Friday, January 16, 2009

Robert Townsend rolls out the purple carpet for, "Diary of a Single Mom"

"Hollywood Shuffle"
"Meteor Man"
"Carmen" (2002)
"The Parenthood"
And who can forget "Five Heartbeats"? "Night like this....I...wish..." (drunken Eddie...)

Those are all projects that Actor/Director/Producer Robert Townsend has been involved in. Well now he's taking his Hollywood hat and using it to better one of the most influential group of people in our midst; the single moms. Robert allows viewers to take a closer look at these sometimes unsung hero's lives, struggles and victories in his near webisode formatted series.

Mini interview with Robert Townsend about his new series
Mini interview with B5 band member Dustin about the direction of their new album after Bad Boy drop

Yes the internet. "Diary of a Single Mom" is a web tv show with all the fixing of normal tv but available at any time on the web.

I went to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Bishop Eddie Long) last night not knowing what the expect and came out of there excited about Monica Calhoun's incredible acting (GREAT JOB!) and the future of web tv! The 12 (so you can watch it even on a work break) minute per episode series launches on January 29th on www.Pic.TV. PIC founded by Ray Ramsey, allows webshows to air on their network as would a regular tv show. Come on now technology! Anyway thus far Townsend and crew have amassed 8 episodes, the 1st 4 you will be able to see on the date above. So check it out. Single mom or not you will LEARN and be inspired (unless you are "Heartless" as Kanye vocodes)!

Thanks to Leighala Jiminez (PR) for the information as well as Shed Jackson at Franklin Media Group

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