Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So i got prepared for MLK day's Hosea Feed the Homeless to do media BUT...

Tireless workers
A sponser with heart

I was pretty excited ya know. I had yet to be part of any of the Hosea Feed the Homeless events in Atlanta since i'd been a resident for several years. But i'd always wanted to. I did. I would call and contact but it just didn't seem to pan out anytime. So this year as poppa Martin Luther King's birthday rolled around i got a call from the wonderful Leighala Jiminez (PR/artist management) to do media coverage of the event that takes place yearly on Turner Field. I thought at first very selfishly...hmmm i want to sleep. Just being honest. Great thing is that good prevailed over evil (selfish) and i became enthused about participating in my first HFH event.

So on Monday i show up to the event right, i am pumped. I got to the media table and guess what? Oh press coverage has ended early. GASP, WHAT?! So i'm there, i drove, i've got camera and recorder in hand. What's a girl to do? Well i love lemons and lemonade so i made the best of it and decided to stay and see what else could be done. I got to serve! YIPPIE! I think maybe at first they were like, wait you're media do you really wanna? But to be honest i much more wanted to be with the people (at this event) in need then the media who can at times be pushy and shovey.

I'm not here to pat myself on the back, PLLEEEEEEEEASE, i have a long way to go in my servitude. I am nowhere near Jesus' example which is the ultimate so i will forever keep my mouth on mute on my deeds or how nice they were, seriously. However i wanted to write this to share because it was a fabulous experience. I saw so many men and women, families, yes children who just wanted something to eat. I fret about my car, and shopping for a new place to live, gotta have that guess shirt, and a super meals at a funky restaurants. But the crowd at Turner were just happy to get a little turkey (extra gravy please!) and VERY grateful! If you didn't know Hosea puts on several annual events for the homeless during big holidays. Not only do the people in attendance get to eat but they also are provided with showers, hair cuts/perms, medical attention, back massages (YES yall!), AND Marta cards? How's that! Some even took food with them. Gosh! I was just happy to be there and to see everyone smiling. It made my day even if for one day i knew they would be better.

Coca Cola
Honey Baked Ham

I thank them for their generosity. Sometimes we get so used to our sponsors that we barely blink as they continue to give (no matter the financial climate) but i want to let them know that we notice and i'm grateful on the behalf of those that benefited. Also to the volunteers...yall did it! I spoke to a lady who was there helping from 9 am till after 4 pm, on her feet, working quickly and taking loud orders the whole time. Those are the hearts that move this city. A black president can't do it all, but a city can, a nation can. I pray in these coming months we continue to work together and take responsibility for each other. We can make the world a better place, if even in your community alone.

Thanks to PR & media powerhouse A.B.C Associates Entertainment. Dee Dee i'm so glad we finally got to meet. And Crystal B took great care of me. Yall are such a family and i love that! I met great people AND had fun.

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  1. Wow neat... I haven't done the Hosea feed the homeless in such a long time. This article definitely makes me want to get out there and serve. Isn't that what our president is asking of us.
    Thanks for sharing!


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