Sunday, October 11, 2009

BET Bang: Style Suite AND were there TOO many BET parties over the weekend??

Fun marketing behind my new fave t-shirt line, Sugar Mafia. Sexy designs! I got one & will be getting more! Check them out at

Some of the best cup-cakes in the south...hands down! If you are in ATL and don't know about those Cami Cakes...shame on you! Over a dozen flavors. Check them out at
Konvict Music singer, Ray Lavender
Entertainment Lawyer, Phaedra Parks
DJ Don Cannon & Rich Boy
Raheem Devaughn (I still go CRAZY when i hear "YOU".)
Designer Mychael Knight

Comedian Joe Torrey

Drinks on the HOUSE!

DJ showing love

More Sugar Mafia!

Adidas Campaign
Hair & make-up station.


In the tradition of the BET Hip Hop Awards the Atlanta annual style suite helped to set the tone the night before the awards. This year's suite lounge was bigger and grander than last year. Because if you are going to do it again, you MUST do it better. Check out who came and what goodies were given. I got to indulge as well and above shared a couple new favorites that i fully plan to support. YAY! The above pics are people that i caught the hour that i spent there but there were other attendees of the goodie bag festivities like: Lil Duval, Sheree Whitfield, OJ Da Juice Man, Toccara, Tameka Cottle, Toya Carter, Eva Marcille, Lance Gross and more. And hello who doesn't like GOOD free stuff? The Garner Circle secured partnered w' some great vendors!
As you know there were SO many events going on during the weekend. Probably too many as to where they began to sabotage each other in a fight for crowd attendance! I also stopped by the Gentleman Jack Lounge at the Compound Friday evening that was supposed to be a luxory affair put on by Grand Hustle's Jason Geter and Bu (Konvict & Def Jam) however i didn't see them there (you know celebs show late & if it's not poppin' like they like, not at all) then it rained like crazy & to add to my dismay, the DJ only played down south music. HOWEVER the club is looking great & there was plenty of drink in the house if you like that strong dark know the kind that tends to get a PYT in trouble. But no worries i went home el-solo that night kids. I knew i had a busy Saturday ahead. I refused to let BET weekend take over my life as i did in years past. You just grow up and what is most important to you changes. As a whole, BET Hip Hop weekend in Atlanta was ok. I have a little feeling that in a couple more runs they will put the red light to the southern hip hop production of these awards. We'll see...

Thank you to the Garner Circle for the invite. Known for cating such clean events!
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  1. Raheem can get it! LOL! So could Ray.

    YES ATL! I like those Sugar Mafia shirts myself. Thanks for the website. Very cute.

  2. I want to know about any fights during BET weekend. Where's the drama with all those niggs in the same area? LOL!

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