Friday, August 31, 2007

Sean Kingston is going to be a movie STAR!

Sean Kingston, the chubby youngster that sings the catchy pop hit with an island flair, "Beautiful Girls" has agreed to play deceased legendary rapper, Biggie Smalls (Notorious BIG) in a Diddy (Puffy...whatever you wanna call him) produced film. I would think it's an honor to play such a respected and still talked about, even 10 years after death, Iconic figure in the rap and hip hop community. I hope it is not taken negatively since Kingston does have some extra weight on him. But if he didn't he would not be able to be a true consideration for the role. Biggie's (Christopher Wallace) mother Voletta Wallace had a role in casting the movie and wanted someone who was a fairly unknown star. We just may get to see if the kid can sing AND act.

Kingston has dealt with lots of struggles already in his young life, like his mother being thrown in jail so a dramatic and deep film that I bet this will be, should be something he can sink his teeth (no pun intended) into. But besides both men being dark skinned and weighty the two entertainers don't have much in common musically. Kingston who is new to the scene is a cleaner artist lyrically (and said he would not curse in his song) than Big Poppa was in his high profile career. No matter how cutting the lyrics were, Biggie had some of the greatest rap songs of all times that will never get old AND will go down in history!! Our kids kids kids will know of the supastar that was BIG. You cannot deny his passion and flair for the game. I am happy that a tribute like this is being made for him. This film really has to be done well to get justice. I'm sure if Diddy is behind the scenes (and in front) due to not only his pride but his beloved old friend, it will.

1. Do you think Sean Kingston can pull this role off? If not do you see a better fit out there? I had a friend tell me that Guerrilla would have been a better match as far as look, for the film role.

Britney Spears says, "Gimme More"

The world's youngest pop princess tabloid queen two time divorcee extradinair wants more...more of the music business that is. Britney's new song, "Gimmie More" is a fun, poppy, technoeee, white people's club JAM that WILL sell, watch. Now I don't think the kid can sing but she does have some good hits under her belt like, Slave for you, Boys, Toxic, and I even like Baby one more time and Lucky...yes i do. But she needed a new hit and britney is hotter than ever right now being the focus of everybody's attention so the song, good (it actually is good for Britney and much like what we are used to from her) or bad will be a hit. The media just can't seem to get enough of her but it looks like she's had enough of focusing on all of her problems so she's stepped into the studio and has not given up her music career. Despite everyone thinking she's crazy, I'm glad she can still try to be herself and do what she loves, music. I hope this song does well for her. She's got enough drama with the recent divorce and child custody battles so maybe this will give her something positive to focus on and put energy into. Kevin sucks and the world sucks for bashing her for every mistake she makes. Anyway listen to the song and tell everyone what you think. NOTE: When you get to the page where the song is you will have to scroll up just a little, the song is above the comments and below her picture.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amy Winehouse is retreating

It all started August 8th when the woman with an Olive Oil body and big lungs was hospitalized and treated for exhaustion. Since then rumors of beatings, trouble between her and her husband and drug and abuse type addictions have been encircling Amy Winehouse. It was her own parents along with her in-laws that pleaded for the couple to get help and get off the drugs. Recently the 23 year old singer has cancelled her entire tour, including her September 9th performance on MTV for the Music Video Awards. Being that a chosen spot to perform on the awards is a good sign, Amy must truly need this time of rest. Currently Amy and her husband are checked into a retreat in Essex. Her husband says that he and his wife are getting better and that's the main thing.
News source from AP Entertainment.

I like Winehouse's voice. I even like the little weird song. I hate the beehive hair (even tho it fits her 60's blue's persona and image) though but hey everybody's got their own style. She is a little odd but the odd ones (haven't you met my 2nd husband Andre 3000??) usually make the lyrical genius list. I hope she does eat while she's in REHAB...otherwise the best of luck to her, spouse and family. May she recover fully and still sing her soulful heart out.

Studio 72, JD's new club, Grand Opening!

Studio 72
3965 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker, GA

In the onset of several Atlanta clubs closing down due to money, safety, or condo construction,
JD's grand opening night (Wednesday) for Studio 72 was a huge success. The red carpet was graced by guests like: Nelly, Monica, Usher & his wife Tameka, Lyfe Jennings, Lil Jon, and Leelee (from Oxygen hit reality show, "The Bad Girls Club"...and yes i watched it too!). And of course Jermaine and Janet walked in together looking stylish and dapper.

JD was on Atlanta's V-103 yesterday saying that he wanted the club to have a 50/50 type feel like Jay-Z's club in New York. He said Atlanta does not have a club that caliber. His wish is for people to wake up on the weekends and dream about going to the club. The lobby is decked out with couches, there are flat screen TV's everywhere and they will have theme nights like Thursday Mardi Gras, Celebrity DJ's every week and even an dominatrix room! I definitely look forward to the parties. Now people who come from out of town to visit Atlanta and want a hot night spot to hit they have one in Studio 72. The best news is if it's your birthday call the club in advance and you and 20 of your friends get in for free with a complimentary bottle of Grey Goose or Patron. Hello! Looks like JD's won the city. Welcome to Atlanta.

"Making the Band 4- We OUT the Door!"

Watch the after the show celebration and interviews!

Ok i'm guilty of watching reality shows like, The Hills, North Harbor, and dammit i STILL miss Laguna Beach(maybe i just love MTV)! But one of my fave's has ALWAYS been episodes of Making the Band. I confess that I watched EVERY blanking episode and was rootin' for my fave 5 the whole time: Willie, Brian A, Big Mike, Robert and Carlos. Well I was happy when all my guys except for Carlos (he needed to go home and focus on his new baby anyway) made it on Monday evening! Willie, Brian, Big Mike, Robert, Qanell (not a fave but a sweet lil dude) made up the band AND Diddy let Donny have his own solo record deal. Which i believe was a strategical record label deal for Bad Boy Ent. Bad Boy currently does NOT headline a white boy artist so Donny will be a new beginning. He of course was also the fan favorite when fans had a chance to vote for who they wanted to make the band. This guy made #1. I don't know if I believe in him enough YET to be a true R&B or pop artist craze like Justin, Usher, or Omarion BUT the kid works hard and seems sincere. He's got this pure ol New Kids on the Block vibe going real strong. I expect him to break out into a 90's rendition of "Step By Step" as 4 other white kids from Boston join him on stage spinnin' around.

