Monday, October 29, 2007

Ciara and friends party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta

CC arriving in style
" The Glamerous...flossy...flossy"

Interviews...interviews...everyone wants to talk to the princess

CC and Ne-Yo in his signature cap... (they are both very nice)

An 8 foot cake made for a sweet diva! YUM!!!

Daddy and Mommy...such a great family
"Hi I'm Bobby V!"

Diamond wasn't iced out
Above pics from Celebrity Woo Hoo
Getting tired of hearing about Ciara? Well too bad cuz she's hot right now with her 5 city birthday tour, Rocawear modeling & endorsement contract and new movie adaption of the play, Momma I Want to Sing. CC's got her hands full.

Well stop number 3 on her 5 city tour was in hometown, Atlanta as I mentioned last week. She came to the A last night right in the middle of her promotion to celebrate in her born city with her fans, friends and family at the Velvet Room club, arguably one of the hottest night spots in Atlanta, period!

Ciara was joined by her father, mother, Ne-Yo, Lil Scrappy, London (R&B singer recently signed to Hush Management by Kinky B), Diamond (Crime Mob),Drumma Boy (music producer),Stay Fresh (music producer), Buckeey (Shay Johnson), Bobby Valentino, "Punk" (muscle hunk of I Love New York 2), and a host of others to celebrate her Atlanta birthday party in style!

As Ciara arrived looking FAB and toned to grace the red carpet at 12:45 a.m., she was noted saying upon an interview that this was the first time in her musical career that she had a birthday party in Atlanta.

She seemed to have fun requesting songs as well as sing some of her own jams (that were being played for a good portion of the night) from her towering spot in VIP, that had almost as many people in it as the actual dance floor did. When I got to VIP some girls were flirting with Ne-Yo, a few rappers were standing around looking over important and cool, several chicks were waving their booties hoping to become a model in the next video and of course you had some dudes taking advantage of that booty promise. Other people were drinking, dancing and laughing. Not much of a drinker or a fan of random men feeling all over me I chilled in the "exclusive" (it was nice to go up there sure but I'm just making fun of how people pee on themselves to go to VIP...self included at certain times...shameless guilt) section and didn't stay too long. Shoot it was getting late! Even with all the carousing going on up the VIP stairs, Ciara was very poised, thankful and pleasant in normal Ciara fashion. Her birthday cake was huge at 8 feet and decorated in red and white. Toward the end of the evening her father spoke about how grateful he was the be there and have his daughter. It was his actual birthday that evening. Awww! Two Scorpios in the family! It was a great night, the club was still pretty stacked by the time I left at 2:00 a.m.

Alex Gidewon, the owner of The Velvet Room on Chamblee Tucker Rd. as well as The Compound on Brady Street in Midtown Atlanta knows how to make sure an event goes smoothly.

Nicole Garner (and the rest of her team) of The Garner Circle PR did an amazing job like she always does keeping the media on the red carpet together as well as making sure her stars of the nights (Ciara and Ne-Yo) were taken care of. Nicole is really making waves her involvement in these excellent celebrity events. She is trusted to take care of people and for good reason. She is very hands on and pleasant while doing it with a non "Hollywood" attitude. Recently Nicole was honored by Rolling Out Magazine on their top 25 list of most influential women in Atlanta. Well deserved for a young, ethnic, hard working woman.

So next week it's Jay-Z at The Velvet Room friends. As I understand there is no media allowed. I don't know if this will change or not but if it does it will probably be media accepted like, BET, Source, VIBE, etc. I told you last week and I'll tell you again, $50 to get in or $100 for the VIP line. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody. I need to get to know somebody. And if you know somebody that I can know then let me know. And until next time. Ciao!

NOTE: I met some cool cats on the carpet made of red...
1. CJ & the Sagittarius from (an urban gamers website, super rad!)
2. Davone from Clutch Magazine ( a women's fashion, celebrity magazine with a strong online presence.
3. Kavario from Hip Hop Weekly magazine ( Digitally and online they are killing it! This magazine spin off from Source Magazine has been in publication for a year and is the top selling magazine in the market today!!! They have a new project called Monster, a bigger more political, Hip Hop magazine that's gonna be outta the water. Kavario is also writing a book.
please forgive me if I misspelled any of your names...

Look out for those folks and check out their websites. They are on the come up or already moved up! Give respect where respect is due!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ciara's NY bday celebration!!

Joined by the likes of Missy Elliot and L.A. Reid, the home girl actually celebrated her 22nd birthday in New York's Nikki Beach restaurant before she comes home to Atlanta for a part of her 5 city birthday tour. She will be on the red carpet where I will conduct an interview with her. I'm happy to see the pop diva celebrate another year as a fan of her talent and positive woman power vibe she gives!

T.I. is out on bond- set for house arrest today

After a court hearing today fierce rapper T.I. is out on bond and set for house arrest where he is allowed visitors. It's a good thing to share this news! The rapper gets to go home and wait for more decisions to follow the case instead of sit in jail. It's a wonderful thing for T.I. that money does talk. I know he has lots of the green paper but I hate to see it go to waste like this...of course he is probably happy to pay for some freedom. This is not a case to add opinions to or chit chat about for me, just giving the news, a little of it. Still praying for him and the family...

