Friday, September 4, 2009

This is why Ludacris is a young business mogul in the making...

Grammy winning Luda with gifting suite sponsor, Peroni (Italy).Actresses Jazsmine Lewis and Terry Vaughn came for Luda's private dinner in the upper level of Stratis
DTP artist Rudy (the kindest & most humble cat)
Designer Mykael Knight enjoying getting his hands right, one of the offered services at the gifting suite
Mz. Shyneka (Hot 107.9) and Celebrity attorney Phaedra Parks
Chaka of DTP & Gyant ( with Conjure (Cognac)
The fabulous Kenny Burns
Celebrity guest getting fitted for a custom suit, another premiere service offered
Athlete and guest
Drink up!

I love Cognac. Did i ever tell you that? No? Oops guess i failed to mention. Don't want to come off as the writing lush. But since we are going to talk about drinks, let's go there. I LOVE cognac! I can mix it with coke, juice, oooh and don't let it be vanilla cognac...boooy stop. It's a wrap. I'm good for the night. Well in a world where vodka often rules, it looks like i'm not the only one with an appreciation for that fine "brown liquor". Popular rapper, movie star, philanthropist and business owner, Ludacris is growing in his celebrity and continuing to expand into more intellectual pursuits. One of the artists latest business moves is as the face of a new Cognac, Conjure. He even went to France to test the waters and assure the product he was attaching his name to was the best of the best. And what a great time to begin to unveil Conjure but at his annual LudaDay Weekend. LudaDay Weekend starting on a Thursday (if you are in entertainment you know all weekends start on Thursday anyway) opened up to an exclusive and PRIVATE luxory gifting suite in his famed ATL restaurant, Straits. Straits is a wonderful development in midtown offering a casual or even a more fine dining experience boasting multi-levels and private rooms.

The gifting suite held in the basement of Straits, offered manicures, massages, tailoring, tasting sponsor Peroni Italian beer (very light), video gaming, gifts and more! Great experience. Luda was joined by several friends and celebrity guests who also joined him upstairs for an exclusive (closed off) dinner. I was upstairs for a while to capture some of the dinner. It was all quite lovely. Afterwards Luda and DTP took it to club Opera to host their party. And you know it was jumping right?!

I really respect how Ludacris is setting himself up to be quite the all around entertainer. He is a young mogul in the making, branding himself but only in the wisest of directions (wonder who his lawyer and business manager is?). Love that. But i expect nothing less from a Virgo...they sure know how to keep that paper coming!

Ludaday Weekend is set aside every year for parties and events centering Luda Chris Bridges. This year he even gave away 20 Nissan cars to people in need, having them write an essay on why they should win a new vehicle. Follow Ludacris & LudaDayWeekend on Twitter to find out more about the other events going on this weekend such as: DJ Appreciation party & hosting a party at club Primal (today), tomorrow's party at Uptown Lounge w' blogger Necole Bitchie (also part of her 3 city birthday party series) & more. I'll be out of town for Labor Day so the other LudaDay Weekend events will miss me, due to my own pre-planned fun on the sun trip. I'm going to the beach babbbby! Wherever you are going to be this weekend, enjoy your holiday darlings. Be safe!

Special thanks to The Garner Circle PR & Branded PR for the event set up & invite.

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  1. NICE! It's true Luda is doing big things. His movie is out today too. Will go see it next weekend. Luda is hot!

  2. I've been to Straits. They have good drinks. Pom martini is so good. LOL! I wish i would have known to be there last night to see Luda and all the other pretty faces like Kenny Burns. Were there some some good looking men there too?? Haha!

  3. Luda's a Virgo, so I already know, he's about his business! If this name is attached to it, he wants it to be worthy, understood Luda! I attribute his giving nature to him being born in Chicago, lol, I mean arent all the greatest people born there? I mean duh! ;)

  4. Luda is so fresh!

  5. He is doing big things. Good post. And love the pic of Ludacris in those shades!


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