Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney Spears rushed to the hospital by ambulance

Britney and Adnan yesterday during lunch at Jerry's Deli in Studio City, CA

The 26 year old "Crazy" pop singer was rushed to UCLA Medical Center in the wee hours of this morning followed by a dozen police cars, motorcycles and helicoptors. She is now being placed on mental evaluation hold according to the LA Times. Her mom was seen during all this commotion and when asked if he daughter was doing fine, Lynne Spears replied simply, "Yeah.". Brit has been spotted wearing tattered clothes, hanging heavy with Adnan Ghalib who is legally still married but now getting a divorce, watched as she shopped for home pregnancy tests, was recently told on by her manager Sam Lufi to Barbara Walters (and the rest of television) that she sees a psychiatrist and has problems. Hmmmm. Alot going on.

When I said, "Crazy" above I wasn't reffering to her personality as much as I was to her song to make reference and slight connection. The word crazy works because that's what half the world thinks about Britney anyway. I myself think that she's not necessarily crazy but challenged due to some bad decesions made that lead to bad outcomes which now has bonded her for life because she has kids and all of this drama is being shown to everyone via the insensitive media. Add on top of that millions of opinions, insults, laughter, mockery, and judgements and you have the makings of "hot sh*t soup" served steaming fresh all day, every day. Damn. Not everyone can deal with things in a "stuff it" manner and they should not be faulted for that. The pressure of the world on your shoulders...ever felt that? Well magnify that x's 100 by imaginng all your "junk" is also being aired on television.

Eyeah...that would suck. Wouldn't that make many of us..."crazy."??

p.s. dude up there reminds you of curious george right?!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

D.Woods for March/April Issue of King Magazine

Go on D! Yall remember when she was Juanita when she first started on "Making the Band"? Haha! Well for this King Magazine cover i'm totally diggin' that she is fully dressed yet still sexy. She gets her own limited edition cover, the other cover is of her and the whole that's a good look for D. I've met D and she is a cool chick full of flava! She stands apart from the rest of the group to me. She's the kind of girl you would want to hang with and call a true friend. I'm gonna get to know her. But i am totally hating on her hair Anyway you know you can catch her and the other members of Danity Kane on this season of MTV's "Making the Band" where the girls and guys are battling and maybe lovin' a little in the house together (said in a French accent)!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Great Debaters, movie review

I've been meaning to express how much i enjoyed the film, "The Great Debaters" produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions. Although none of the actors received any Oscar nominations, the cast did an incredible job expressing what it must've been like to be a black debate team living in Texas in the 1930's, and evoking emotion into the audience. African Americans were free at that time but still openly disrespected. It's an incredible, thoughtful movie with some powerful and heartfelt scenes. I won't spoil it too much for you...just go watch it before it leaves the theaters!

Wonderful performances by: Jurnee Smollett who plays Ruth, and new-comers Nate Parker who plays Henry and Denzel Whitaker who plays James (Forest Whitaker's son). We already know that Denzel W. and Forest W. did a smash up job! Great casting for this one Hollywood!

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"The Moment of Truth"

April, a contestant on new Fox series, "Moment of Truth".

Fox Network unveils it's newest show, "The Moment of Truth" today! I'm a reality TV show queen (looking forward to the newest editions of "Making the Band" and the "Real World vrs Road Rules challenge") and this show with it's money making twist seems like it's gonna be a winner.

Is honesty really the best policy? Basically "Moment of Truth" takes a person and asks them 21 challenging, anything is game, questions and the person has to answer truthfully. The reason why that is such a twist is because the person is hooked up to lie detecting software. So your honesty is rewarded with money by way of $500,000, but at what cost??

Questions are like: "Do you really care about the starving children in Africa?", "If your spouse never would find out, would you cheat on them?", "Do you think your marriage will last another 5 years?", "Have you ever been involved in a criminal act?", "Have you ever stole from your job",...stuff like that, in front of an audience, millions of viewers at home, co-workers, but even worse your loved ones! So is telling the truth, things you may only think about, really work half a million dollars? What if you loose those closest to you by reveling your secret thoughts? Some say, "I can buy new people!". I say, naaaaaaaaah. It reminds me of a scripture in the Bible, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?", Mark 8:36. Is money worth possibly losing things that money can't buy. I'm a blunt person, but even to me some thoughts should remain private, especially if you don't act on them. We all think some crazy ill thing one time or another...just let it die in your mind and hope it stays away. Now I'm sure some may argue that one could get over being that overly honest later down the road, but to me, why even go through that headache??! Still as crazy as it may be, I will watch the show to see what brave suckers will go for it! Or maybe we are the suckers for not airing our dirty laundry and getting PAID because we decide to keep the peace! Again...naaaaaaaaaah!