Jermaine Dupri and Sean "Diddy" Combs, money made of liquor

Jermaine at at book signing for, "Young Rich and Dangerous" 10/23/07

Rappers and Hip Hop moguls are delighting in the money that liquor is bringing them these October days!

Jermaine "JD" Dupri is mega rich, classy and even on the kinda snobbish side according to some who have met him (and yes I have met him, but his attitude I will not talk about). He's a rapper, music producer, club owner, label mogul of So So Def Records in Atlanta and now he can add blank and writer to his accomplishments.

Dupri is the new face of Courvoisier VSOP entitled, "Find Greatness Within" and is surrounded by things that have made him successful in the ADS. The AD tagline reads, “Layers of subtlety and taste, developed over time. Enjoy Responsibly.”

Jermaine's new book released earlier this month, "Young Rich and Dangerous (which was also the title for the last Kris Kross album in 1996)" is a guide into the Hip Hop game. He also speaks very candidly about some touchy subjects like the Justin Timerlake and Janet Jackson wardrobe uh-oh Superbowl fiasco over 3 years ago! According to Dupri is still perturbed that Timberlake left Jackson to the wolves being that it was him that exposed the breast in the first place.

"I think Justin Timberlake is a talented performer. But he's very ordinary-looking. He could be any skinny white kid from the suburbs of Orlando. You could go to the mall and find another Justin. He doesn't make his style interesting even when he's onstage. To me, he just doesn't look like a star."

Well Dupri despite what Justin "looks like" according to you because most of American women feel that he looks just fine.

Other liquor news has Sean "Diddy" Combs as the man behind Ciroc Vodka. But the difference between Diddy and Dupri is that he is more than an endorsement because he is helping to develop the brand and gets a percent of the profits. Sounds lucrative Dids! Maybe Ciroc will do for Puff what VitaminWater did for 50...nah...but extra money is always nice!

Diddy recently put out his Unforgivable fragrance line for men and women and just got finished making another band earlier this summer so he stays busy making money and in the eye of the public. Although I'm not too faithful that the latest "band" is going to do so well as in the past after these hopefuls drop their first album they seem to fall off of the face of the music charts. Star development Diddy...learn it.

ZenNubian 7 Tea House- Restaurant/Spiritual Hut Review

163 Peters St
Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: 404-521-9961 or 1-866-7-nubian

Okay everyone that knows me knows that I am a meat eater just like my daddy. Bonafide give me the meat and tatoes kinda gal. But as I grew in age and wanted better health I took advice from good friends and went more towards salads and vegetables, herbs and natural healing in general. But still despite all this i NEVER considered going vegetarian because I still like meat ALOT and certainly never dared to venture into the land of the Vegans.

So why was I put at a Vegan Restaurant on one of my great friend's 30th birthday? Well I'll tell you's because I needed to have an open mind to a new experience (and support her of course!) and I'm glad that I did. ZenNubian Tea House 7 was a real Zen, healthy, decent cost, and tasty (with sea salt added) experience.

First things first: Don't come hungry. No no no it's not that they won't feed you lots of food it's just that it takes a loooooooooooooooooooooong, did i say long? Yes long time to get your healthy vegan food grub on! It's not that they are slow it's just that all food is natural and prepared and made to order with limited grille space. Wow. So my Zen was almost ruined with by my Yen for my food to come NOW! It was a group of about 8 of us so trust me...we waited. But it was worth the treat that we received.

The scene: I've always wanted to eat at a place where it looked like Buddha lived there. ZenNubian is reminiscent of what Buddha's hut probably looked like. It is strong dark colored wood tables very low to the ground to complement the large pillows and pads that you will sit on, yes sit on. There are but a few chairs and futons as a place to eat it with normal sized tables. I liked doing this ground sitting thing until my legs started to throb with fiery pin needles from the agony that comes from hours of sitting.

There is a section with healing stones, old spiritual and healing books and even the bathroom in back looks like an Indian African safari!

The good: The potatoes, the many wonderful healing teas (over 90), the fresh vegetable and pasta bowls are so HUGE, the paninis made with flat bread or better yet fresh Nan are so wonderful. Try the Veggie Beef Panini. It doesn't taste like beef no, but has the same consistency along with a sweet and savory flavor to complement the meal. Remember this is a HEALTHY place!
The bad: The Panini's have flavor BUT lots of the food has no flavor until you put sea salt on it. Just go ahead and ask for it automatically when you order your meal. And again you will wait some time for your meal so pray there is no crowd and don't bother going if you a castaway who hasn't eaten real food for months!

The ugly: The jalapeno cheese grits. Ewww. Fake cheese...ewww! Too watery. The "chocolate" desert cake...OMG...hellz no! It was made of sweet red beans and felt like marshmallow but tasted like yucky! They tried yall but nuh uh! Hated it, nuff said.

