Monday, October 12, 2009

D.Woods CAN sing AND rock!

D.Woods enjoying her album listening party

Brian Patrick Davis and Meeka Means
Supporters and Sebastian (The Celeb Assistant)
Twins 2Cute doing as kids do...and they are too cute!

This past weekend was of course the BET Hip Hop weekend that has been held annually in Atlanta during the past few falls. Well D.Woods, formerly of Danity Kane is coming out with her official solo project and what better timing than to do a listening party preview than while all of young black Hollywood is in town anyway? Wise move.

The event was packed. One look at the crowd and you could see that she was surrounded by true friends and not just fly by night followers. Food, drinks, good company and most importantly dope music. The dancer and writer can actually sing and if anything i believe being in the confines of the popular all girls group that abruptly dismantled last year took away from that fact. She is able to shine better as a solo artist. She's got some fun tracks, love tracks, club bangers all thanks to great production and a convincing sound. She's not Beyonce. She's not Amerie. But does she have to be? D is confidently driving in her lane that makes many sharp turns but will bring her toward musical success. Plus she's so gracious it's hard not to luv her.

Look out for more news on D.Woods here in the coming weeks AND of course look out for her album, The Grey Area dropping December 8th. Yehaaaw right before my birthday! I'll let yall who haven't, hear a couple be the judge. Look out!

Social Addict
Indulge (all the filling, 0 calories)


  1. I think D.Woods can sing. I did before but did see how the group cut her out a little. I wish her all the luck!

  2. NICE! I want to hear more about her. I still hate that Diddy ruined the band. But everything happens for a reason. I'm not sure if this girl can hold an entire album on her own. Lets see if she has loyal fans. I want to hear more music. I look forward to the track samples Social Addiction!


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