Watch it tonight on FOX at 9 p.m. EST!

Actor, Heath Ledger passes at age 28

Actor, father, Heath Ledger, was found dead in his Manhattan loft Tuesday afternoon. His masseuse and housekeeper went into his bedroom and found the 28 year nude, old lying face down, with sleeping pills. It is believed to be a possible "accidental" overdose at this time.

The Aussie actor dated actress Naomi Watts for years before they cut ties. But more recently Ledger split from his wife, Michelle Williams where life imitated art as she played his wife and then divorced on his academy award nominated role as Jack in the much talked about, "Brokeback Mountain". He survives parents, a sister Kate, and a 2 year old daughter with Williams, Matilda. Both mother and daughter were in Sweden shooting for a film that Williams is in during the time of Ledger's death.

Heath was known as a "dark" actor. He shined in his roles from movie like: "10 Things I Hate About You", "Monster's Ball", "The Patriot", "Brokeback Mountain", "Candy" (i think about that one often) and some other independent films. His most recent film credits include: "The Dark Knight" and "I'm Not There". But my personal favorite out of them all is "Candy", a dark, desperate, dourly romantic boy meets girl, boy gets girl hooked on drugs and prostituting, boy and girl loose baby, girl goes crazy, girl gets clean, boy and girl sadly part ways tale. It was very deep, dark, depressing, yet the bonding love blinded by the drug use made me want to take care of the film characters. It was both hopeless and strong. Yeah "Candy" wasn't so sweet. But too much sugar rots the teeth anyhow.

Our prayers go out to Health Ledger's surviving loved ones. This kind of passing is always so harsh and unexpected.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SAW 4, movie/DVD review

Saw 4 "other" movie review/trailer...this is a pretty good one from Mr.Blacks Movie Reviews. Note: if you subscribe to this blog via email or feed you may not be able to see this video. Please log onto to view. Thank you!

Saw 4 is dropping onto the shelves at your local movie rental locations today! But don't skip the first few steps... it's best to see Saw, 1,2, and 3 before you scare yourself with Saw 4. In a word: Gross.

You thought he was dead didn't you? Well yes...but maybe not really. This movie like it's predecessors tells the twisted stories of "self mutilated" victims who die at the master mind of the Jigsaw Killer. The movie series bled the message of: forgiveness and gratitude into the psyche of millions of movie goers first in 2004. Now several years later, Saw lives on as a reminder to live right lest you be next...we humans forget easily and need reminders anyway don't we?

This time Jigsaw chooses a "do gooder" obsessed police officer to go through obstacles in order to save others which in this backward twist can actually kill them, others or even himself. He begs those completing these "impossible" bloody obstacles to "See what I see" as they field their way through torture and terror. The images are more than gruesome as your eyes feast upon the calculated and well scripted events of this macabre horror while the always clever story painfully reveals itself to the audience. I myself can never fully guess what the Jigsaw is up to. Can you?

We find out that this famous "killer" was once married and then snapped when a random event of misfortune happened in he and his spouses life. It changed the sociopath forever...he became addicted to teaching lessons. to the undeserving in life. Are you undeserving?

The flash back history into the life of Jigsaw gives movie goers and fans a little more to imagine and even understand about the tale. My only complaint is that the first part of the movie is too dark (the colors). I know the filmmakers and editors may've been trying to set the scene but it's so dark and dank that it is hard to see all the important details. Maybe when you rent it on DVD the images will be more clear at home or at least you can rewind what you may have missed. The crazy scenes tend to happen so quickly!

New director but same sickness. This may be the best Saw yet! I can't imagine what they will serve up next. Yes next...cuz now after seeing number 4 i can't say that we've seen the last of Saw. In the words of Jigsaw in that same eerily steady gravely voice..."You think it's over...but it's not!" It's ooooh all so very disturbing...but i like it that way.

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Hollywood writers strike possible resolution??: writers informally meet with studios

Oscar nominated writer Tony Gilroy speaks to reporters during a news conference Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008 in New York.

