Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New TV show about how the Atlanta police do it!

actors, Angelina Cortez and Kal Cauthen script reading (photos courtesy of Access Atlanta)
Angelina Cortez (actress), Hattie Lemon (Co-Creator), and Chris Durant (actor) on set
ON the Camera: Carl Millender

"Atlanta Investigations: HD" (the HD stands for homicide division), is coming to air on Dish networks, Colours Network July 3rd! The show's focus is on real unresolved murders in Atlanta. YET it will not be broadcast in Atlanta. HUH?! Well not yet. We know that will HAVE to change cuz that would just be crazy.

What's exciting about this show is that it is the first TV show drama filled in Atlanta with Atlanta in the title. We've had NYPD Blue, Law and Order, CSI, and of course The Wire, so having a southern based show gives adds a new flavor to police drama. Mmmmm smells like waffles and fried chiken. And I like, i like! Meeting the cast, I have to say viewers have something to look forward to. They are all wonderful and devoted. I had a chance to interview and take pictures of the currently unpaid actors (they are troopers, they will not be paid until the show airs!) when they did a promo back in the earlier part of this year. I'm so enthused for them. Their hard work and determination has paid off as they've worked their backs off to get recognition and a spot nationally on network television.

Hats off to Hattie Lemon and Carl Millender, the shows creators, director and producing team who have fought for the dream. Currently the shows budget is $100,000 an episode, pennies...almost unthinkable in the industry, when other like television episodes have million plus dollar budgets, however that hasn't discouraged the AI team to make lemonade out of lemons. Right Hattie. (wink!).

the full story here from Access Atlanta.

Congrats to the team!
And thanks to Leighala J Management & Entertainment (PR & Marketing for the show) for the great news! I may go on set one day to give yall a lil taste of what to further expect from this new leading drama!


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