Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Runway Red Fashion Show, starring, Celebrity Kids!

The Camerons'
Mo Stegall (

Q Parker and his producer

Now walk it out
Fly at a tender age...
Little angels on earth...

A great foundation with a worthy cause

The Runway Red Fashion show brought smiles and relief to an entertained audience and HIV/Aids charity.

Kids of Atlanta celebrities like: Q Parker (112), Ryan Cameron (V-103 radio), Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (TLC), Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, (Outkast)and Atlanta entertainment boss royalty, Jermaine Dupri.

The kids ran the show, literally, as one adorable curly headed youngster ran down the runway, tripping as she fell to quickly get off of the stage. The great part is that it only added to the appeal of the show! The night opened with singing, dancing, and then fashion. Chilli and her son hosted the event and took turns sharing the podium with Danity Kane's D.Woods, Mo Stegall (The Self Show,, and others who spoke on raising money and education for the highlighted disease.

Thanks to The Garner Circle PR for the invite and for such a warm experience.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

D.Woods celebrates her birthday with Danity Kane, The Girls Club, Llyod, Gorilla Zoe, B.Cox, Rock City and others at Luckie Lounge!

Happy Birthday Deeeeeee!!!!!
She was very pleased with this gift
Me and B.Cox
D making a wish (cake was gooooood!)
Llyod, me, and Dawn (DK).

The Girls Club taking it back to the 80's
DK takes the stage
Gorilla Zoe and D
Danity Kane (after their performance earlier that day at Six Flags)
The Girls Club is here! (Shanelle, Aubrey, D, and Meeka Means)
When i tell you that Rock City took it to the house...they took it to the HOUSE!
Bangladesh (producer, A Milli)
Dorian (College Hill Atlanta)

D.Woods celebrated her birthday at Atlanta hot spot, Luckie Food Lounge on 4th of July eve. Danity Kane, The Girls Club (consists of D.Woods, her sister Shanelle and Meeka Means), Llyod, B.Cox, Gorilla Zoe, Bangladesh, Don Cannon, Mychael Knight, and notably the infamous DJ Jazzy Jeff on the spin, joined the pop star for a night of fun, 80's singing, and great cake! (red velvet ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery...yummmm i promise!)

The stage was ran by The Girls Club (a group with D.Woods in it) who took it back to the Madonna days (when they sang, "Don't Stop Believing" I swear i almost started crying like a wet baby. They did pretty damn good!), DK graced us with one song (but didn't seem so enthused...could be due to the irconcert earlier at Six Flags), and Rock City. Rock City tore it up and even had me jumpin' in a dress and heels. These boys are HOT!

Thank you to The Garner Circle PR (Daniel, go on and check my spelling...LOL!) for allowing me to cover the event. Danity Kane was very pleasant. Great job coordinating!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New TV show about how the Atlanta police do it!

actors, Angelina Cortez and Kal Cauthen script reading (photos courtesy of Access Atlanta)
Angelina Cortez (actress), Hattie Lemon (Co-Creator), and Chris Durant (actor) on set
ON the Camera: Carl Millender

"Atlanta Investigations: HD" (the HD stands for homicide division), is coming to air on Dish networks, Colours Network July 3rd! The show's focus is on real unresolved murders in Atlanta. YET it will not be broadcast in Atlanta. HUH?! Well not yet. We know that will HAVE to change cuz that would just be crazy.

What's exciting about this show is that it is the first TV show drama filled in Atlanta with Atlanta in the title. We've had NYPD Blue, Law and Order, CSI, and of course The Wire, so having a southern based show gives adds a new flavor to police drama. Mmmmm smells like waffles and fried chiken. And I like, i like! Meeting the cast, I have to say viewers have something to look forward to. They are all wonderful and devoted. I had a chance to interview and take pictures of the currently unpaid actors (they are troopers, they will not be paid until the show airs!) when they did a promo back in the earlier part of this year. I'm so enthused for them. Their hard work and determination has paid off as they've worked their backs off to get recognition and a spot nationally on network television.

Hats off to Hattie Lemon and Carl Millender, the shows creators, director and producing team who have fought for the dream. Currently the shows budget is $100,000 an episode, pennies...almost unthinkable in the industry, when other like television episodes have million plus dollar budgets, however that hasn't discouraged the AI team to make lemonade out of lemons. Right Hattie. (wink!).

the full story here from Access Atlanta.

Congrats to the team!
And thanks to Leighala J Management & Entertainment (PR & Marketing for the show) for the great news! I may go on set one day to give yall a lil taste of what to further expect from this new leading drama!

New York's HOT 97 cans big mouth Miss Jones!

I have to be honest. I hate big mouths. I mean people that always talk trash about other people as if they don't have their own damned dirt underneath their fingernails. Still i wish no drama on anyone. But apparently someone has on Miss Jones of HOT 97 in New York. Eyyyyyyyeah. She has been replaced by the lovable, Big Boy because he has better relationships with artists and is good entertainment according to HOT 97’s Program Director, Ebro Darden.
I heard that Jones has a new gig on some AM Philly show. So....good luck. Hey this may be a blessing in disguise for her. Who knows. Oh well...

Ruben Studdard gets married yall!

Surata and Ruben making it legal!

Ex Idol, Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants made it official this past Saturday as they jumped the broom in an Atlanta ceremony. Word is the two met at a Walmart when he was signing CD's as she shopped. I don't know what happened from there but the end result is marriage! Awwww shucks. Aint they cute?! He just seems like such a kind man so i'm happy for them. Ol girl better take care of him! There may have little to worry about since Rube was famously dropped from his record label earlier this year for lack of sales so it mustn't be the money she is after. Apparently Zuri, mother of one, has been around the block with a few different football players and industry power players BUT anyone can change and settle down with the RIGHT guy. She probably saw that all the money and good looks in the world do not mean happiness or love. Real love can still exist these days right?? Riiiiiiiiiight! Naw but i predict they will last. God bless true love.

See some video footage of the wedding here courtesy of

Social Addict (how come i wasn't invited Rube??)