By AP News entertainment writer: LYNN ELBER

LOS ANGELES - Officials with the striking writers guild held informal talks Tuesday with Hollywood studios that could lead to the resumption of negotiations, a person familiar with the bargaining strategy said.

The talks preceded an expected guild meeting later in the day that was to address the union's next step as it seeks a new contract, said the person who was not authorized to publicly comment and asked for anonymity.

The Writers Guild of America did not immediately respond to e-mail and phone requests for comment.

Bargaining between the writers guild and the studios' trade group, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, broke down Dec. 7 after the alliance demanded the guild take a half-dozen issues off the table, including unionization of reality TV shows. The guild refused.

The informal meeting held Tuesday were designed to lay the groundwork for a return to formal bargaining.

The approach mirrored a series of meetings held by the Directors Guild of America and studio heads before they began formal negotiations and reached a tentative deal last week after less than a week of bargaining.

The writers strike that started Nov. 5 has shut down production of most scripted TV shows, disrupted movie schedules and the Golden Globes ceremony and has put next month's Academy Awards at risk.

The informal writers-studio talks began on the day Oscar nominees were announced.

When the directors guild announced its deal, studio heads urged the writers to join in talks that could lead to the resumption of their negotiations.

In its deal with producers, the directors union resolved new-media compensation issues that are also central to the writers guild dispute, including compensation for movie and TV projects delivered over the Internet.

The executives said the deal with directors established a precedent for the industry's creative talent to "participate financially in every emerging area of new media."

End AP News

I hope something will get resolved soon!

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Spa Sydell- Spa Review

I have had several professional full body massages before and a facial on separate occasions so I'm no stranger to posh body treatment. But one of those places I'd been to had not been Spa Sydell in Atlanta, GA. I wanted to go and get a montage of services but time and pricing for such a dream left me just forgetting about it. recent birthday! A wonderful wonderful pal gave me a deluxe spa day gift certificate with the well known day spa for my gift! Yeah my friend loves me! Imagine my delight as I opened my present and there lay the gift certificate seemingly made of diamonds and pearls for my landmark birthday! It was the perfect gift and i did not hesitate to use it quickly!

What I got: "A deluxe day at the spa" which is $365. It includes: the body massage, Sydell facial, manicure, signature pedicure, body wrap OR a body polish (choose between the two), gourmet lunch, and there used to be a make-up application but since the spa switched from carrying their own make-up to Maybelline, they don't offer this portion any longer. They still have this on the website however and since they did not clarify that they no longer offer that service (not that i cared about make-up at 6 p.m. anyway) I got a product in their gift store as a switch out. I got a cool satan sleep mask. Nice! This deluxe day package is an upgrade to the 5 hour, "A day with Sydell" spa package by adding the signature pedicure (where they put a mask on your feet for 10 minutes and put a scrub on your feet) and you can add either the body scrub or body wrap. I chose the body scrub. It was supposed to be an extra hour for the "exfoliating" body scrub...but it was only about 30 minutes I believe.

Locations: Alpharetta, Buckhead Plaza, Midtown at Brookwood Plaza, Cumberland Mall, Forum at Peachtree Parkway, and Park Place (Dunwoody near Perimter mall...this is the one that I went to).

The scene: Come in, sign in, choose your meal and off you go. The walls are hued in baby blues and serene greens. Peaceful sounds of nature sweep over you as the wall mounted water falls lull your senses. An elevator takes you to the second floor where your stress will magically be spa'd away. Icy cool lemon drinking water line the walls to your destination. You can lock your personal things away in the locker room/restroom. When you are ready to begin you will be dressed in Large white robes and red sandals to adorn your frame as you complete your day of luxury! I only wish that the robes were softer and the sandals not so open since the temperature of the spa is not always warm and toasty. However even after I was finished with my six hours for the day...i didn't want to get dressed in my civilian clothing and go back out into the real world. Ahhhhhhhh...back to the 8 to 5 grind...but it was nice while it lasted.........(sigh with a smile).

Highlights: the body massage, mine done by Dorian Williams (she was skilled and awesome!), the wonderful lunch (they give you three healthy and tasty choices from an outside catered menu), and choosing a gift from the store (due to them not doing the make-up application anymore)!