Now this is my concern. Making the band episodes have been happening for YEARS. And what sucks is that Diddy has fun finding the talent, getting the publicity and ratings from MTV, but spends little time to help promote and grow them as great & lasting artists: Making the Band with Choppa and Babs, Dream,(lil cute white girl group) Making the Band with Danity Kane, Cassie, etc. are not doing so hot right now. It could turn around but it is what it is. They get one hit and then it's done. The only talent that has done well recently is Yung Joc who basically is a hustler by nature so he gone get his. Plus Joc has such a vibrant personality that even though he seems to specialize in rap you may not take so seriously and pop your bubble gum to, you instantly like him and may buy his album. But everybody new artist is not skilled in "Hustlenomics" like Joc. My hope is that Diddy really uses this time to help these winners get a true career going. Right now it's not a good look and it's a reflection of Bad Boy. Maybe I should be his artisit development manager. He can stay at the A&R level.

1. Maybe you you think Diddy knows how to develop artists talents??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Money Hurts...Lil Wayne Faces Law Suit for Throwing Cash

The Carter (and his record label) is staring a $1 Million dollar lawsuit in the face this week due to throwing money out into the crowd at a Morgan State University concert in Maryland October last year. When the Louisiana rapper threw the wad of cash into the audience it caused a mini riot that caused him to be banned from performing at the school again. The fan, Tyrique Lane (her and two other women are supporting these claims)is claiming that when the incident occurred it left the mark of headaches, memory loss, fatigue and neck and back pain.

All I gotta say is DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Why shawty had to wait like 11 months to do it! But Weezy got the money to support a law suit with all the money he's making on all the music he's dropping. Think he'll think twice before he "makes it rain" on another female again?? Nah...

p.s. love those tats

Owen Wilson is "loved" and a "good guy" according to pals after suicide attempt

News source according to AP Entertainment

Wilson will not appear in the DreamWorks movie, already six weeks into production in Hawaii, Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter said, citing sources they didn't identify.
Owen Wilson, hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt, has dropped out of the upcoming ensemble comedy "Tropic Thunder," film industry trade papers reported Wednesday.

The decision was characterized as a mutual agreement between director Ben Stiller and the 38-year-old actor, who was taken to the hospital Sunday after police responded to the report of a suicide attempt at his Santa Monica home.

The Hollywood Reporter said Wilson had a minor part in the movie, which stars Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. and revolves around a group of actors who find themselves in the middle of a war.

Wilson's part was to be filmed in just a week, the trade paper said.

Messages left early Wednesday for a DreamWorks representative and Wilson publicist Ina Treciokas seeking comment weren't immediately returned.

Treciokas declined to answer questions Tuesday about whether Wilson attempted to commit suicide.

Many Hollywood insiders believe Wilson's setback will be short-lived and that he will continue to enjoy big-screen success.

"Most people are confused by this, but as a recovering addict myself it gives me hope that this is his bottom and he can turn it around. He really is a good guy," friend Tom Arnold told

"He's loved," Bernie Brillstein, a veteran Hollywood manager who worked with John Belushi and Chris Farley, said Tuesday.

Brillstein said the reported suicide attempt is "serious, but it's a singular case. Anyone can have a bad day, a very bad day."

Wilson's box-office track record — "Wedding Crashers" topped $200 million, "Cars" brought in almost $250 million — plus his on-screen image as an affable everyman who can charm the ladies while boozing with the boys has made him a favorite with both filmmakers and filmgoers.

Wilson's public perception is "very positive," industry analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Media By Numbers said Tuesday. "Owen Wilson has a really good reputation and people in general really feel bad for him right now."

Fox Searchlight had no comment Tuesday about "The Darjeeling Limited," which stars Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. The film is scheduled for release Sept. 29.

Wilson's next starring vehicle, Paramount's "Drillbit Taylor," is set for a March release, a studio spokeswoman said, declining further comment.

A spokesman for 20th Century Fox declined to discuss Wilson's scheduled appearance opposite Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming "Marley & Me."

"It's an inappropriate question to ask," he said. "All our thoughts and concerns are with his health and well-being. Owen asked his privacy be respected and we intend to honor that."

Wilson's emotional issues could have "a deep impact on his future employability and the ability to obtain insurance," said longtime publicist Michael Levine.

But Brillstein said the problem lies in media coverage and the public's taste for ever more sensational celebrity news.

"There is no boundary," he said. "This (kind of thing) has happened for years but the press was never so vigilant in reporting bad news."

Best wishes for Owen. When the story first broke I thought it was someone else who was in his home who attempted the suicide. He did release a statement asking for his privacy in dealing with these matters and that gave a tip off that something deeper was happening. But he seems like such a jovial comic so I hope he recovers quite fine. It could be with the dating and break-up of Kate and with all the movies and just being in Hollywood PERIOD had taken a toll on him. It's such a crazy life and a crazy town and hard to be real and taken seriously. Who knows life can be hard. Laughter can mask the pain for only a time. And if he should continue a movie career when he gets well I doubt that this situation will hurt him. Glad he got help and hope it continues.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A party fit for a lil KING!- Tip and Tiny's son King turns 3

