Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gorilla Zoe, "Don't Feed The Animals" movie event

The man of the hour,Gorilla Zoe
Shawty Lo, Drumma Boy (hot producer, interview coming), a cute kid, Greg Street V-103 Radio, and Squeak, my boy! (Drumma's Manager)
Block, Rocco, Raw Report, Zoe, Raw Report

I liked Zoe's sound from, "Hood Ni**er". Unique voice. I dig him. But i never took him serious as an artist/rapper until last night during his, "Don't Feed the Animals" movie premiere at Atlanta's Movie ATL in association with his newly released album from Block Ent. Films, Bad Boy South & The Raw Report. (BTW why is it that Bad Boy suuuuuuuuucks but Bad Boy South continues to thrive...Maybe the Puffster doesn't run that entity so much. Hmmm??! I digress.)

Speaking of "Hood Ni**er", Gorilla Zoe showed his hood side on this project. No i mean REALLY showed his hood side. The movie featuring Zoe, Block, and a full cast may have been GHETTO but it was real. I appreciate Zoe's no holds barred approach to displaying the truth about the struggle of a shadowed past as he tries to change his life for his music. Add a little bit of drama, a not so kid friendly T&A scene (ummm WOW) and lots of HOTT music from his new album (which i will NOW be copping thank u very much!). Zoe did a great job with his character, himself.

View movie trailer here.

Before most the crew ran off to the after party at Tongue & Groove (the rest partied at The Ultimate- thanks Laura!), I got a chance to talk to Zoe last night, who had just gotten off a plane to hit his premiere, and he told me that even though this is his first film (Block's baby with Block Ent. Films) that he plans on doing much more acting. The main motivation for the movie came in from the album of course. Hey yall...wasn't he supposed to be the original "Biggie" in 2008's "Notorious"? Hmmm. Anyway keep an eye out for ya boy, he's definitely an artist worthy of respect for his originality. He pushes the envelope but not in an annoying way or as if in a desperate ploy for attention.

Buy the album out TODAY, you will not be disappointed! Here are two songs off of the record, one also featured on the movie ("Doe Boy") that i REALLY liked & thought you'd like to. I got the clean version but STILL not for kids please.

Gorilla Zoe, "Doe Boy" HOTT!! (have listened to at least 15 times today...i know i am an addict...)
Gorilla Zoe & Rick Ross, "what it is"

Thanks to Tahira Wright from Branded PR for the invite & sending the songs for me. I appreciate you and your hard work. Check out Zoe tonight on BET's 106 & Park!

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  1. Miesha nice peice on Gorilla Zoe. It's good to see him doing big thangs in the dirty dirty! And ummmmmmmm yes the Pufster must not be running Bad Boy South solely! Gorilla Zoe still putting out! I digress!

  2. get it!! good for you! glad to see a post on the blog with a comeback so thorough. not a fan, but great work chicka!


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