Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maff Test, musically yours...

Maff Test

Maff Test...i wasn't so sure about him at first, that's the truth. There are so many rappers or would be's out here that it's a task for me to get excited about a new claimant. I met Maff last weekend at a Greg Street (V103 radio Atlanta) and Dennis Byron (Hip Hop Weekly contributor) hosted pool party/Maff Test album listening event at the Block Lofts in Atlanta. Things were swinging and the day was winding down with the sun in a race close behind. And in he walks. The young Illinois (raised close to my hometown = brownie points) bred rapper sauntered into the room followed by a few of what i would guess to be his entourage. He was clean from head to toe. All eyes and cameras were immediately on him. Talk about making an entrance. Yet with all the hooha that followed him walking into the room and making such the fuss...he had a certain controlled poise about him that can be respected by the young and desperates trying to still cling to youth in an unfriendly industry. I hate the word swag (ugh too overused!) but as i dig into my "sometimes" bag full of rejected vocabulary words i pull out "swag" for Maff Test, Young Harvey born Jason D. Frazier.

So a strong presence is nice but not good enough for me. So what challenged me? I heard the music. And it's not that i like every song that Maff is delivering, not everything is always a winner with even the best of artists. It's his sound. It's his story. Meaning that he is telling a story with a great sound. Weaving a tale while sounding off is something that i miss in hip hop so when such is encountered my attention is captured. Plus he's a bit of an enigma. Somebody wise must have told a young Maff not to "throw his pearls to swine". Maff abided not one to over share or give all of his inner secrets away he remains a bit of a mystery fueling the curious to find out more on this new up and coming rap superstar. So meet Maff Test, a young man with a remarkable inner strength who is steady working his craft to become musically yours.

Will Maff Test survive the ugly biz and make pretty? You decide. Check him out on Myspace and Twitter. Really listen. (Check out Maff Test music. Look out for the song "BE" on his page.)

Thanks to Dennis Byron for the party invite, a journalist, a photographer and truly one of the most eloquent men in hip hop. His wisdom is appreciated.

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