My parents were not celebrities or dripping with cash (well to me they kinda were) so they didn't have the funds to throw an MTV Sweet 16 type romp bash shindig for me at age of 3, or 4, or 5, or 9, or 16, or...ok look you get the picture. But when you have loving parents who are not hurting for casholo then you get to have a birthday that I'm sure even this three year old will remember. Atlanta's rap sensation T.I. (Clifford Harris) and his significant other, who probably doubles as his best friend (that's a great thing), Tiny (Tameka Cottle) formerly of the popular girl R&B group, Xscape, held a "party like a rock star" type gig for their adorable three year old son King at their smokin' Atlanta home this past Sunday afternoon and evening. The party was held for several hours before the man with a fiery tongue and even hotter album sales left for his event show that he was head lining and late appearance at the Velvet Room in Atlanta that evening. I was wishing I wasn't too old to be adopted or at least a 3 year old again because these kids had so many options at the party. There was face painting, cotton candy, a pony (and other zoo animals I PROMISE), a performance by some youngsters, a space jumper and all out good times and laughs had by all. It was slightly reminiscent of a good ol family reunion. You know the kind with good eatin', a tipsy aunt or uncle scattered here and there, the young adults gossiping and the old heads looking after everyone else. You did not have to be a kid to enjoy the celebration and felt like welcome kin in their home. The party started outside with the DJ mixing not only Tip's joints along with other hot music while the kids ran around in glee UNTIL it started to pour down thunderous rain. But do not be dismayed because that just meant the party continued inside (which I was thankful for due to the EXTREME sweltering heat) where all were invited to continue the fun fest. Their home is something out of a handmade museum, very grown and sexy with touches of fun. But all very touchable because I never saw a sideways look because people were chillin' on the custom white leather couches. One of the coolest thing about the party was the amature boxing ring set up outside that a few young men sparred in before a jeering Jerry Springer like crowd (with gloves and no one was hurt) for a few minutes, drinks for kids and BIG BIG kids, and again...did i mention there was food. And honey let me tell you the food was GOOOOWD! I just have to give this sista and her crew props. Please visit her website and book her for your event. Ashley's as sweet and professional (this party featured soul food but the Atlanta based company can do other foods and can do parties in other cities) as she can be and jammed on the ribs, chicken, potato salad, greens, mac n cheese, yams, etc. yes the list goes on...bad for the waistline but good for the spirit. This talented culinary woman and her incredible catering company was featured on VH1 for her succulent money making services that you can put in your mouth (won't stay in your hands) and is known as one of the celeb chefs to the stars like Ne-Yo, Usher and more! Food worth every penny. Again or email at

1. What is your best bday party memory?? Mine is when I turned 10, my parents even had that one on video. It was the bestest ever...even better than yours I bet...!

Mike Vick has found Jesus (NOT pronounced HEYSUES!)

Look at that picture! It's like Magic! Dang I know fans are sure gonna miss that! Anyway here's the skinny of the juice. First of all straight from the mouth of Falcon's owner Arthur Blank, Vick gets to keep his job in the Atlanta Falcons once he's done serving his time! Great news for vick, the team and fans. The big event today is that Mike Vick is completely admitting to all things wrong in the infamous or famous actually dog abuse/racketeering case. Earlier this morning at the Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA he released a statement and apology. So does he deserve the fan's forgiveness and trust again? After all he is prone to mistakes just like anybody else. Hmmmm...we'll this is quote for quote what he had to say: "For most of my life, I've been a football player, not a public speaker. So, I really don't know how to say what I really want to say. I understand it's not important as far as what you say, but how you say things. So, I take this opportunity just to speak from the heart. First I want to apologize for all the things that I've done and that I've allowed to happen. I want to personally apologize to Commissioner Goodell, Arthur Blank, Coach Bobby Petrino and my Atlanta Falcon teammates for our previous discussions we had. I was not honest and forthright with those previous discussions. I was ashamed and totally disappointed in myself, to say the least. I want to apologize to all the young kids out there for my immature acts. What I did was very immature so that means I need to grow up. I totally ask for forgiveness and understanding as I move forward to better Michael Vick the person, not the football player. I take full responsibility for my actions. Not for one second would I sit right her and point the finger and try to blame anybody else for my actions or what I've done. I'm totally responsible. Those things did not have to happen. I feel like we all make mistakes. Just I made a mistake in using bad judgment and making bad decisions and those things just can't happen. Dogfighting is a terrible thing and I didn't reject it. I'm upset with myself and through this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness and I just turned my life over to God. I think that's the right thing to do as of right now. Like I said, for this entire situation I never pointed the finger at anybody else. I accepted responsibility for my actions and what I did. And now I have to pay the consequences for it. But, in a sense, I think it'll help me out a lot as a person. I got a lot to think about in the next year or so. I offer my deepest apologies to everybody out there in the world who was affected by this whole situation. If I'm more disappointed in myself than anything it's because of all the young people, young kids that I let down, who look at Michael Vick as a role model. I have to go through this and put myself in this situation. I hope that every young kid in the world watching this interview right now who's been following the case would use me as an example to use better judgment and make better decisions. Once again, I offer my deepest apologies to everyone. I will redeem myself. I have to. I got a lot of down time, time to think about my actions and what I've done. And how to make Michael Vick a better person. Thank you." you still want to be like Mike?

Well that aside. It seems truly heartfelt as he stated in the beginning. Whether it is or not, he said what he said, did what he did and will have to pay some sort of price for it. But if you noticed he didn't clearly say that he personally used the dogs for fighting, but that he did not deny the dog fighting. Interesting. It seems he is admitting to being wrong for just knowing of it and not doing anything about it. I like the way that he is considering the kids who look up to him out there. I am sick and tired of hearing athletes and musicians in the media saying, "I am not a role model" because they don't want responsibility. I agree that it should not have to automatically be that way but sometimes it is what it is and kids DO look up to these larger than life celebrity personas instead of or along with their parents and siblings. Mom and Dad may not be able to run a play like Vick, Rap with lyrics as hot a Jay or appear in cool movies like Jessica Alba. That does not mean that these celebs in the spot life have to be squeaky clean but when they do stub their toe and make a big or unethical mistake it's best to take responsibility. It seems to be a price you pay being in the media and making big money unfortunatly. But taking ownership for bad actions and choices teaches people something. Integrity in life is key and people can forgive easier and rebuild trust when you just admit wrongs. Does it count to take responsibility and apologize when you are clearly caught and backed into a corner first? YES! I say this because I know people out there TODAY who even when caught with their hands in the cookie jar of pants down in front of the prostitute still say, "It's not my fault, it's all your fault or how my father raised me, or lack of father raising me!", or "It wasn't me...that was somebody else!" I respect his humility. It is not easy to hold your head down and admit that you are wrong. What me no no people you must be sadly misinformed! Ha! My prayers go out to Vick.