EXTRA! EXTRA!: ZenNubian has vegan cooking classes at $25, Yoga and Tea on Monday nights for $10, free live Jazz on Tuesday nights, they show a silent martial arts film every evening while you dine, and they will do a party for you on-site or off-site. They also have smoothies and fresh juices for your health and detox purposes.

Ahhh... ZenNubian is a little taste of Heaven on earth except the food in Heaven won't cost and will be pre-seasoned with the goodness of God!

It's raining purple...To the BEST film soundtrack- EVER!

"I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain...purple rain...purple rain!!!" Man that song made me cry even though my husband Prince said, "I didn't want to make you cry" very clearly in his 1984 Lyrics to the song title that's dubbed on what is now known as the best film soundtrack of all time, Purple Rain.

Vanity Fair has just dubbed the Purple one with that title and called the album soundtrack, "...a flawless soundtrack of funk, R&B, pop, metal and even psychodelia into a sound that defined the 80's" Hmmm...very well put editors at VF! To me that album wasn't just a soundtrack but a movement, an emotion, a piece of history that will never die nor get old (just like it's artist). It has reached the iconic level the older it gets in age as fine wine does. The album is graceful much like it's genius, raw emotion creator, Prince. His heart and his life was on that album and many other hearts were touched at his sentiment. Gotta love the first prince of pop.

Some of my Prince favorites (not in any specific order):

1. Purple Rain
2. Money don't matter tonight (certainly in the top 4, it was so deep.)
3. Diamonds and Pearls (me and one of my lil boyfriend's love song from the 8th grade yall. Yeah...real smooth.)
4. If I was your girlfriend
5. Darling Nikki (bad bad but good good! My parents wouldn't even let me listen to this when I was a lad!)
6. Kiss ("..aint no particular sign i'm more compatible with...i just want your extra time in your KISS!")
7. I would die for you
8. Take me with you
9. Little Red Corvette
10. When doves cry (Who could forget this hit cult classic!)

Actress, Kate Hudson and Rocker, Chris Robinson's divorce is final!

Marriages ending is not always a good subject however in the nutty world we live in and especially in the fickle and tumultuous Hollywood they tend to come easy and go even easier. Such is the case with cutie Kate Hudson, the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Chris Robinson the Rock N Roll front man of the Black Crowes. These two fell in love quickly, moved in even quicker (about 4 days after they met), got married on New Years Eve 2000 and had a baby boy Ryder (3 yrs old) and seemed blissfully happy up until not too long ago.

The quiet Robinson (40) filed for divorce soon after they separated and the movie sweetheart Katie (28) went on to date other people like Dax Shephard and who could forget Owen Wilson.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar Magazine Hudson says that the most important thing to the couple now is the well being of their son Ryder. They want to focus on being good parents. So she loves Chris for the child's sake. She is being positive.
Well 7 years is better than the 1 day and 3 month marriages that haven't survived The Wood...the Hollywood that is.

Jay-Z- The Amerian Gangster

Jigga Man is releasing a new album, American Gangster, the soundtrack for the new movie, American Gangster staring, Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, T.I. (Clifford Harris) and Common. The movie releasing in November has such a strong star filled cast so I look very forward to seeing it! The lyrical talents of Jay-Z is such a perfect compliment to this movie. When I think about Hip Hop, power and the respect of a Don, I think first of Jay-Z. He can't help it...he's a fellow Sagittarius.

To go with the new movie and even more so his album release, Jay-Z, Sean Carter is going to be doing an Album Release party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta, GA on November 4th. Since Jay-Z is the most powerful and respected rapper in the game, it's $50 to get in the club and $100 to get in VIP and not wait in line. Jay-Z doesn't just make random club appearances so it is a big deal for him to be appearing at Velvet. Now I won't be paying that money! FYI. But I would like to interview him and will let you know how it goes when I do. :)

The Marcy projects come-up is also doing a 5 city tour to promote his album. Atlanta is not included in the tour however him dropping in on the A for a chilly November night is good enough for the city's biggest fans.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" Reveals WHY - Movie Review

Okay so lots of hype many times spoils the actual event for me many times. But not so with Tyler Perry's latest film, "Why Did I Get Married?" staring Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba (where's he been?) and Tyler Perry. The film earned a stunning $22 million in its first weekend of sales which is a first for a Tyler Perry movie. It seems this film has crossed the color and gender lines more than films of Perry's in the past.

By the time I'd seen the movie it had been out for a week already so of course I heard good things and got great vibes from watching the movie trailers but of course you can't rely solely on hear say and fake out trailers is my motto in movies. I sat expectantly in my seat next to two others I had come with and waited for the movie "gods" to razzle me with their dazzle. And Razzled I was! The movie was so touching, funny, real, honest, strong, risky, all of that. I was so in tune to the film that even on the many funny parts I almost didn't want to laugh and miss any of the dialog.

