Monday, March 31, 2008

Exclusive interivew with "Oblivious" director Marlon Campbell.

Marlon at the Ritz
"The Producers" (Joe, Marlon & Akbar) these guys are serious, and they are making moves in the industry!

His new movie may be "Oblivious" but Marlon Campbell himself is far from that. The multi faceted Campbell is completely aware of the entertainment world around him and in essence, the world seems to be his oyster.

I sat down with the marvelous Marlon and a couple of his business associates to start off my weekend. You can listen to our interview here to learn more about this man who has spent his career respectively both in front of and behind the scenes.

The cousin of the talented Tyler Perry, Marlon Campbell, grew up close to his family in the southern New Orleans. In a home ran by a hard working single mother, Campbell always had a mind for entertainment and success. He started climbing the ladder of fame singing in the group Shy Shy and C.R.I.M.E in the 80's and 90's. After singing Campbell continued to steadily climb the rungs of the ladder with: consulting for popular artist, his first television film and then he hit the stage as Claudius in Shakespeare's, "Macbeth" in 1996.

After meeting back with his cousin in 2003 acting as Tyler Perry's first film distributor, Campbell became the president of the popular online gaming company, 404 Gaming. But since film was a constant goal for Campbell he's recently started to put the wheels in motion for his first feature film, "Oblivious" to go into production this summer. "Oblivious" is the story about a group of young people whose lives take a downward blind spiral in a series of events. The exciting thriller is slated for a summer 2009 release date. But as important as a first film is, his movie is not the only thing on his plate. Currently Campbell along with business executive, Akbar Cojoe is involved as an executive producer of, "Blaque in the house", a reality show featuring the original members of the R&B girl group Blaque (with TLC member T-Boz) as they make their return to the music industry after suffering the loss of their beloved mentor, Lisa Lopez.

Campbell remains focused, wise and giving as he continues to plan, plot and make his dreams a reality. The new director plans to use his new movie, "Oblivious" as a monetary and social platform to bring more attention to crisis in Darfur, Africa. Basically that means he and his team are putting their money where their mouths are. I give respect to a man that gives out of heart and pocket when they are able. During our interview he speaks about Darfur and his plans to put his heart where it is needed in the relief efforts. To listen to our talk please click here.

You can contact Marlon at: to keep up with the new movie!

And if you've always had an itch for acting, Akbar Cojoe (producer) is who the contact for other roles in the film. Find out more here.

Thanks Marlon for our pleasant meeting. And thanks to Pam Pinnock of, A List PR for the interview opportunity. When Mr.Campbell's name starts to buzz even louder I can have the pleasure in knowing that I got to know him before all of the madness that is this business!

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