoe (Producer, Manager) told me about Annie Hoffman's event featuring TBoz (TLC member, producer, clothing store owner of Chase in TX) & Blaque at the Marietta Boys and Girls club this past Tuesday I was more than delighted to attend.

I walked into a mid sized room in the Marietta center to the view of Natina Reed (she had a sinus cold but that didn't stop her from showing up for the kids) doing karate chops. I knew then it was going to be not only educational but a good time. Once the event started the room was packed! About 100+ young girls were in attendance and had a chance to ask questions in between hearing Tionne (TBoz), Natina, Shamari, and Brandy (Blaque) speak about their childhood battles, experiences, a few mistakes and growth. The ladies were full of grace, humor and very real with the kids. They made it very comfortable for the kids to talk to them and even get pictures and autographs later.

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I was surprised to see Nikky Jamz, a.k.a. HotLanta from Flava of Love 3 walk in the door to support the event. The girls of course went crazy when they saw her because she's on tv in real time. I'm not so sure how I feel about young girls watching Flava of Love but that's up to the parents. Anyhow I had a chance to speak with Nikky after the event and found her to be really cool and pleasant. While I don't watch the show every week, on the episodes that I did catch, I liked Nikky over everyone else. She seemed honest, and like she wanted to find love. I know that she was hated on by the competition in the house and that hate eventually drove her out, but I'm glad. Ending up with Flava Flav is NOT the business. Being with an old man who gets freaky with a house full of wanna be famous girls (there are a couple that are real though) just to maybe find one, is not the kind of guy you wanna build a future with. No no boo boo. Although I really don't think Flav means any harm, and deep down really has a caring heart, it's just the principal. But he is funny and makes for very interesting tv! Hello!

On the show I was glad that Nikky felt so strongly about having a man in her life that would defend her honor. Reality show or not, that's very important so I could feel her on that. Talking to Nikky I found out that she has a modeling company out, and a clothing line. You can hear more in the above video and log onto: to see what else she has going on. She's on the move!! A way to let go of some old business and pick up the new girl!

Much success to Blaque's new album and show (produced by Akbar Cojoe and TBoz)! I'm so excited about these ladies coming out with their new album. Natina promises me that it will be the best one yet. FYI- Brandy is soon getting married. And also Shamari (married to Ronnie Devoe) owns a day spa in Austell, Georgia that gives 1 hour full body massages for $39! Seriously. I'm going in a week, so excited! You can check her gig out too!:
Zen Massage Center
2860 East-West Connector Suite 105 (Beside Starbucks - East of Powder Springs Rd.)
Austell, GA

Thank you to Mrs.Annie Hoffman who gave me a call before the event to share with me a little more about her extensive reporting background and how she came to do these types of events. She's a role model, an inspiration and has a unique way of making the person she is talking to feel you may be kindred spirits. I appreciate the invite and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you to Akbar Cojoe for introducing me to Annie and for everything really!

Shout out to producer 88! This is the man for your hot beats. He is also working on Blaque's album.

Shout out to Marni (Chilli's sister) a new female singer (currently signed to Dallas Austin's label) on the rise managed by Akbar Cojoe. I Her single with drop late Spring/early Summer and I look forward to our interview.

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