Spa later: yes for those who may not have it today but need a massage NOW, you can credit the treat to a Sydell account. It's not something (because this place, although well worth it is pricey) that I would want to get into the habit of doing but I can totally see how someone who gets paid on the 15th but can use a facial for an upcoming event on the 6th can benefit! Just don't rob peter to pay paul...if your lights get shut off to pay the spa bill...then you'll need another massage to combat that new stress!

Separate services:
Sydell Facial- 1 hour=$85
Body Massage- 1 hour=$85
Manicure- (regular) $25
Pedicure- (regular) $45
Body Wrap- 1 hour=$75
Body Scrub- 1 hour=$75
for other services and prices go here...but as for me, i'm glad i didn't have to choose just one or two! :)

What I wish: that the world around us all would be more like the spa. no worries here, no ringing phones, not attitudes, no arguments, and no crazy work for the guests (i took a Monday off!)! Sometimes it's okay to step away from reality right? Right!

Go on treat yourself...ladies and even gentlemen (they do have men's facials as well and massages are good for anyone!)! I know that I will be back as a gift to myself. For more info go to

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The Compound club Atlanta is down but love is in the air for Eva Pigford

Atlanta's beloved club, Compound on Brady St. shut down its door this past weekend but not without partying it up celeb style. Celeb guests included: Akon, Eva Pigford, Lance Gross, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Jazze Pha, Jeezy, & etc.

I wanted to post this picture from Sandra Rose's sight specifically because I really like to see black couples in lovededed! Eva Pigford (ANTM) and Lance Gross (House of Payne) have been dating for almost a year now (according to them) and are too cute. I had an interview with him not too long (coming to post soon!) ago where she arrived at his condo (right during the end) and you could tell that there was real love and admiration between the two. They adore each other...and it makes me smile. Anyway look out for Lance's new movie coming out next month: Meet the Browns with Angela Bassett and Rick Fox. Lance plays the young high school bball player. He's a great guy from what I've seen. And they are again blessed to have each other. I hope they continue to be happy together. He is such a dream!

p.s. Visions night club will be re-opening so don't be so sad about the Compound AND you still got the Velvet Room Atlanta folks and guests!

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Bill Clinton (a.k.a. senoir sleepy head) falls asleep during MLK speech!

Note: If you subscribe to these posts via email or feed please log onto to view the video Footage.

Okay this has to be the best/worst video i've ever seen! And yes this happens to the best of us during a lengthy speech but it's super bad when you are sitting in plain view behind the speaker and your wife is running for office...against a black man...Dayum! Bill and Hil shoulda got some rest the night before. See how he keeps waking up and nodding as if he is paying attention?!! Ha! Not a good look for the Clinton campaign. There will be sparks tonight in the Clinton house. Yikes! But....goooooooooo Obama!


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Lindsay Lohan, "I see dead people."

Lindsay Lohan an the Los Angeles premier of, "Cloverfield" on 1/16/08 (i want to see that movie!)

The 21 year old "Mean Girl" (loooooooove that movie!) will soon be working at a morgue as part of her punishment for misdemeanor drunken driving according to her lawyer. The morgue 4 hour a day, 2 day stint is to teach her the real life consequences of drinking and driving. Later Lohan will also have to spend two days in a hospital emergency room.

Lindsay has also spent two months in rehabilitation and has done some community service, and 84 minutes (what the heck!?) in jail toward fulfilling the terms of her plea bargain. All this comes after 2 DUI arrests in 2007. Maybe all this will "learn" her. Mmmm mmmm?

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Amy Winehouse and husband, drugs and drama.

From AP news:
British singer Amy Winehouse (and her new hair), left, leaves Snaresbrook Crown Court in London with an unidentified woman after the hearing of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Friday, Jan. 18, 2008. Fielder-Civil is in court charged with grievous bodily harm and preventing the course of justice.
End AP news.

In another tale of Drugs N Drama, yes the troubled, newly nappy blonde Amy Winehouse and her hubby Blake are "dorking" around again. Money and talent does not mean problems in this world...remember that. In fact the bigger the fame the more people are in your business when you royally screw up. How sucky. Anyway as her knight in shining armor was led away in from court today to jail, Amy whispered and then yelled out to him, "I love you handsome, gorgeous one!" To make sure her private public sentiments were not mistaken to another she sharply turned to the reporters and said, "I am not talking to you!" Hahaaaaa...Amy Winehouse is funnie!

Real talk, i do hope they get their minds right. Something even worse than drugs and jail may happen if things don't change. I'm glad no children are involved.