P.S. Tune into Kiss 104.1 an Atlanta radio news and music station tomorrow to hear Mike Vick speak to popular radio DJ Tom Joyner.

Russell Simmons it taking out the PHAT.

The Def Comedy Jam producer, clothing Mogul, meditating guru (when he's not cursing someone to shame) record exec, and etc. is stepping down from his CEO title at Phat Fashions. The clothing conglomerate has been sold to Kellwood (President Robert C. Skinner, JR) since January 2004 for a cool 140 million (according to All Hip Hop) but the business mega man stayed on as CEO helping with day to day operations and marketing until this point. Kellwood, who announced a new partnership with Longstreet Industries, also holds licensing to other clothing power houses the likes of Calvin Klein, XOXO, Nautica, Clairborne and more. Don't worry Kellwood knows what they are doing and Phat will continue to be Phat and collect a Phat check from the Phat money that comes out of consumer wallets and Gucci bag knock offs (which i actually don't knock baby!).
Russell quotes in a statement, "I have enjoyed my association with Kellwood over the last three years. We have accomplished much during this short period of time, and I leave the division and the brand in great hands. There are so many things I want to achieve, and this is the appropriate moment for me to move on to my next business venture."
Whatever new venture he's speaking of, because of Russell's amazing drive and business sense I feel it will be a large success! At this time Simmons will continue to run his trademark properties, the Russell Simmons-Argyleculture and Atman brands. I know RS is already busy with Diamond Empowerment Fund or D.E.F. group hosting the up and coming "Hampton's Go Green" fundraising event at the Hampton's mansion of club owners Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm. Russell Simmons always using his money for a GOODER AmericanA! "Thank you for coming, God bless you, goodnight."!!!

1. What is your most admired Russell Simmons creation or investment to date?

2. What do you think his new venture(s) may be?

3. It is for a great cause, but how much do you think the, "Hampton's Go Green" tickets cost per person??

Standing up for the Dogs- DMX's home raided and dogs taken into custody

Push play to view some old skool DMX video's and push the fast forward or next button to scroll through and choose which DMX video to watch.

Well as you may know the rapper known as DMX has been on tour overseas for the past couple of months. He left his Arizona home to the charge of an outside caretaker for his beloved 12 dogs. Since dogs and animal treatment seem to be a focus in the news due to the Mike Vick dog fighting media parade neighbors of the Rough Rider started complaining that they noticed apparent dog mistreatment from DMX, or Earl Simmons's Cave Creek property for the last couple of weeks according to Eurweb and All Hip Hop. Neighbors said that the dogs were left alone for 23 hours or more a day and only let off the leash once a day to eat and roam otherwise they had no access to food or water. I sure hope these are the same neighbors or folks that would call the cops if they noticed an intruder on your property! Hello! Anyway deputies from the Marcicopa County Sheriff's office went to raid the home after receiving the alarming tip off. They found the dogs (2 pit bulls and 10 masfitts) tied up on the property as possibly expected from the source BUT they also found a variety of "assault" firearms, several cars with untraceable license plates, and a half pound of suspected (suspected ONLY at this point) illegal narcotics. There is no telling who the "narcotics", cars and firearms belong to but the dogs who were reported thin and malnutritioned are admittedly belonging to Mr. Simmons. There has not been evidence that the dogs were used for fighting which is good news but because of the condition of the dogs they were seized. When searching the grounds authorities also dug up and found three dead dogs, one burned and the other two decomposing so it is unknown of their cause of death. Murray Richman, DMX's lawyer said that his client hadn't been home for two months and left the responsibility of the dogs to the caretaker so was "extremely disturbed" to learn the state of his animals. The lawyer also said that DMX loves the dogs and considers them like family. At this time no charges have been filed or arrests made. will keep you posted on the progression of the story as it unfolds.

I must say that I am a watcher and a fan of DMX. He is a fellow Sagittarius like myself (high five for the fire signs!) and although that gives us a small piece of common ground to stand it is not the powerful force that strangely strikes a chord of kinship to the self proclaimed dog. To me DMX represents the ethereal struggle of a common man. Not to say that all men go through this exactly. But the rapper (and many others) is a man in the flesh who battles with that flesh and openly talks about it(his music, his videos, his 2006 TV reality show on BET). His constant battles with The Lord, drugs, women, wild partying, etc. is no stranger to the media or even his fans. DMX is not hiding who he is. He is not fronting in front of the camera but instead he seems to be a sincere, "What you see is what you get" kind of man. However don't make a quick judgment because what you see today may be completely different than what you see tomorrow and that may confuse the shallow minded. What you see today is a man in jail or in the streets who is battling his drug addiction and women outside of his marriage to a faithful and patient wife. But what you see tomorrow is a man leading his family in a heart felt prayer, fighting for his relationship with God and religion, a man who adores his family and appreciates that committed wife. This is a man who is in torment between good and evil but I believe really wants to do the good in his heart. I can feel it...he REALLY wants to do good but that proverbial Beelzebub is standing defiantly on his shoulder. Even with his constant toggle between both vast worlds I think this man may be sincere in his life fight! DMX could be one of the world's greatest teachers and leaders once he gets his emotions in check and lines up his actions with the God he calls on during concerts or when alone in what may often be a bleak mind.

1. In the recent united states frenzy regarding animals (namely dogs) do you think that DMX would knowingly allow his animals to be mistreated? Does he truly LOVE those dogs?

1B. Is DMX a sincere man or just plain confused in the brain?

1BC. Is his wife REAL and down for sticking with him through the heat or crazy for putting herself through his torment?

2. Do you think PETA is going to be getting very involved in this more intense onset of coverage for animals and animal rights?

