Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chopping it up in the studio with Rock WHEN is that album coming out again?

Rock City,Timothy & Theron Thomas at Artist Factory studio

...And if the brother rap, reggae, pop (yes they CAN do it all) duo had the a dollar for every time someone asked them that question...well they'd just have a lot of dollars. Not that they need them because trust my dudes have been in the game longer than your favorite popcorn candy rapper who stumbled onto the scene bringing mediocre music to the offended ears of the public. They've put in their time. So basically they are doing aight ya dig? Yet aight and even very aight is not enough for them. They are pushing for a monster success and courageously taking matters musically until their own hands despite the labels' (Interscope) hold on the album release. How? MIXTAPES & heavy personal Internet marketing! Don't you just love Twitter?

Since i think these guys damn rock (you get it ROCK City?? Ehh?!!) it's my job to tell yall why you need to go to their myspace and download their mixtapes and join the PTFAO movement. Most who follow the talented brothers know what PTFAO means but for those that don't google it and you will understand how that acronym is becoming a phenomenon within itself.

You can listen here to the talk I had with Rock City sitting with them at the Artist Factory studio in Atlanta one evening. We chatted about music, celebrity friends, movies, family, love lives, cheating men in the industry (yes!), the virgin islands, and when the FREAKIN' album is coming out...ya know just casual talk. That's what i wanted, for them to say their piece so i let them flow. These boys are hilarious, very real and serious about their gift which is not only writing for famed artists like Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson but singing and rapping. They are musical creators in every sense of the word.

The attached video here is a little freestyle action i got Timothy & Theron to give me. I'm tellin you...Dem bowyz they serious dae mon! Wow...ummm yea so maybe like i shouldn't try to do that again...i'll stick to my good ol' English. Anyway enjoy, support, rock to will love them. If you don't you're probably just a bum and that's cool. We need all types in this world for balance.

Thanks to Rock City manager Ray Daniels (dude you remind me of Irv Gotti mane...for really though. But don't be mad...Irv is paid!) for the interview set up. Every time i see Ray he is serving up a smile and i love to see it. Thanks to Sabrina Montgomery of Dream Catchers Entertainment, also part of the Rock City team. You hooked me up on the singles i needed, one that i attached to the end of the video ("They the effin BEST!", a Drake remake but dare i say better...) here. I will put out 3 other singles from the Sneak Peak mix tape next week on this site just because i can. :)

These men (and lady) are champions. Rocky City has wisely surrounded themselves with a team full of great energy & I enjoyed chopping it up & just chillin'. Sincerely to true artists, much success...

p.s. "Right About Now..."

Rocky City Twitter:
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