Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yung Joc album listening party. Download his Junior album, "Grind Flu" here. It's free!

Joc giving a "friendly" side eye to Frankie as she grabs him...again. Hehee!
Joc at the booth looking checking out the deep crowd.
Frankie giving to D.Wood's assisant, Sebastian. She's just a happy spirit yall.

Yung Joc drops his junior album, "Grind Flu" at club Utopia in Atlanta. A large crowd came to celebrate the rappers latest release. Great DJ. And the super star got lots of love.

In the very NEW music industry tradition of giving the fans free albums to download from their website...the successful southerner Joc is also paying it forward. Hmmm maybe the music industry isn't so money driven after all. Ummm naaaah. BUT double hmmm...can it really be more about the music reaching the public? And HEY, does one work just as hard on the free album as the Best Buy $13.99 special? Well one thing is for sure...this is a sure fire way for the MUSIC to reach the masses much faster. Well i listened and i likiee. With features like Chris Brown and hood hero (so i calls 'im) Gucci Mane on "Posted at the Store" and "Birds" (take a listen to that..niiiiiiice.), Joc's doing something! So i aint mad at Joc. That boy is paid anyway. Zagga Zoooow!

Download "Grind Flu" on the free free here. Enjoy. Share it. All of that.

It's meeeeeeeee www.twitter.com/SocialAddiction Induldge bubbies!
Joc on Twitter at www.twitter.com/IAmYungJoc
http://www.swaggteament.com/ (artist label)
Thank you to Tahira Wright of Branded PR for the media invite. She's an honest woman in a crazy business who takes CARE of her clients (as her work proves).

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