3. Do you eat meat? Wear fur? Treat animals like family? I just want to know!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Harlem Bar- Atlanta's Harlem (Lounge Review)

262 Edgewood Ave NE (Cross Street: Bell St. NE)

Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 588-0014

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" - Nights of nostalgia. Strong comfortable feelings take over, teasing memories sweep across the eyes, and a frat boy familiarity hugs your body when you step inside this soulful lounge/bar. Ouch that guy with the suit on just stepped on your toes, dang that girl with the purple mohwawk just bumped into your bruised left knee. It sure is tight in here! Tight double meaning because the place is so very small you can see into your neighbor's mouth and guess what they had for dinner...last week, BUT it's so cool and mellow that you don't mind that your toe, knee, and eyes hurt (from seeing every detail of the girl's esophagus 1 inch away from you). You quickly decide this is where I'm bringing all your friends. And the vibe is so impressively chill that you feel guilt if you keep it from your enemies!

"I feel so relaxed with you." - A live DJ is doing it to it on the weekends and lovely people become your new best friends at the table on top of you, eh i mean next to you. The decor is something straight out of a beatnik chick poetry reading from the "FREE LOVE" 60's or the "DYNOMITE" 70's. Chunky beads serve as curtain shields from the outside world where hopefuls stand to get into this outer world, old paisley like couches make an appearance, the bar is surrounded by sturdy stools, and the coolest, "I swear this used to be in my grandmother's living room" lamp sits perched proudly on a side table nestled between a window and the informal make shift DJ "quarters". But all the flaws are the unique appeal in this jumpin' yet unobtrusive night spot. It's not overdone, it's just right. You forget you're not at home...or are you?? Once you walk in you put on your rose colored glasses and all you see is sunshine in the dark shadowy cubical. Damn why does everybody in here look so good?! Now take off your glasses... and you see it's not a mirage.

Chill nights- Monday –Wednesday
Enjoy an African American Movie Classic like Foxy Brown, Shaft, or The Color Purple playing on the wall (a.k.a. big screen) while you feast on that soulful fried chicken meal with the irresistible mashed potatoes.

Nights that never end- Thursday-Sunday
When can I get a damn table? Who gives a **** you’ll wait an hour (it's busy so just come before 9pm dawg) to listen to the sounds of the magical spinnings of those underground and old skool, mixed with a hint of new, hip hop beats while you sip on a foxy momma. And you aint gotta be a foxy momma to feel the "be easy" vibe of the city of Harlem, right in the middle of downtown Atlanta…shawty. See you’re still in the A after all.

Hits- the kitchen is open until 2am plus the food is slammin’. Try the creamy shrimp & grits appetizer, the friend chicken meal with mashed potatoes (you MUST try the tatoes!), or the catfish fingers (and i'm not a fan of the bottom feeding fish but the succulent taste of these cats will put your taste buds in a frolicking frenzy!). And did I tell yall that there is no cover charge?! Yes I'll see you there.

Misses- you have to find parking on the bustling streets but don't be alarmed by the appearance, the city of OZ awaits you. The bar/restaurant is eny tiny insy winsy so arrive early, but it’s worth the friendly beautiful crowd.

1. Have you been to the Harlem Bar? What do you think?

2. Would you like to visit?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Communal Diaries of Lindsay Lohan

she graces VH1's gossip parables daily. She doesn't keep the world guessing what color panties she may not have on. She has a number of men famous and infamous she's comforted with her sexually free essence. She defended her waning figure & plastic breast rumors for seasons. She sat through her parents public divorce, and her father's humble disgraces. She threw out excuses of exhaustion from "working" and over-partying dilemmas. She sometimes smiles and understands the obsessive paparazzi when she is not feverishly running from them. And now notably the most difficult challenge to date for the young and restless woman is her admitted addiction to drugs (such as cocaine) and alcohol. She may be one of the most followed women of the world over to date. What must it be like to live your very human victories but more popular failings in the very rabid mouth of the tisk tisking public? To have your very existence be the most criticised and yet questionably envied of the penniless and explicitly rich alike....? What tremors must jar her brain. To soar in that fame and to loath that flawed fame simultaneously, both the crowd who ridicules her and the girl who lives it in denial. The force behind her intrigue is surely her demise and her defeat. She is a pop culture icon but not quite on legend status at the tender, "still trying to find myself" age of 21. The "i'm old enough to drink but not MATURE and secure enough to not give a damn" age of America's most soured sweetheart Lindsay Lohan. Born on July 2nd that makes her a Cancer and surely this disease in the form of THE MEDIA has entered not only her body (hence the recent honest addiction testimony) but her entire narrative. They treat her tarnished image as a dramatic misguided tragedy. Her saga has become an adult child's fable broadcast night by night to the ravishing babes of the world, megaphone, light, camera and U Tube in hand. Is this the witching hour of her life or simply a human making human mistakes? The public forum is a Communal Video Diary of Lindsay Lohan. A life she lives, writes, breathes but doesn't always choose to share. Still the pages (cameras) are forcibly kept open for the indulgent to over-indulge but never get their filling. Because the gossip feast is primarily of empty calories they will remain hungry. And Lindsay as well may remain mournfully famished for solitude to live and learn and with all the mistakes that one should be allotted under normal circumstances.

"It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," she said in a statement.

"Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed. I broke the law, and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case. No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have.

"I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so. I am taking these steps to improve my life. Luckily, I am not alone in my daily struggle and I know that people like me have succeeded. Maybe with time it will become easier. I hope so."

Confession from the tabloid generator herself on Thursday post her attorney's negotiated plea deal for her much captured DUI case. Her punishment? Spend 1 day in jail, serve 10 days of community service, complete a drug treatment program, placement in a 36 months probation, requirement to complete an 18-month alcohol education program, pay hundreds of dollars in fines, and complete a three-day county coroner program in which she'll visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers per AP News.

After her statement may she do her best with the support of loved ones to get some peace in dealing with her compulsions.

