Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to Dreamland. From Atlanta to the world with Vawn & Drumma Boy

Drumma & Vawn

Chopped it up at Justin's restaurant with Vawn & Drumma Boy (Jazze Pha was mia), creator and super producer team of welcome to Dreamland, a reality TV show competition to find a female winner with the best overall musical package. Welcome to Dreamland isn't a stranger to television. The show got it's successful start on Atlanta's own local, Peachtree TV. Due to the shows success it was picked up to be re-run on BET for national viewing. Loving the good news.

A better judging team couldn't have been put together for the show. Drumma Boy, the cool, hit winning producer who keeps turning out hit after hit for major artists battles his team against the equally award winning, world famous and energetic Jazze Pha. The two producers have two different styles as they put these girls to the test in a boot-camp like tough love fashion at times but they both have the same goal, make a star!

Catch the show Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. on BET. If you missed it last season or even a few is your chance. If you have already seen it, you can look for season two coming soon to BET. Either way, show support.

Watch the video attached above to find out more about the show as well as what Drumma Boy has been up to musically. He also has some GREAT guidance for the up and coming producers. He gave major love with this one, many thanks.

The audio is here for those who are solely listeners.

Thank you to Rahiem Shabazz for the info & camera work, World for the editing and Keisha McCotry of Prominence Marketing Group for the interview.

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