Friday, June 20, 2008

Family Feud? Director Tyler Perry verses Director Marlon Campbell

Is this the face of Mr.Nice Guy?

This has been all over the web (like TMZ who got the first scoop) and on TV too. This is the press release i got from Marlon's PR:

Marlon Campbell’s Publicist Issues Statement On Story. Tyler Perry: Talk to the hand, Cuz. Atlanta, Georgia June 18, 2008
---A story published on on June 17, 2008, headline “Tyler Perry: Talk to the hand Cuz.” Tyler Perry’s cousin, film producer Marlon Campbell along with his publicist issues the following statement. My Client, Marlon Campbell spoke with TMZ after an anonymous source leaked an ongoing feud between him and Tyler Perry to assure accuracy in what was to be reported. My Client issues the following statement: “After all my years of working with Tyler, I am hurt but not surprised by his unwarranted attack. After all is said and done, I will assure the public that I have done nothing wrong. I am in the process of finalizing my legal options and an exclusive interview to shade light on this issue.” States Marlon Campbell.

Marlon Campbell is CEO of Relentlezz Films/Relentlezz Films Holdings. His action, suspense, thriller, major motion picture film Oblivious is slated for a Summer 2009 release.ABOUT: Relentlezz FilmsRelentlezz Films and Relentlezz Holdings/Relentezz International Music Group is a thriving entertainment company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Marlon Campbell is the CEO of Relentlezz Films and it’s subsidiary. The company’s first theatrical release film “Oblivious” is slated for a Summer 2009 release.
For media inquiries please contact A List Public Relations, Publicist Pam Pinnock

Here are copies of the legal docs send to Marlon. Ouch!

Hmmmm. Well you know that I had a chance to interview Campbell earlier this year about his new movie, "Oblivious", and his involvement in Blaque's new reality show, "Black in the House", set to air this Summer. When I asked him about the PRESENT relationship with his famous cousin Perry he was pretty mum and only said, "We are not as close as we should be.". From there I knew but didn't pry. I must say however that he didn't pretend that Perry was involved in his current projects either, he was very legit. Well still, the proverbial ish finally hit the jagged fan and the two are certainly not kissing cousins. So what's up with Tyler Perry anyway? Yes if Marlon didn't ask to use Tyler's name he should have BUT still why is Tyler so mad at his family? He's a big 'ol Christian so what is going on behind the surface that put the man so up in arms?! Did he have to go that far? We'll find out why. More on the story as it unfolds!


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