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Andre "3000" Benjamin, fan mail

Yall I got this letter from the SOHH Atlanta blog. Gyant is a loved/hated writer for the blog that evokes many mixed emotions from his readers. I myself don't know why people always get so angry when another expression his or her opinion especially if it is on a blog, which is what entertainment blogs do. They can hate all they want but they are still spending their time reading it so he wins anyway!

Anyway Gyant is an honest, and insightful dude. He gets tons of comments to his post a day with the interesting stories he writes. This post from yesterday about my favorite rapper/lyricist Andre Benjamin/3000 (Big Boy told us at an event late last year that Outkast would be dropping their new album "at the top of '08" his words look out for it soon fans!) particularly caught my eye.

If you know me you know I really like this man's flow and feel that no other rapper today can compare to him. Listen to the lyrics people...that's what I'm talking about. Alot of junk out there today is well...musical JUNK! And yes hip hop is almost dead. No it hasn't changed, it hasn't evolved, it's flat-lining (CLEAR!)! The reason why it isn't dead yet is because certain rappers out there still give us hope, cats like: Andre, Outkast, Jay-Z, T.I., Nas, Lupe, Common, Ludacris and Mos Def, and the the old heads like Run DMC, etc. to name a small few. I'm not saying the barrage of other one hit wonder or bubble gum rappers are all horrible however they don't demand the same respect and staying power of the gentlemen I just named. If you only talk/rap about shoes, bling, get money, t-shirts, rims, a new dance, big booties, hate, or guns then you suck and need to step your lyric game up! Stop blending in, get more creative, write about things that matter! Be a legend and get some staying power...that's all I'm saying. If you are a rapper then stand up, out and take offense! Anyway the letter Gyant wrote is below:

The Juice ReportER (wishing rappers would use their creative juices...)

Dear André Benjamin,

Though I haven’t had the pleasure of introducing myself to you I have seen you out a few times. The year-end Purple Ribbon/Courvoisier party was dope. I am writing you in official capacity. When are you going to drop your highly anticipated CD? While your guest features have been great [your Rich Boy verse was bananas], hip-hop needs you more than it ever has before. Your music has always been ahead of it's time and though “The Love Below” was cool it only got my musical palate craving for a solo hip-hop composition from you bruh.

If you haven’t noticed the Atlanta hip-hop scene, as many of us knew it to be, is dying. It seems that we are now promoting mediocrity by way of the ringtone rapper. While rap music used to be a genre for creativity and artful story telling, it has now become nothing but gimmicks. I think if I hear another “gimmick rapper” infiltrate hip-hop the way it did in 2007 I’m going to slit my wrists. I’m often called a hater because I am not pumping my fists for the latest diluted hip-hop track that hits the clubs or radio waves. But I only pump my fists for the greats. People like you, Dungeon Family, Big Boi, Witchdoctor, Killer Mike, Young Jeezy, T.I., Proton, and few others.

AndrĂ© hip-hop is in dire need of a makeover and more importantly we are in need of more pioneering music from you. Big Boi is and has been doing his thing, but your sound is infectious, catchy, and your ability to tell a story while lacing it with your unique rhythmic style would be music to my, as well as many others, ears. I know your focusing on the acting thing, which is cool. But hip-hop is in need of a savior. Hip-Hop is in need of ya bruh. We need an Outkast album. And we need a solo Dre album. We just need a leader to come and indirectly show these kids to do their history and be an artist. Isn’t it funny how rap used to be considered an art form? Can anyone honestly say that now? The game has been completely saturated with overly hyped, yet underly [yea I just made that word up] deliverable wannabees. These kats seek fame and fortune first and the art of story telling dead last.

I’m ashamed to see where Atlanta has gone as far as rap music is concerned. I know I am not alone in this. So if you could hurry up and drop a new disc so that I, and many others can be reminded of what a good rapper sounds like it would be appreciated.

I look forward to the day when I get the chance to interview you homie. You’re a legend and you most definitely get my respect.
--SOHH Gyant

KE Consulting 2 year anniversary party details

KE Consulting/Kim Ellis 2 year anniversary party...

Blood Raw, Alphamega, and AK (P$C) came through to show support to last Wednesday's affair. I heard it was nice but the snow in Atlanta that night detterd alot of folks from showing up. Just a few details...

