Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ruben Studdard gets married yall!

Surata and Ruben making it legal!

Ex Idol, Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants made it official this past Saturday as they jumped the broom in an Atlanta ceremony. Word is the two met at a Walmart when he was signing CD's as she shopped. I don't know what happened from there but the end result is marriage! Awwww shucks. Aint they cute?! He just seems like such a kind man so i'm happy for them. Ol girl better take care of him! There may have little to worry about since Rube was famously dropped from his record label earlier this year for lack of sales so it mustn't be the money she is after. Apparently Zuri, mother of one, has been around the block with a few different football players and industry power players BUT anyone can change and settle down with the RIGHT guy. She probably saw that all the money and good looks in the world do not mean happiness or love. Real love can still exist these days right?? Riiiiiiiiiight! Naw but i predict they will last. God bless true love.

See some video footage of the wedding here courtesy of myfoxal.com.

Social Addict (how come i wasn't invited Rube??)

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