Friday, June 20, 2008

New Music Video: Block Entertainment's JC's "Nobody gotta know" feat. Gorilla Zoe.

JC (right)
Chingy looks tasty
Damn that Richy Rich...but glad to see he's drinking a coke and not snorting it...
A dress made for a Princess
College Hill Atlanta fame (both kids starred in the video)
Shooting a scene (we also got Ashley from College Hill straight ahead)
Crystal (in the red from: Flava of Love, Charm School Girls) was the female love lead in the video. she's a cool chick, so far.

Video above. "Nobody gotta know" JC feat. Gorilla Zoe.

And here's a little bit of what i filmed at the actual shoot. It's just a minute. Maybe I'll shoot and direct videos one day! ;)

I got to be on this video set (my 1st one yall so be happy for me!) to take pictures and check out the scene during the shooting. Director Devin Hampton was a MAD MAN on the set but he got the job done!

JC has a nice voice and he's down to earth so i hear from his friends. But i also had the chance to discover this myself
when i spoke to him at his first Bday Bash (Hot 107.9 radio) appearance less than a week ago (listen here about his new album and Bday Bash)! He's not Hollywood at all and i hope it stays that way but who the hell knows. In this business many things come and go. Here is to JC and a little staying power if you will!

Social Addict (what yall doin' tonight anyways?!!)

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