Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash 13!

Tip, always cool
Shawty (comedian) is kinda starting to itch a little bit like a male groupie . Yes they are real and will bite off of yo success. Watch out now!
Monica and her man Rocko
The Dream (real cool, TALENTED cat, but he giggles when he laughs...hmmmm...)
DJ Drama and some of the Aphilliates
The original Akon, with his big 'ol 5head
A sneak shot of Usher...daYum yall...i tried
Diamond feeling fabulous!
JC new singer from Block Ent.(new video just dropped but he's still nice and not Hollywood, YET!)
Ohhhh Yung Ralph, will you and your borrowed bling still be around in 2 years luv??
Gorilla Zoe why doest thou hide behind said shades?
Webbie after his performance
DJ Kahlead was on fire yall...that boy talks fast and has ADD (speculation)
OMG! Gucci mane was a sight to behold...not a good sight though. Sorry Gucci. Can you spot me like $150 though?!
Producer, Bangladesh- man with the hot tracks!
Richie Rich...but uhmmm what does this kid do again? And why does he act so quiet and so cool? And why does he get invited to all the big boy parties? Please protect the children yall...okay?!
Producers, mix tape masters in the HOUSE!
Hot 107.9 holds it's annual birthday bash every summer highlighting some of the industry's most celebrated artists and performers at the time. This was my 1st birthday bash and one word to describe the festivities is...CRAZY. There was some good, and some not so good. But the worst part of the night was honestly self inflicted, my feet hurt like bees made a nest in my toes (stupid cute shoes!), and me losing my car for almost 40 minutes once i left the actual show did not help! It was a bit of a media circus at the Phillips Arena (event held) but once i snuck backstage it worked out a little better for me, so i'm not complaining.
Other attendees were:
Kanye West (i hate that his folks pretend he is the second coming of The Christ. He's the BOMB but c'mon people. We all use the restroom the same way.)
The Game
The Grand Hustle Fam (Lil Duval, Big Kuntry, Hannah Kang, etc. you know they roll deep.)
Best performance:
Jeezy. He took OVER the stage this year. No doubt.
Game is a close second as we got to see him bring some kids on the stage. So maybe he's not always a heartless bastard yall.
Who i would have loved to see:
50 (that boy survives on beef alone!)
Weezy (Duh!)
Keisha Cole (cuz "i wanna be the one in your heart that you know is sent from Heaven...", she's a cool chick.)
Thank you so much to Tahira Wright from Branded PR for allowing me to cover this event.
And thanks to Gyant from SOHH Atlanta for looking out for me.
Social Addict (yeah i keep changing thangs around here. So!)

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