Most of you know it's about marriage and the ups, downs, secrets, break-ups, make-ups, power, and extreme love that is involved in this very important union. This movie hails those marital attributes of 4 married couples (almost all professionals) a perfectly placed stud and one skank (if you've seen the movie you know who skank is) as they travel their yearly trip together for a retreat this time to Colorado Mountains. However this time, the retreat is not so retreating as tempers explode, relationships come to ruin, faith is tested, and indiscretions are laid bare before every relationship in the cabin. But by movie's end everyone knows why they got married and want to stay married and gets a lesson in love and gratitude. Sometimes its time to let go and others it is time to hold on tighter and make it right for love's sake!

Jill Scott to me gave a STELLAR performance as overweight, Sheila who has a crap of a husband Mike. Sheila is overweight and under confident for the greater part of the movie until she decides to put her seemingly shattered life in God's mysterious hands as she moves down an unexpected but wondrous road in her life. One of her final scenes had me crying like a wet baby. OH!

J. Jackson also does a killer job of bringing some phat tears out of me in her scene with film husband, Malik Yoba when they are faced at odds with each other after arriving back home early to really face a past tragedy that they never dared to dissect.

Tasha Smith, OMG does the best job at making the audience laugh the entire movie with her over the top opera screaming like yelling during 99.9% of the film.

The male actors did great in this film too however I say that the nods go first to the females who stand out in this fancy feature! Go girls! Yes there were a few cheezy lines and scene or so of over acting but this film still falls nothing short of an A.

We got the ghetto, the funny, the real, the hush hush and the LOVE JONES all in this movie. If you haven't...go see it and then go get it on DVD when it hits shelves. It helps women to see how important it is to wait on a good husband, move on from the bums, treat your husband with love and respect, and be vulnerable in fear. It teaches men that martial infidelity is cheap and never worth it, to communicate with their wives, be honest, treat her like a queen when you have her, and always make sure that you and others respect your woman! This film will relate to most people in at least some way. I'm a believer...woo hooo!

Happy 22nd Birthday Ciara!!!

One of my fave CC pictures. She looks smashing!! I will have to do an exclusive on her one day.

Today is CC's 22nd birthday! A native Atlantan she will be celebrating with a tour dropping in on home Atlanta with a red carpet entrance at the Velvet Room club on Chamblee Tucker Rd this coming Sunday, October 28th.

This young lady is a positive, intelligent, confident and talented dancer and performer. I look forward to seeing her this weekend. I had NO idea she was a sassy Scorpio!

Cooking Wars: George Foreman against Evander Holyfield

Even though Evander got, "Knocked the BLANK out!"...
That doesn't stop Tha DON (in this picture at least) from saying..."Anything you can do I can do better..."

These two grizzly fighters are used to competing...first in the ring now out and in the kitchen! Who's product is going to be better?!! My bets are on the million dollar winner George Foreman and his Mean Lean Fat Grilling Machine ($100 million in sales since 1995). He's had the market and I think will keep it with little competition from Holyfield. My roommate is in L.O.V.E with Foreman's machine...she even puts her toast on it! Shout out..."Hey girl!" Holyfield should have thought of this lofty idea YEARS ago to bring some real competition to the champ. Oh well. He will STILL get some money out of it. Why not?!!


News from
Forget the boxing ring. A new battle between veteran fighters George Foreman and Evander Holyfield will soon take place on kitchen countertops all across the country.
As Michael Buffer would say, let's get ready to marinate! Holyfield is set to raise the curtain on "Evander Holyfield Real Deal Grill," a direct competitor to Foreman's famous "Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine," which has reportedly earned $100 million in sales since 1995, reports the Associated Press.

"I've got a George Foreman grill. It's a good grill," Holyfield, 44, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "But don't you think the latest grill is supposed to be the best grill?"

Holyfield was approached to throw his name on the $99 grill by Utah-based manufacturer CirTran Corp. The company said it was inspired to sign Holyfield after he appeared on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" in 2005.

A 30-minute infomercial – featuring Holyfield in an apron – describes the product's culinary and health benefits. The video began airing last week.

In the meantime, Holyfield continues his day job with another fight scheduled for Oct. 13 against Sultan Ibragimov at Moscow's Khodynka Ice Palace arena. The boxer is on a current mission to retire as the oldest heavyweight champion in history.
End news from

Viva La NO NO! CBS axed Jackman and left him in the cold.

Viva LA NO NO! CBS axed Jackman and left him in the cold.

The X-Men star tried to hold his own but didn't get so far. Jackman is disappointed that his weird Las Vegas musical shindig mindless romp was cancelled for low ratings after just two episodes! I mean those ratings must have been hella low (8.4 million viewers the 1st episode and 6.8 million on the 2nd compared to 21.2 million for the show in it's previous time slot, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation!

I myself never saw the show in full (hellz no!) but I did see clips thanks to the best of pop culture show on VH1, "The Best Week Ever", where comedians poke fun at celebs, reality tv, and horrible network television moments. Well "Viva Lauhglin", Jackman's show, was not spared as the comedians made the silly, "you got to be pulling my leg" drama show a parody in the eyes of the ever watching viewers. I gotta say it was weird yall. Believe that.

