Thursday, May 14, 2009

"She" did it!

Guest and Belle of this ball, Sheree Whitfield!

Being a Hartwell is just so damn sexy! I wanna be like Ed & Lisa when i get married!
Lovin Nene in my fave summer time color
Just CUTE!
MMMHMM...Angie likes them young boys! It's cool... :)
Jazze Pha, Sheree Whitfield, Vawn (acting a lil rude that evening...hmmm, and Jamal King of Steps)
An enseble that i favored
So what's wrong with being slightly naked in blue? LOVED IT!!
Crowd FAVORITE! Not only is the dress out of this world but the model WORKED IT.

Sheree Whitfield hasn't always gotten love from audiences or the media. I think her slightly icy, and my house is bigger than your house facade that she can tend to project tends to rub most sensible people the wrong way. But after the 1st season of the highly rated and entertaining, Real Housewives of Atlanta that made the single mother a Bravo TV superstar I don't think the glamazon much cares. Instead it fueled her to climb higher on the social ladder and create a fashion line that while not innovative, would turn heads and keep people least for a week. Hell...anything is better than her fashion "viewing" (as she calls that 1st attempt during our talk back stage after the show) that we all saw the 1st season of the show.

Anyway i was there this time around to catch EVERYTHING. All the celebs like the truest diva Angie Stone, and the tiny yet handsome Bobby Valentino, the groupies, the ups, downs, lovers, haters, decadent desserts and oh yeah...the FASHIONS! Except one thing...there really were no downs. Only ups. The show went off without a hitch and the the pieces were delightful! You go Sheree. She by Sheree...I'd totally rock her stuff that falls in the lines of glamorous, eccentric, simple and chic.

As i said before i had a window to talk to the very engaging and successful designer about the show, her inspiration and what to expect on the newest season of Atlanta's favorite gossip fest which Bravo was also taping during the event. She told me to expect, "DRAMA!!". Well Duh! Isn't that what we live for in "reality tv". Anyway audio interview attached. was loud as HECK back listen closely.

Here is to Sheree Whitfield's, "She By Sheree" clothing line. There is something for every fashionista on this line. Lets hope after all that work that comes straight from the designers brain as she told me, she will sell some clothes!

Thanks to Cherry Banez of Cherry Publicity PR for the invite and interview spot, also thanks to Michelle from Straight from the A website, I got the great fashion pics from her blog. I was not in a spot to take great runways shots and hers were great!!


The Social Addict (who's been a lil less black hollywood social lately & more involved with her friends...but i'll be back soon!)


  1. Wow!!! I am seriously impressed with Sheree this time around. She got her act together and doing the damn thang i must say!!! Great Pics! I hope she gains some humility!

  2. these designs look a fool. Only in ATL.... smh. Good write up though


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