Monday, September 28, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. introduces new music in 3D!

Dj, Roy Jones Jr., Dy & Dre (3D)
3D pop/R&B group (THINK: Chris Brown 3 years out but times 3 with good vocals AND rapping!)
Kevin Shine (A&R) & 3D
3D & Mrz.Smith having fun! I look forward to these kids' stories in 10 years. :)
Producer Challo & Roy Jones Jr.
3D & Twins, 2Cute. Event sponsor, Red Bull & Chik Fila
Showing them dance skills
What what?!

3D, Roy & Christal!

Boxing champ (yup he's still boxing!) Roy Jones Jr. has a gift. The gift is a 3 for 1 deal in the form of the multi-talented pop group 3D who are going to lure young people everywhere with their vocals, dancing and acting chops! If you can have 3D movies then surely you can enjoy 3D music so these Florida natives are spreading their southern love to Atlanta, their home away from home!

I attended the anticipated album listening party last night for 3D sponsored by fan favorites, Chik Fila and Red Bull along with a packed house of industry taste makers, friends, family (their mom & manager was also in attendance) and supporters of Roy Jones and his project. I drove through the ATL rain to attend and i was not disappointed! 3D is a new group bringing pop & hip hop to the high energy level that makes the kids dance in the streets (& quite a few adults too!).

The guys (twins, sons of Roy Jones and their cousin, the lead and singer of the group) through Royal Records are looking at November for their album release to unleash their talent world wide. The kids totally took over the crowd introducing each song before it played AND also performing each song full out as if it were a small concert. Loved the heart! See that's why adults are lame album parties are full of head bobbing and less excitement while everyone is trying hard to keep their "cool" on display. Not these kids! Their cool was their fiery electricity. With songs like "Body Rock" and "Melody" it's hard not to get moving. On top of their upcoming album they also have been shooting for their "come-up" type reality show, allowing you to get to know the guys and are also shooting for a network comedy. They made a point to let me know that their music is clean and that sets them apart. Since they clearly have so much talent, when i asked them about any of them having a future in boxing, i got a hearty triplet response of "NO!". They said they work out and keep in shape and spar in the ring with their mentor Roy but don't have any plans on taking it up as a career. These boys are fun yet very mature in the way they communicate! Impressive.

Talking to Roy was a joy to talk to and too much fun. Not only did he have me in stitches, he had the entire crowd rolling. He did share with me personally that he is STILL boxing and "beating up people who don't listen". LOL! He had a match 2 months ago, has one December 2nd in Australia and just signed papers for another next year February. While Roy loves the entertainment industry and takes his position seriously as a role model that teaches the boys to stay out of the streets, choose the right path from jump & learn from his experiences, he still lives for the sports world over music any day. I guess "beating people up" is where his treasure lies. And since this man is a former champ i say go forth...he's proved he's good at it! This man has a gift for building champs inside and outside the ring! Much success to Mr.Jones and the energetic 3D!

Thanks to Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR for the personal invite. This woman works hard taking care of her clients. Phenominal!

Above is some video i shot of 3D in performance mode at their party. Hear sample music,see the moves & a surprise! (studio was a bit dark)

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  1. Oh they are so cute! And that little boy can sing. I agree they are talented. Nice event. I need to always know about these things girl. LOL!

  2. My kids would love these boys. I'm down with clean music. I will have to remind myself to get this album when it comes out. Seems like a winner!

  3. HOLLA! I went to the party. I DJ on the side. These boys are tight. Roy was funny as hell too that night. HAHA!

  4. I'm an old dude (LOL!) so I can't get with this stuff right. But they are good so I'll give them that respect. Do it big lil homies!

    So that dude still boxing? Yo Roy be killin'em mane!

  5. "Momma said knock you out" Gone Roy Jones Jr. inside the ring and out of the ring he is doing his thing! I definitely see great things happening with 3D. They got me wanting to do the "Body Rock" Great write-up ! Christal girl keep doing your thing! Kinda sad I missed this! Okay Okay from this point on I will stop being a bomb! Hold me too it!!


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