The show starred (notice the past tense??), Jackman (also the executive producer of the show...ouch!), Melanie Griffith (who refuses to age), D.B. Woodside (nice lil chocolate man), Llyod Owen, and a host of others. I guess A list actors can't always hold a show together when the writing and plot are just horrible.

The remaining episodes of the quickly axed CBS drama may be viewable on line at a later date. We'll see OR better yet we won't see...unless you need a good giggle.

"The Burning Plain", starring Kim Basinger & Charlize Theron

MIA actress Kim Basinger is making a surprise role in the new film The Burning Plain where she plays the mother of Charlize Theron. Kim plays a woman seen through the childhood eyes of Charize's character Sylvia as she tries to find common ground with her parents in adulthood. Hmm...could be interesting. I always enjoy seeing the secluded Kim in a performance.

Bable Screenwriter, Guillermo Arriaga is making his directorial debut in this film. Shooting will begin in Mexico early next month with a release date scheduled for 2009. Dang so far off!

Well 53 yer old Kim is still a glamazon and as many of you know 30-something Charlize was just voted most sexy woman alive by Esquire Magazine. They both can act we already know. I guess this may be a way for American film to get two talented "hot" blondes together.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kid Rock scraps in a Waffle House

So as most of you already know (the weather has made me want to hibernate) Kid Rock (who is not a kid anymore by any means although he keeps fighting like one) had a bar room brawl at a local Atlanta Waffle House, aka Wa Ho.

Anyhow Mr. Rock and 5 members of his entourage were taken into custody. This guy has a temper huh! However this is the kind of guy you want around when someone is tryna jump you!

Here's some info from
Police say the 36-year-old rapper/rocker stopped by a restaurant early Sunday morning after his band's Atlanta show that night, and a male customer recognized a female in Rock's entourage. Words were exchanged, and a fight ensued.

After cops were called, the singer's tour bus was pulled over, and he and the members of his entourage were arrested. In addition to Rock's arrest, the male customer also has been charged with a felony for allegedly smashing a window of the restaurant.
According to Web site, Rock posted bail and was released Sunday evening from DeKalb County jail, signing autographs on his way out.
End news

Friday, October 19, 2007

The girl can get around: Amy Winehouse busted and then released after Norway pot incident

This girl better stop messing with her money (and her health and freedom) like this by not making show dates and getting busted by the cops. And this husband guy is SO not helping. Dang. I know, I know they say that "everybody" smokes pot in the Hip Hop and Rock industry but if "everybody" jumped off of a bridge would you do it too? Didn't your mothers ever teach yall rock stars ANYthing??!!

News from
Amy Winehouse was arrested in Norway for marijuana possession and held overnight, an Oslo police official said today (Oct. 19).

Winehouse, her husband Blake Fielder-Civil and a third person were released at around 7:00 a.m. today after paying $715 in fines, Prosecutor Lars Morten Lothe said.

The trio was arrested shortly after 6 p.m. at a hotel in Bergen in southwestern Norway, where Winehouse is on a European tour, after a tip to police. "They were found with seven grams (about 1/4-ounce) of marijuana," Lothe said. "She's paid the fine, so this thing is over for us now."

Winehouse was to perform in Oslo tonight, before heading to the Netherlands on Monday.
End news from
She's a great singer, great set of pipes. But I hope she trades in the pipes to save the ones in her throat. I wonder does marijuana (non medical my friends) use ruin the vocal chords after sustained use? I wonder...get at me with that one. An inquiring mind wants to know.


Nas talks about the other "N" word

One powerful black man

Good ol Nas, he's gotta keep his face on the Hip Hop radar so why not name an album that's SURE to strike up a little heat amongst the black elders and activists of the century! But all jokes aside...i LOVE Nas, his music is THAT THANG. He's raw talent and a true depiction of Hip Hop, honesty and lyrical daring embodied into one man. Love I hope his Album that drops late this year will be the hit in sales that his last wasn't. news story
In the face of mounting controversy, Nas has changed the name of his next album from "N*gga" (basically folks you know what they are trying to spell out here but they could not print the word Nigga on the Billboard website I'm sure so they opted to almost confuse people by still covering the story and making the two spellings of the word completely the same with the little * so if you are not thinking then it will totally throw you off. Duh.) to "N*gger." The rapper says the project will be released Dec. 11 via Def Jam, although that date could not be confirmed with the label at deadline."You ain't got no business worrying about what the word 'n*gger' is or acting like you know what my album is about without talking to me," Nas tells about the negative response to the album title from public figures such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson.Earlier this week, quoted a "source close to" Def Jam chairman Antonio L.A. Reid as saying the album was not on the label's release schedule. "None of us knows where that came from," Nas said.

The new album will be the follow-up to last year's "Hip-Hop Is Dead," Nas' Def Jam debut. The set has sold 743,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan
End story

Shar Jackson: Actress turned baby mama turned Celebrity Rap Super Star!