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Mariah's new CD cover, "That Chick"

Mariah's new CD cover, "That Chick"
The YBF blog, Sandra Rose, etc. are showing this off! Well Mariah looks amazing like always but the way she is leaned forward disturbs my eyes. I feel like she is a pretty faced ompaloompa…the way her body looks leaned that way makes it seem as if that is not her hand coming around the hat, neither one. Photoshop needs to clean it up a little. Maybe if she stood more straight it would come together better. Then again I heard that this was only the promo cover and not the actual. So we'll see! Either well Mimi will sell another record copies I'm sure. She's good...i aint mad. :)

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Juice on the street is that Luda is opening up a new restaurant in Atlanta!

Luda on the red carpet at the 2008 Trumpet Awards

Where else would Ludacris open up a new restaurant but home sweet home, Atlanta, GA! The Juice on the Street is that the new digs, Straits Restaurant will be located at 793 Juniper Street in the Midtown area of city and will seat 215 guests. This will be the 4th location of the fancy yet reasonably priced restaurant in the states. Straits has 3 locations already in California where Luda was first impressed by the food while dining in the San Francisco location. Chris Yeo, the owner and Chef of Straits is partnering with the rapping actor to bring this modern Singapore dining location to Atlanta. Look out for this guaranteed new hot spot in April 2008. You know the opening is gonna be fabulous! Check out the tantalizing menu at

It's smart/great that Chris is investing and staying out of trouble. Luda is confident, outspoken and not a pushover so I know this investment was well thought about. His mother, who helps run some of his businesses probably also gave the thumbs up. I look forward to this place to eat owned by a rapper, like Cafe Dupri and Justin's.

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Oh DaYum Tracey and Eddie!

Tracey and Eddie were just kidding yall!

How confusing! Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy's "spiritual" marriage ends in a quick split. I must take people too literally because I really believed that they were serious, legit, and gonna make it. They are not young Hollywood so I thought their shot was more secure. I give most people the benefit of the doubt...shame on me. The next paragraph is the official statement released from both camps:

“After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further,” Murphy and Edmonds tell PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends.”

Why are they splitting so fast? Could it be that they moved too fast? Could it be that it was all a publicity stunt? Could it be that the rumors that Eddie was yelling at Tracey the entire weekend they were together be true and have put the bride and groom over the edge? What took so long for them to see that? Could it really be that it's none of my business? Haha! Anyway this obviously wasn't the first time that the couple's had issues. Well about a month ago I heard Babyface on the radio, Atlanta's V103 and he did not sound happy at all during his interview! He may not have said it but It can't be easy watching all over the media his recent ex and mother of his children, Tracey moving on so fast with a cad like Eddie. Eddie seems like bad news to me anyway in relationships...oh well. Babyface can smile again.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Young actor, Brad Renfroe dies at 25.

They say he was "troubled" from a recent drug and alcohol addiction. They say he had a promising future to be a great actor, but the addictions got in the way. They also say he was on his way to recovery. I'm not sure what the entire story is with his addictions, or if they caused his death or not. He was found in his home Tuesday morning...gone. Reports are out that say he was out drinking with his friends the night before. Unless he had so much liquor that it caused alcohol poisoning, he passed another way. A bunch of young people go out drinking with their buddies. But anything is possible. The autopsy will be performed for clarity. Whatever ailed him however, is sad. He was young and trying to get clean.

Brad Renfro's film credits include: "The Client." His other credits included "Sleepers," "Deuces Wild," "Apt Pupil", "The Jacket" and "The Informers," a book made into a film, which he just completed opposite Winona Ryder.

Young Hollywood's obsession with drugs is scary. Yet it is not much unlike the rest of America's obsession with drugs. Expensive or cheap, they are being brought. Our prayers go out for the loved ones of Brad Renfro and for people that suffer in like ways as well. It's hard for those that get caught up.

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"High School Musical" star, Zac Efron has his apendix removed

Oooooh weeee! I've been there when I was 8 years old and it was Easter time...I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was sleepless holding my stomach in pain with no relief. I just wanted my mommy to make it better. And she did. Because after a day she instantly knew that I had appendicitis. I'm still amazed how a "stomach ache" could make her know that something was really wrong. mom is so amazing. I hope I can understand those things when I become a mother and not just tell the kid to lay down while I feed him/her crackers and 7-UP. I even got personal peach cobbler and the new Gem barbie doll with the light up earrings from my Grandma and Aunts after the surgery! Ahhhh...being a kid!

