Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vibe VSessions presents

Rock City, Ray (manager), Denise & friend
Yung LA and Jason Geter
Yung LA and Young Joc with guests
Jay Carter (right)
DJ Don Cannon keeping it movin'
Yung LA performing, "Aint I"
Julie Dexter rocking
Rudy Clarence (very friendly)

Kalene, Mz.Smith (sweet girls/group) and the host with the most, Kenny Burns

People that know me know that EVEN though i'm a social addict i at times struggle between going to events and being a complete homebody nerd. It's comical really...the battlefield of the mind, the imposing display of the two powers that go on in my brain. Anyway not to bore you with the inner workings of my mental, the moral of the story is that the social addict always over powers the homebody. I guess she is stronger. And that's a GOOD thing.

I'm glad i went to participate in Vibe's VSessions, a concert series featuring several up and coming artists that perform live in front of a sometimes non cooperative audience. It just depends. The popular urban magazine teamed up with Heineken deciding to bring their party to Atlanta's Loft in midtown providing beer for all who were thirsty. Kenny Burns made an impressive host and the fabulous DJ Don Cannon kept everyone on the floor entertained in between sets.

Performing artists to look for: DTP's Rudy Clarence, Julie Dexter, Warner Records’ Teairra Mari, and Grand Hustle’s Yung LA. They all did an impressive job! Rudy and Julie were very soulful, while Yung LA drew the most positive feedback and attention from the crowd. I definitely think he is the break out artist that Grand Hustle NEEDS right now. He's got...IT.

Popular artists like Ludacris, Young Joc, Slim (formerly of 112), and one half of the multi talented duo Rock City came to show support along with label execs and other personalities like, Jason Geter, Chaka Zulu and Jay Carter of Soul Fusion. New artists Mz. Smith and Kalene, teaming up with Diddy & Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane) making the group Dirty Money dropping their 1st album this fall, greeted media and guests in the VIP suite taking pictures and generating the excitement that comes with new talent.

Thank you to 135th Street Agency's Saptosa Foster for the access and of course to Vibe for hosting a great event. I didn't just come to cover the event and take pictures but i had fun. Woohooo!!

Social Addict

p.s. Yall who know Luda know that your man is in and out. I wouldn't call him a social butterfly by any means...and that's okay. That being said there are some pictures here that are missing however if you look up this event you will be able to see more pictures!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh man Love Julie Dexter!!! Great coverage on the vibe event. So i wonder if the new girls with Diddy are going to do a couple of seasons of reality tv. Diddy make me SICK! Danity Kane is over! For what???? Urrrrrrrrrgh!


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