All that glitters IS gold and black for Shar Jackson, winner of the competition
(singing Missy Elliot's, "Get your freak on")

Celebrity Rap Super Star...well it can be better than a ghetto super star in her case. And that's because I don't think Shar Jackson would make it as a ghetto super star but then again neither would I. So she's not the best female rapper there is however Shar is certainly cute, confident, pleasant, and stylish. I think Countess Vaughn who had to self drop out of the competition for her own personal reasons has a better Hip Hop and rap sound but Jackson comes a close second with her bubbliness and unique charm. She the kind of adorable that's endearing partly because her personal life was publicly thrown to the wolves in the media regarding her past relationship with another wanna be rapper, Kevin Federline and she handled it so well. God must have been saving her from something!

Well I'm glad her and Britney got rid of K. Fed and super glad that Shar won the coveted Golden Mike over Perez, Jason, Jamal, Efren, Sabastian, and Kendra (who was in the final two with Shar)...Kendra yes is cute in a playboy dingy kinda way and yes she likes the Hip Hop culture but she aint got enough rhythm for this game. Oh and she kept forgetting the words so...nuh uh...but hey gotta give her a C for effort...but not an A.

Shar ended the show with Kanye West's popular, "Good Life" before the entire cast joined the stage to participate in Naughty By Nature's, "Hip Hop Hooray"! It was cute, it was fun, and totally not serious. I hope they didn't take it too serious that is. Oh boy...I guess we'll see.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Real Chow Baby- Restaurant Review!!

The Real Chow Baby
1016 Howell Mill Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 (with a new location opening at the Cobb Galleria Mall per website)
Phone: (404) 815-4900

I've been wanting to write this review for a minute now. I happened upon this hip Asian/American stir fry eatery earlier (and several times since) in the '07 with a couple of gal pals of mine on a girlz nite out excursion...well to my surprise and delight I found a place that's a hip keeper in my book of worthy dining in the ATL.

The REAL- It's a large dine in or take out colorful, busy, contempo meets 1940's, big band music playing spot for the finger poppin' beatnik chick, college jock, business junkie, maybe even the book club meeting to on one of the quieter nights, and casual meal stopper alike. It's a place where all the tables are for the popular kids and everyone is popular. All types fit in and are welcome. Probably just don't come in with a mangled face and tattered pants as if attacked by Sasquatch and his crew or anything like that ok.

The spot boasts of indoor and outdoor (with heat lamp...YES) seating with rather small, simple light colored deco tables, a long bar type set up where you choose your toppings to go on your personalized dish (if it's nasty it is totally your bad), and a long space set out for the long line that is sure to gather with the hungry and chatty in a single file to make that original dish. You put together your master piece and then give it to a chef to stir fry and walla the wait staff will bring it to your table. Each guest who orders is given a wooden stick with a number...your dish is recognized by your number.

CHOW- Fresh, fresh, fresh! Fresh veggies (HEALTHY!!!)chicken, beef, scallops and sauces to go on top of your dish that they cook all together. You can choose to make a wrap, soup, a rice dish (2 types) or a pasta dish with several types of pasta! And yes the toppings or ingredients you choose from are mostly fresh and they have a plethora of choices like: mint, cilantro, parsley, onions, scallops, celery, nuts, basil, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers, water chestnuts, raisins, carrots, peas, broccoli, green beans, eggs and SO much more. You can smell the garden in here people and you are sure to find something for you!

Oh BABY!- Yum! Belisimo! Well that is up to you really. If you choose the right sauce and toppings combo then your little chef sensation will be a delight. They have suggestions at the top of a large wall menu that helps the non creative of the world (dang right braineders...) with good combos for classic or The Real Chow Baby's custom dishes that have found favor in foodies eyes. Now personally since I like to be inventive and go against the advice of the wall, I've made some dishes...lots of them actually and uh...I've had some hits and some misses...but the great thing is since this is an $11.95 all a mug can eat type of deal..."If at first you don't succeed...dust yourself off and try again..." in the words of the late and great, talented Aaliyah Haughton (still miss her). So yes do go back for more, seconds or thirds...I think they really want you to anyway...or maybe that was just my belly talking. The food is healthy so you won't feel like you are getting fat but I must be honest three trips to ANY buffet is cause for pants to snap and fat to ripple.

I enjoy most the peanut sauce combos (they also have soy, light soy, pesto, peanut pesto, a ginger type, etc.) which of course is the fattiest of the selection but hey that's what i like and "It's like that and that's the way it is...HUH!". Okay...enuff.

The Real Chow Baby: funky, fun, casual yet sophisticated, kinda Soho in flavor or atmosphere...I felt like I could be in a mock or bootleg China Town friends. So my last words of persuasion are..try it!! And I'm not mocking Vitamin Water...I love that drink...especially Formal 50 and Triple X...yes! Pick me, pick me for sponsorship (shameful plug) Ok I digress. But yes try this place if you want something new, healthy and totally different than what you are used to at normal stuffy sit down restaurants where you have no control...control freaks of America (not myself included...shut up.).