Oh yeah this is about Zac Efron...not me. So anyway the 20 year old had appendicitis and went to the famous people Los Angeles hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical to undergo the operation according to his publicist.

When the appendix becomes erupted it can burst and even kill the person. I always wonder why God gave us that body part that we don't need. I guess that maybe it is just another way for doctors to get paid huh? And God loves doctors too. But anyway reports thus far are positive for the High School Musical golden boy. We wish him a great recovery. Efron stays in the media with High School Musical three currently being shot plus he has been dating his musical co-star, cutie Vanessa Hudgens who got media blasted for her nuddie picture. These kids aren't so squeaky clean after all, but normal. And while I'm not for nuddie pics showing your tale off I'm totally for your current guy not looking down on you for a "mistake" you may have made in the past.

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Dr. Donda West- The surgery complications didn't expire her life. So what about multiple surgeries?

Not too long ago Dr.Donda West (author, entrepreneur and beloved mother of rapper Kanye West) as all know passed away. She simply went in to take care of some things on her body to improve it. A breast lift or reduction for women many times is for health reasons because large breasts can be physically overbearing and cause back pain. Well after this and another operation many people were in an uproar not only due to Dr. West's unexpected early and sad demise but much controversy surrounded the doctor that performed several back to back cosmetic surgery procedures on her days before her departure. Reports claimed that it was suggested to Dr.West that she not undergo simultaneous operations due to her current health state, yet that was ignored and the surgeries were done. As a result, when she passed fingers were pointed in pain, wonder and confusion.

We just learned however from her autopsy report that there were no signs that the operations caused complications resulting in trauma on the body and then death. This is to say she died of "natural" causes. Therefor not ruling out the former possibility completely but giving it more strength in credibility than before the autopsy report was revealed. Now some are still left to wonder what killed Dr. Donda West? Was it just her time to go? I guess at the end of the day, that is always what it is no matter how or why a person may pass. It is not always "fair" we realize but being a liver of life for enough time I know that it is sometimes just that way. Even though Kanye seems to be trying to move forward in a healthy mustn't be easy.

So if multiple surgeries didn't harm West physically in any way, are they okay? Can a man or woman safely go under the knife cosmetically in this case and expect to wake with a clean bill of health? I know with any surgery there are never guaranteed because there is always that inherent risk, however outside of that risk do multiple surgeries add further warning. Hmmmmm??

1. Did Dr. West's autopsy report convince you that the surgeries did not harm her?
2. Do you think cosmetic surgery is healthy? Vain? Necessary in some cases? Mental?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

KE Consulting, Kim Ellis 2 year anniversary party at club Motions on Wednesday night

KE Consulting's, (PR, consulting and marketing firm) Kim Ellis is throwing her 2 year anniversary party for her firm's launch tomorrow at club Motions in the Underground Atlanta. Previously the party was scheduled to run at the Casa Nirelle Mansion in Dunwoody, GA so make a note at the change to Motions.

Last year KE's party was held at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts. Guests included: Fabo, Crime Mob, PSC, Alphamega, Xstaci, Shay "Buckey" Johnson and several music producers and industry business hustlers. I hear this year it will be three times as big with even more of an A list celeb appearance such as invited guests like, Jeezy, Dro and etc. I've already talked to some of the people that say they are definitely going...but I'll keep those names under wraps...guess you just gotta get your butt out of the house!!! This IS the place you want to be for networking in the EI (Entertainment Industry). Kim is one of the most talked about and loved consulting firms for the industry out here right now so people will show and it will be a cool time. 21 to enter, Doors open at 9:00 p.m., and be prepared to pay a cover charge. Click here for more information on KE's myspace page. But if you do stay home or have other plans, I shall tell you all about KNOW how i do. :)

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Dro and AK from Grand Hustle celebrate their birthdays at the Lotus Lounge- Atlanta

On Monday night both Dro and AK, rappers of Grand Hustle, celebrated their respective birthdays at the Lotus Lounge. In attendance were: Hannah Kang (of Grand Hustle), Mac Boney, Lil Duval (Comedian) and Allen Iverson to name a few.