1. Are you sick of Ms. Lohan's heightened displays of destruction?
2. Do you feel some sadness or maybe relate to what she's going through?
3. Do you have a mixture of compassion and captivation when following her stories?
4. Or are you simply apathetic to the whole thing?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Karrine Steffans- An Opportunist or a Business Woman?

I read the book, in one day actually. I got it from the bookstore the week It dropped. I felt horrible for "Super Head" and all that she had put herself through trying to be accepted in the combined world of Hip-Hop and Hollywood. Her tale was the classic of Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll at it's lowest. But most importantly I saw the loss of dignity and self respect. "Confessions Of a Video Vixen"pissed alot of people off and she was ridiculed publicly. Alternatively I wasn't mad at those rappers or Moguls in the book that used her. I didn't look at those men whose lives were broadcasted in the tell all any differently because I already figured that 99% of the dudes in that world were living frivolously and vicariously. But I sure did hurt for her. A little piece of my heart went out to hers because of how impetuously she'd been treated and how she'd been used and discarded like an old messy tampon ...I cared and cared and cared until last month. That's when I tuned in and started hearing about Neo, Weezy, Missy Elliot, and Da Brat, etc. The riveting story of reckless abandom was continuing but it was instigated this time by the "victim" herself. "The Vixen Diaries" drops September this year and continues the story of Karrine and her mostly wild life in the throes of a world filled with unsatisfactory satisfactions. This same woman who was on Oprah boo-hooded, who cried out in interviews and to other young girls in her book warning them to stay away and not put hope in this life filled with broken promises and shattered dreams, the woman who said she was changed and would never allow herself to be in that life again, heralds her story again for all to hear and build an imagination on.
I, like a gullible child believed her sadness and pleas in her first book. I was defensive for her and thought that it was on the positive for her to come clean in 2005 and drop names to expose the not so innocent. So what that her celebrity came from tatle telling! If the men and the industry was further exposed, so be it. It is what it is. It's not like their careers would get hurt over it really. Now I rethink everything with the onset of this second novel that tells peoples' business. We get to peek into the private lives of the celebrities and what they do the dark. The darkness has had some light shed on it and those folks that dealt with Karrine post Confessions are getting a rude awakening now and even more come September when the world finds out who is a lesbian, who sucked her toes, and who cheated on their wives or is the best in bed.
Her first book did HELLA good and she become a psudo celebrity overnight. Now she's trying to make it a double. Can you be mad at that? Can you trust her words now? Certainly not her intentions. She made a reported 6 figures from the first publishing so she's got lots to gain. Does she look like a fool and if she does, does she care because obviously she's "Laughing Straight to the Bank".

1. So is she wrong for telling these folk Biz?
2. Is she a business woman or an opportunist?
3. Will you buy the new book, Diaries?

What do you think about all of that, etc.

The Maven/Miesha

Jay-Z at $34 million in 2006 alone is Hip Hop's number one Cash King!

He's got Budweiser, HP, and GM behind him. He's got Beyonce, the glamaZon top selling female pop performer. And he's got more money than Diddy at $28 Million and a close but no sausage (i made that one up) 50 Cent at $32 Million according to the popular Forbes Magazine list. Jay Z's 34 million for 2006 alone is more than many will even dream about in 10 lifetimes (i'm being ambitious when i say 10 here!). On the most recent Forbes 100 list, the top selling artist makes it in the top 10 with his debut at # 9 following the leads of Oprah, Tom Cruise, Madonna and Brad Pitt! I guess million plus selling albums, heading a record company and high paying endorsements have done very well for the long time artist/rapper.

I always give J respect for his business sense in running his label, growing as a lyricist and cutting down on the playa image, and keeping his nose clean and out of trouble for the most part. This man has SWAGGA. He's so cool yet so on fire. His coolness makes him hot. And if he NEVER does another song again...he'll remain respected and an Icon in the industry. He's not my favorite rapper (vote yours on the blog poll) but he's got my highest respect (right up there with Andre 3000, Common, Mos Def, Nas and Wyclef). I wonder if maybe we cuzins cuz i could use a lil extra green.

1. Is Jay-Z the best rapper now?

Feed me feedback...

Is Mike Vick, the highest paid NFL player, going to jail?!

Is one of the NFL's bad boys (but this is the first REAL proven trouble he's been in) jail/prison bound? It looks like a screaming YES as the story breaks that the highest paid NFL athlete faces jail time of 1 to 5, they are reporting most likely 1 1/2 years for his racketeering (starting off with dog fighting charges) felony conviction and also faces NFL suspension.

He decidedly lied to the commissioner originally and now has admitted that he is guilty of the charges brought against him. The Atlanta favorite goes into court again next Monday to plead before the judge. He will have to serve 87% of whatever sentence he's given, part in a jail setting and the other in a half way house setting according to ESPN NEWS. We will probably find out what type/length of sentence he gets by November. Apparently as of late the athlete didn't feel that he would be able to get off on this case by going to trial so he went for a hopefully lighter sentence by pleading and avoiding the likely conviction. It is said Per the plea and indictment that Vick is the one that founded and funded the Dog ring despite reports that Mike Vick loved animals and had horses, birds, etc. and would never hurt them by his confident defense team lead by attorney Danny Meachum (Billy Martin is also a lead attorney to the 5 team defense for MV) on Friday afternoon while speaking with Radio DJ Ryan Cameron on the popular Atlanta radio station v103. Meachum also said that there was no plea and that they were not rushing toward one as was expected last Friday. We see however how unpredictable such cases can be with this new and inevitable turn of events that has taken place. Vick may miss 2 to 3 seasons in cause of this case and he seems to stand alone from his partners in the league and certainly against a media who has been trying to find him guilty for different situations for years! I just don't think he realized how serious and damaging this case was to his freedom from jump OR he just simply thought that he could gut this one out with a win. Mike Vick says he's guilty and since that's the case, yes he's wrong for his actions and needs to let justice play out. Money can not always take away responsibility(look at the recent Paris Hilton drunk driving jail case). However I must also say this...I do feel that Vick has had a driving force of haters after him for years in order to throw dirt on his name. His endorsements dropped almost as soon as the case began and that seemed fair-weather and unfair since he had not pleaded or wasn't proven guilty at that time. Some are saying it is a black thing, others are saying it is a Vick thing. I'm still deciding on that part myself. I am very concerned for the Atlanta Falcons as a football team. The city does not have any large star following power in sports, and Vick was the rare exception. Fans will come out to see him play. Without Vick there may be no strong Falcons team or following and ticket sales will drop guaranteed! There had been on and off talk and speculation of the football star being traded in the coming years anyway so i suppose loosing him now is like an early piece of the future of the Falcons without Vick. The future of the team looks grim at this point. They didn't play so well last season WITH the amazing talents of the Q-back so sans better cross those hands up to the sky if you care about this team.