Jessica gets vunerable about L.O.V.E

We haven't heard too too much from the Chicken of the Sea lover Jessica Simpson since her divorce from Nick "doo doo head" Lachey about love. We've seen her date, possibly mate, rumors too, but not stick to a guy. So I found this article on pretty interesting. Jessi is featured in the November 2007 issue of In-Style Magazine and is open and real about love, past love and even the tears she's cried over it as she answers questions from friends, colleges, and others. Crying over love...dang...harsh but very real celeb or non. Anyway the full article on goes into her relationship with her close advisory sister Ashlee, talks about a new movie she is doing with actress Rachel Leigh Cook called Blond Ambition, and even delves a little into her character when she's angry...she's 100% non-confrontational. Log on the celebrity mag's website if you want the full scoop folks or better yet buy a copy of the new In-Style issue presenting the golden haired ex reality tv beauty who made MTV even bigger, Jessica Simpson!


News from
Love hasn't always been kind to Jessica Simpson – even since her divorce from Nick Lachey – but the singer and actress says there's something empowering about the disillusionment that comes with heartbreak.

"I've had my heart broken since my divorce," Simpson, 27, tells InStyle for its November issue, perhaps referring to her relationship with John Mayer (booo 2 John!!...although he does have those dreamy slow eyes...woopie!), which ended in June. "That's OK. I believe you fall in love more than once and get your heart broken more than once. Trust me, I have cried myself to sleep." Hmmm I wonder if she makes all men wait to sleep with her now like she did with Nick before they got married? It would be great...but since the demise of the marriage and since she sold out so much to her Christianity in her marriage and TV show (even her Preacher turned Manager dad sold her and her boobs media obsession) I wonder if she still holds to this value or feels the worth in it anylonger. Just wondering...

Simpson says she once felt like "the princess in the fairy tale – then reality came crashing in (awww...! Dady couldn't shelter her too much more after marriage huh??!!), and I learned that isn't always how life works."

Still, in the bigger picture, that may be a valuable lesson to learn. Nowadays, Simpson says, "I am in complete control of my life."
End news from

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BET weekend...if a little late.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enjoy the above BET awards pictures from The Life Files website.

Of course there were parties among parties among orgies (i'm guessing...but ewwww!) among club concerts, to private events to dinners to gun shots to stabbings to arrests...yes all during the 2007 BET Hip Hop weekend.
There were the classy events like the private party at an Atlanta mansion put on by Crystal Betts with Fifth Street Agency and hosted by Jason Geter (Grand Hustle of course) and Steve Ewing. Very posh with white suede sofas, colored lights, fancy hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, and flat screen monitors. Celeb guests like TI and Chamillionaire flanked the party bringing the Hip to the Hop amongst a mostly executive crowd including BET's Debra Lee, Alicia Renee, etc. This to me was the official BET party that you had to be at for the entire weekend. The Friday night was lights, camera and cavier as guests strolled in wearing high fashion dresses and suits and were whisked away by shuttle after checking into an exclusive guest list on the way to the sprawling nestled in lovely woods of Atlanta mansion. Idol Sweetheart Diana Degarmo was in good spirits and made an appearance after coming from another party hosted by Jane Fonda, Hot 107.9's Beyonce smiled and showed her face (I think she was flirting with my boy Marcus who sat with me during the list check in...hmmm), and of course there were many others.
So on The night before Kinky B, Jeezy's partner threw a party at the CW stage (The Loft) on 17th street launching, Hush Entertainment. The star artist for Hush is London a male singer. Charm School's Buckey slid through along with Ne-Yo, looking very normal in a baseball cap and texting on his phone and an always hype Jezzy.

Friday afternoon Absolute Vodka had a Style 100 preview which was all! Slim Thug came through (good photo opp) cuz he's SOO tall and SOO cute, Buckey again, Micheal Knight (fashion designer), Gorilla Zoe, Alphamega, Big Kuntry, Mac Boney (Grand Hustle forever boyeeeeee!), Carey Hilson (lil skinny singer, song writer) and etc. Ok I'm tired of writing names down. But there were lots of folks and even more fashion! Of course the celebs got gift bags with clothes and toys. The designs that were displayed and on hand were: Triple 5 Soul, Avia, Laced Up Boutique, Bond No. 9 fragrance, Godiva Chocolate, PZI Denim, Rocawear's 8732, Live Mechanics, OveRaided, Old Baby Doll, Grind, Riejunio, Omavi Clothing, Dap Rugget, Claire Sonic facial massagers, Nicole Miller lip gloss/ Andy Y. Celebrity makeup artist, IIWII Fresh, Fab'lous Lashes, Fonzweworth Bentley's new book "Advance Your Swagger", Love Happi home set, Nuevo Champagne, and more. Yes lots. I got to this one late so I missed some of the celebs gracing us with their grace and poise (yeah right) but I can say it was very well put together at Club Opera (which had the shooting during Trey Songs ladies night out performance the night before) and the had enough good food for the masses. But uh...they were a little bitty stingy on the dang give away bags...booooo! Boooooo!