I wasn't able to attend last night but thanks to AK and team for the personal invite. I heard from one of the crew that yall had fun. I'll probably see you on Wednesday at the other party. :)

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The 2008 Trumpet Awards

Luda with his mother. He's been honored for a few awards in less than 6 months!
Marcus Johnson, an incredible Jazz keyboardist (with a JD and MBA!)
My FAVE female singer

"Hey Pebo....!" Chris ran down the red carpet after the legendary singer
The hilarious "Miss Sophia" came through repping popular V-103 Atlanta Radio

Ms. April getting interviews with all the stars and wearing the best dress in the house while doing it!

A surly looking Rev. Jessie Jackson with his lovely daughter

Dekalb County- Vernon Jones...great guy.
The remarkable Angie Stone and her fabulous "boy toy"
Frank and Tanya Ski...Atlanta radio royalty

Keith Sweat still looking mighty fine
Ernie doesn't seem to age either...
G. Garvin and Kym Whitley...flirtin'. She called him..."LL Cool Jay!"...yeah I can see that.

This woman has a message!
At first I was nervous that like the cancelled Golden Globes ,even the 2008 Trumpet Awards would be a bust due to the ongoing writers strike (and i am aware that this particular awards show should not be affected by the strike.) that has forced television loving Americans to watch re-runs of their favorite prime-times or to dig into reality tv a little more. I hope Hollyweird comes to an agreement in all this quickly!

I prepared to cover this event not expecting a whole bunch of star power to bring down the house because it was set for the same weekend/day as the Golden Globes. Well it happened on Sunday, for the 1st time in my life (well uhhmm maybe the second) I was wrong. This year's prestigious Trumpet sounded loudly enough to bring in some of Entertainments and business' elite heavy hitter. For those of you dullards that don't know what the Trumpet Awards are, do your homework!! But for now, I will tell you that it is an annual award show est. 1993 formed by Xernona Clayton. The Trumpet Awards honors African Americans for excellence and accomplishments in categories such as: entertainment, medicine, business, politics and law! There are several smaller events, a large beautiful banquet, a press junket and the red carpet awards show, this year hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. This year's entertainment nominees were: Halle Berry, Danny Glover, Ludacris, and Brian Jordan. All attended except Halle Berry due to doctors orders regarding travel. To name a few other honorees: Sheila Johnson, Dr. T.B. Boyd III and the Moss twins (Doctors) and there there were several more. The elegant awards show, airing on TV One on March 3rd 2008 (check you local listing for times) was a huge success!! In fact we might be able to thank the cancellation of the "bigger" awards show for that...thanks to the non activity of the Golden Globes! Saturday a press junket was held and the actual ceremony took place at the Atlanta Civic Center on Sunday, January 13th. Favorites by the likes of: Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favorite actors!!), Danny Glover, Ludacris (YES!!), Judge Hatchet (very kind and lovely), India Arie (she's SO amazing!!), Chris Tucker (who brought his mother and was singing to Pebo Brison down the red carpet), Jesse Jackson (rather stiff), Tom Joyner (old but fabulous), Kym Whitley (she's funnier in person! plus she's lost weight...HOT!), Sheryl Lee Ralph (powerful and passionate speaker), James Avery (broke his foot), Pebo Brison (got serenaded), Brian Jordan, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin (this woman is elegant!), Angie Stone (arriving with her "boy toy" and looking fierce!), Lalah Hathaway (Donny Hathaway's singing daughter!), Hill Harper (writer, actor, philanthropy) , Emmanuel Lewis (short and sweet), Bernice king (The King family will always live), Pastor Bobby Jones (can i get a witness?!), Vernon Jones (Dekalb County comm.), Frank Ski and Tanya and Miss Sophia (top Atlanta radio host, philanthropy and radio co-host), Keith Sweat ("nobody baby!"), Lou Gosset Jr. (looking gooooooooowd!), G. Garvin (now i'm hungry!), Miss Black Georgia USA, Victoria Rowell, Dawn Lewis (it IS "A Different World" but girlfriend still looks great!), Ronald S. Martin (a tv one show host), Shereef Abdur-Rahim, Marcus Johnson, Ernie Hudson, and etc. came to support the important event.

The Trumpet Awards didn't get trumped! And nor should they have. They are honorable awards given to recipients who have dedicated their time to making a difference. I'm so blessed that I was amongst so many powerful, positive black faces that weekend. I want to thank Lachelle Morris of ATL for giving me the heads up and Bunnie Jackson-Ransom & Zachery Slaton of First Class, Inc. for allowing me admittance into this memorable event.


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