Friday, August 15, 2008

Cri$tyle- the girl behind the music, and on top of the notes

Tricky (Cri$tyles Manager), Cri$tyle, and Christal (Enchanted PR) at Signature Sound Studios

Ice Cube says, "Today was a good day.", so I'll modify that to, "Last week was a good week." I traveled out of town for good times with friends in blazin' Florida, I noticed my hard work at the Kickboxing gym has finally been paying off (kisses her little budding "guns"), and I had the pleasure to meet and interview mega talented singer (YES she can REALLY sing, trust)/songwriter, properly penned, "The Ink" (pun intended), Cri$tyle at Atlanta based, Signature Sound studios. After our chat i was reminded why out of all the talent in the biz, writers fascinate me the most.

*Which artist that she worked with, turns out to be super cool and surprisingly undiva like?
*What's behind that fierce drive that's made her a new writing favorite?
*What does she promise to do that she's always wanted to do for her 25th birthday?

*Cri$tyle stays on the move, but what's her MOST favorite/enjoyable thing to do when she gets to relax?

So, The Ink? Is it THAT serious? Explain...

Well I'll give an obvious answer, she is in fact The Ink, because Cri$tyle is the powerful substance behind the music of some of today's industry elite: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Natasha Beddingfield, Chilly, Q Parker (112), Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy (new album coming) and even for the up and comers like, Teyana Taylor and Keke Palmer. Ever heard of the "little" well known Billboard chart smashing ditty, "Touch my body", well, yeah that was your girl Cri$tyle, shawty (...what? i mean she was born and raised in ATL and all). And the new, "I'll be loving you long time" another of Mrs. Carey's errr i mean Cannon's (which we talk about that a little in the interview as well) new tracks featuring T.I., which is hot, much to do with the girl who wrote it because without the words, there is no song. So yes, it is that serious.

Cri$tyle, on legal documents Crystal Johnson is the coolest girl next door i've ever met. Yet she's not really a girl, she's a woman who unexpectedly fits the bill of the Hollywood come up story, without all of the HollyWeird attitude. She remembers where she's come from and has the highest of expectations toward her future. She's warm, intelligent, caring, driven, and wears cool kicks! Billboard hits, ASCAP notable, engaged to her true sweet heart, traveling the globe, being an inspiration for young adults (giving back), and hanging out with for some of your favorite artists, all by the age of 24! Move over, Keri Hilson, The Ink is gonna write you off! You know what i like about Cri$tyle, she wouldn't even want me to write something like that. She is humble and has only good things to say about people (especially on tape, LOL!). And for the record, Keri Hilson is dope, but i couldn't resist the line. And the truth is now these other writers have some serious competition because Cri$tyle is a multi talented phenom. (click on the links above to listen to the interview)

Thanks again to Christal Jordan-Mims, the light behind Enchanted PR for the interview opportunity. She's an author, a PR manager and an all around positive person. I'm always proud to meet women like that!

Social Addict


  1. touch my body was hot. good look for her.

  2. i've heard of her. and man she can sing for real! the interview sounds good. it's good to stay humble out there.

  3. Nice song, but tired of Mariah. I wanna see this shoe game! What's up?

  4. Love reading the Social Addiction. This was a great peice on Cri$tyle. She is unblieveably doing her thing in the industry. I like that she does not carry the HollyWeird attitude. Christal Jordan-Mims is cool people and I know she will only represent people who's character is above reproach. Keep doing yo thang Christal!

  5. LOL! she kept it real clean on Nick and Mariah and Jay and Bey. Good for her.

  6. dang. everybody a writer now! can i get some of that cheese? how do they do it? i mean so if i wanted to get my name out there what do i do or anybody? see you gotta know somebody to BE somebody. dooooog!


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