Compound Entertainment (Ne-Yo's Ent. company) held a HUGE party on Saturday night at the Carrington House Studios on Marietta St. which is Ne-Yo's recently opened studio. Trina was there, Big Tig, Ne-Yo (duh), Ciara, Debra Lee (so classy and beautiful always) and other BET power heads, and etc. I was sad about this one because of my late arrival It was impossible to get in (unless you were BET or a celeb) but still saw many of the faces as well as a few fights going on outside of the gate. Trust me it was ugly. The Fire Marshall shut the party down because of the size, cars got towed, etc. Drama. But the show must go on...and it did for a long while before they shut it down.

Sunday was the velvet room, a DJ Drama Video Shoot, and before all of that an honor to Ludacris, Hill Harper and Frank Ski for their philanthropy and work in the community put on by the Martell Noblige tour held at Mercedes Buckhead. I was way too tired to go to this one however I heard it was swank.

All of the events mentioned besides the video shoot, Jane Fonda's party and the Velvet Room parties were partly run and planned by The Garner Circle PR & Marketing Events firm and S.T.E.P.S here in Atlanta. They are high class and did an excellent job with these events. It's not their fault that some of these events were a little's just what happens when you mix entertainers, liquor and music...welcome to the business. My hat goes off to Nicole Garner, she did a great job and held herself together like the femme diva she is the whole time. She's professional while being very kind.

Well the main event awards show that highlighted all the parties we will get to see on BET tonight. Will you be watching?!!

TI verses TIP

Man under fire

I've been careful about writing this one because of my love and respect for Grand Hustle Entertainment. Not to mention there are so many other bloggers and media dogs on top of this story and responsible for blowing it up that everyone already knows. So what is my little two cents worth? Well I believe it is worth more than 50 cents and so I say this:

TI, TIP, Clifford Harris and family I wish you all well, TIP can beat this. Many of us are praying. I know you are too. Please don't care about his money as much as you care about his life...without a life to live...what is the money you earned????!!!

TIP you have a bigger responsibility to the youngsters out here because of your swag, following and television appeal. They look up to you because their dead beat pops aint around! I really don't think that you are a danger even though you had all of those me naive but I don't believe that you planned to go out there on a mad cow shooting spree so I'm hoping this all will be resolved quickly. A powerful black man like you needs to be free so you can raise your family and be a blazing force of strength in the community. Because you've been to the trap you know how to guide the kids out of the trap onto a better life. It may not be rapping for all of them but it's not selling drugs for any them. That much you know because that is the same life you gave up.

It is my hope and prayer that the King's Foundation, your awesome non-profit organization which was just recently started this past summer will become a pilar in the community for young kids to help make a difference and keep them off of the streets. But of course leader, we need the man to lead by example. We all get caught up, it's ok, it's forgiven for it is your life to live but now you've got to take that same breath that God allowed you and blow from your nostrils so much positivity from this experience that it puts all haters to shame. Who cares about pride when your life is over? Ask Big and Pac if they could change things would they. You have been given many chances to keep living, not by man but by God Himself. We don't want to see our current hero, the King of the South to end up a shoulda coulda woulda. We need you. Within you lies so much power, power that can go in either direction.

The set-up that happened to you by your "body guard" is so disturbing and it seems unfair especially because the BET Hip Hop awards was one of your big nights! Hello 9 nominations is crazy man and we MISSED you. So how about no more good verses evil in the saga of TI verses TIP. TIP, it's a real battle but now we are fighting for the part of you that is real yet responsible. You've been through this before, I know you will use this publicity for good. We all saw you on BET last month going head to head about the Hip Hop controversy and your honesty was herald and appreciated. I only want to see you exceed and live to see it. To whom much is given, much is expected. God bless.

Colin Farrell's 4 year old son's first steps

Colin and son James

In a touching interview Colin Farrell shares his heart instead of his party methods. He has a four year old son with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, whom he shares custody. In the year when several stars are coming out into the open about their children's diseases and birth defects, (Tisha Cambell and Duane Martin, Jenny McCarthy, etc.) Colin shares intimately that his son James has a very rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. It is a form of Cerebral Palsy and affects walking, speaking and other basic neurological functions in the carriers.
But Colin's tears come from the fact not that he has the disease but that James just took his first step recently! The child hasn't walked since he was born. The attractive Irish actor shares that at that moment, "There wasn't a dry eye in the house" and that, "All the work done was James alone". He says that the child is very happy and determined and that he feels blessed and awed by his child's spirit.
While it's sad to see any child suffer from a disability or disease the positive aspect is that it shows that celebs are real just like the rest of us. They go through what many of us do except on a grander scale being in the spot light. Many times we make these television money makers out to be pseudo gods when really they are made of flesh and cry the same tears we do at times for the same heart breaks. It was very honest for Colin and everyone else with these similar battles to share this. Jenny McCarthy has even written a book to talk about it and give support to others. I'm very proud of HollyWeird on this one.