1. Will Mike Vick play again?
2. Did he get what he deserved by lying?
3. Did he plead guilty because he felt he had no other way out or because he really did found and fund the Dog ring?
4. Did Vick not take this serious enough from the start of the charges against him?
5. Do the Falcons have hope without Vick & would you still go to games?
6. Do you think they are picking on him or that it is race based?

Say it and spray it!

The Maven/Miesha

Monday, August 20, 2007

Paris Dropps her new clothing line in L.A.

Paris Hilton, reality t.v. dream, model, "actress", video maker (ehem!), jail bird and "musician", now adds designer to her extensive resume. Yes fashion designer. The media loving eldest of the Hilton darlings (Nikki is the younger, less camera available daughter/heiress to the mega Hilton empire) is following in her younger sister's footsteps (Nikki designs handbags)by going into the explosive world of fashion by partly launching her new line at Kitson, a known boutique in the Life of the Rich and Famous for celebrity fashion and fashionistas. Next month she will have some more pieces added to her collection. The new designer who has been in the process of creating her line for the last year describes her fashions as, "Fun, bright and flashy" and also says that the clothing is "really affordable". I wonder if that's "Hollywood" affordable, eg. plain white T by some high fashion designer = $120.00. AnyWayZ The name of Paris' line is after her own moniker, easy to remember. Her line is everyday wear like jeans, t-shirts(hopefully under $120.00), and shoes. I honestly feel that Paris could have finally found her niche with being a designer.

So I don't know how much she REALLY (not what she says she did but what she really did and IS doing)put into choosing and coming up as a creative director but this world of fashion seems to be much more in her LANE. Paris is not to sing, or act, Please (except for reality T.V. which i rather guiltyily enjoy)! She will do better being in front of the scenes with her launch and promotion but behind the scenes because she won't be ridiculed as much if she messes up a pair of jeans then if she's making horrible music. And truth be told people are going to buy her line just because it's her, she's rich, cute, has established her own personal fashion style for years and clothes are safer than a bad movie in the eyes of the critics. As it is she is already doing well because at the launch last week (Thursday 8/16/07) the police were called in to control the crowd. She looked lovely and very much at ease in her gold sequin mini dress.

Do you think Paris will succeed at this new venture or become a bigger (yet richer) joke for the media to poke at for jitters? Humor us & give your opinion!

The Maven/Miesha

Thursday, August 16, 2007

David Banner- "Stop attacking the Kids"

Very passionate man! Banner finally spoke out(well the man is brave and does not mince on words) about the subject and his displeasure to the leaders and how they handled things. He had some explosive things to say! The man feels that the rap and hip-hop community is being attacked by their own people (kinda how some of the women feel about the men or other entertainers who exploit or regard women in that negative light- HELLO! It's a two edged sword) and that by not talking to the rappers responsible for making vulgar comments, videos, etc. it does not solve the problem but makes it worse and makes them and other black people angry. He tells Oprah, Jesse J, and Al Sharpton, "Stop attacking the Kids!" I understand what he's saying and believe that there is hope for the black community to grow stronger by communicating with respect with one another. But I think that people are doing what they/the leaders know best (Oprah, Al, etc.) by going to other rappers or HIP HIP stars to talk or have a panel. They don't know the entire direction that they should go to get help. While this is not helping 100% it doesn't hurt 100% either. I think Banner missed some of the point and only is seeing the part that gets his emotion. I think he is being a bit sensitive about the issue because he feels a personal attack. I can understand that however. My opinion is that the Imus situation needed to happen. We have been fighting with this 800 pound gorilla for some time and maybe now we can bring some more resolution (even 20%!) to the situation.

Bottom line is maybe they (the leaders in the media) didn't know how to totally approach it before but now that they do, HOPEFULLY those influential leaders will go to Luda, Nelly, etc. and talk. Then it would be great if the Ludas, Nellys, etc. would respond back, without defense. It is not a perfect world so this may take some time. It has to not be all about their money all the time. These rappers may get rich but what is at stake for all their fame and fortune is our reputation as blacks. That concerns me. If certain rap is constantly putting blacks down then that is not loving our own. I desire a meeting of the minds. It is very important for our growth and survival as a people. Somehow they can have popular music and make money and our people can still be held in honor by our own people! White men don't seem to publicly trash white women the way some (i said SOME) black man do black women...and they do it without the blink of an eye...all for fame and for $$/swagger. And what about the women involved in the "degrading" madness?? Are they wrong for making their dollar/debut?? You know I used to get angry at them but then I realized what they do with their body is their choice and does not have to be a reflection on me. Maybe they were raised differently and it does not mean their self esteem is shot...or maybe it does! Who knows (can't speak for the entire world)!? I think it starts with the men BUT do these certain women still hold some of the blame/responsibility? Are they innocent, just as guilty or more guilty? I do think that the women do need to have some regard for the other younger women or little girls out there watching. Yes parents need to be rolemodels but kids are gonna follow what's hot in the media period. Like it or not they care more about Beyonce than mom and dad when it comes to being cool at that age. That does not excuse the men either like, 50, Luda, etc. they also have a job as would be leaders. You automatically become one when in the media, well or ill equipped. David Banner has my respect as an educated black entertainer and "activist". He fights for the youth, most times knows how to talk to get a message across (even as a hood), and has some dope songs. As for me I like rap, Hip Hop, (pop, R&B too) so it's become a catch 22. I enjoy some of the music even if it's not always clean or politically correct. But I feel more strongly about the outlook of the people and if that means our music, media and images have to be cleaned up some, let the games begin! So on that note...

1. How do you feel about this situation?
2. Who is the problem: The entertainers? The Leaders? The women who allow themselves to be compromised?

Leave a comment to let me and the others know what you think.

The Maven


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Downtown's Uptown- Comedy Club Review/Trippin' on Tuesdays

Ehehheeee...giggle, giggle snort!

I needed to laugh. I'm told by various people that I need to loosen up because I tend to be nunish in my demeanor at times....aight damn-it so I loosened up the belt (not only cause of the slight weight gain) and put on my best heels to step out on a Tuesday night. Grand Hustle Entertainment and Rubicon Entertainment presents Trippin' on Tuesdays hosted by LiL Duval (yes he's little but dude stands tall) on this unlikely night for clubin'. Unlikely so I thought...cuz the club was packed and everybody was lookin' good! Folks came out and filled the seats dressed up like it was the re-opening of Atlanta's Visions with special guest JayZ performing. Anyway besides the house being full with us commoners from floor to balcony, the lovely Magic City "dancers" sat in the front row and Atlanta's favorite rapper TI and his wifie (uh do people still say that??) Tiny looking really good together, came and chilled in VIP. They were both very friendly, cool and make it seem aight to have RIDICULOUS money but not ALWAYS have to floss and bling. Last night the famous couple was refreshingly very un-Hollywood. I don't know if that is what he goes for (probably mostly not if you listen to his music and all the things he has that only steep money can buy) but I'm all for rich normalcy. I like that.

During my hour plus time at the club (we- me and my entourage, lol- got there a little after 11 p.m.) I witnessed 5 commedians (not including LiL Duval), one a regular on BET's Comic View, another from my native of Chicago (yeaaaaaaaaaah!), yet another a Yung Joc looking reject, the fourth who got booed the hell off the stage and chumped off by a chic and the last (who actually spoke first) who was in love with his Corona. Besides the poor sap who got apolloed off the stage, all the dudes were pretty freakin' funny yo. I've seen good and bad
reviews about this club, but I'm all about self experience before I make an informed opinion. So I am going to give you some high lights and low lights:

1. Nice decor and color
2. LiL Duval is an excellent comedic host
3. You might see a celeb
4. Decent line up of comedians
5. Good prices for food and drinks
6. Lively crowd (lots of electricity in the auidience)

1. Could be a little more spacious
2. Hard to find parking (or paid parking so bring your wallet)
3. I didn't see it but there was a roach spotted by one of the guests, damn!
4. Late start (but that's normal for clubs/parties/hell for life)
5. Lively crowd (dang some folk would not stop loud talking during the show!)

Not just because of the numbers, but because I laughed so hard and truly had a chill time, I'd say the good outweighs the bad at Uptown Comedy Club. If you are looking for a hot spot to frequent early in the week (or on the weekend) go get a drink and some jokes at this club. It's worth being tired the next day at work for.

Uptown Comedy Club
800 Marietta St.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 881-0200
Fax: (404) 881-6170

The Maven

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Rushed Hour (and a half!)- New Movie Review

Rush Hour 3 starts off funny & ends corny. But is very likeable.

The movie takes place in France. The imagery is beautiful and made me want to make use of my two years of French language education and go there! I'm sure NOT ALL France is beautiful (just like any other country) but the film still did a great job of conveying a message of exciting interlude and lovely mystique. Chris Tucker is still hilarious, even though now it is evident that he is a true grown up. That manishness they he was not trying to convey but could not help but to be displayed on screen took a bit away from his vibrant boyish charm that we rely on and he is typecast in all of his characters. I had the slight feeling he'd lost some of his funny appeal with his age and slight weight gain but not enough to ever make those wide google eyes not allow an eruption of laughter from the pits of the belly! He's still over lustful, nuts, kinda dumb, slightly shallow & since he's on the big screen we decide he's a man that we love to love. Jackie Chan of course is adorable with his forgivable broken English & amazing trained fighting. Knowing that he did his own stunts made the movie more exciting to me. Some of the acting was dull or questionable such as the girl who played the daughter of the man under main attack (don't hate me, it's true). I mean look no doubt she did play the whole damsel in distress bit up to a perfect T but that was all she did. There was no meat to her weeping and wailing and it looked like...well acting. But alas maybe that is all they wanted from her in the movie. Her role was not to be developed or remembered too heavy for the good acting that didn't look like acting if you catch my drift. I also kept thinking that she was gonna get with Chan's character but no...and I think that's a good thing. It would have sorta ruined the movie by bringing it out of focus and taking it into another direction which is clear that the film makers or (Bret Ratner, the director) didn't want to do or have the time or budget to do so he kept it so he kept it simple with a few new twists but kinda the same exact playout and theme, yet with enough laughs, drama, and fighting mixture for fans to enjoy and recommend to others! No wheel was reinvented now was that the goal obviously. Rush Hour will sell because of its history. He knows that Rush Hour 3 will sell because of its history if nothing else.

To elaborate on the romance one hooked up with "the girl" in this one (well it was attempted by Tucker at first) so that was different, kinda disappointing, a little confusing & even rather phony but ahhh refreshing! I was mainly saddened by the movie being too short at an hour and a half! I felt the movie could have developed further and more realistically had they given it a few more scenes (not cut on the production floor) or let the story develop deeper so it was more real. It was typical, and they did what they could with an hour and some change which was better than good enough! Not heavy enough to be a solid dinner but more than your mid day snack.

I heard both good and bad about the movie before I saw it. So I both expected alot and at the same time didn't....I'm happy to say that overall I'm pleased. I give it a strong 7.5 on a 1-10 scale. I end by saying that Rush Hour 3 is a full of action flick worth the time and money!

Have you seen this movie yet? Respond to this post and tell me what you thought of the movie or what I had to say and check out what the other critics out there have to say.

The Maven