Thursday, June 18, 2009

DJ Trauma birthday bash brings the drama

Men of Honor! Happy birthday love!
Vawn & Jazze staying fresh (Welcome to Dreamland on BET)Dennis Byon (Management) & Maff Test in the building
Don Cannon (That kat is funny...)
Friend & Ray Daniels (Rock City's Manager)
Drumma Boy (Welcome to Dreamland BET)Packed like sardines...smh but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (unless they were stabbed)

And not DJ Drama…well actually he was there too with his lady Summer Walker. But the kind of drama I’m talking about is the kind that sadly seems to erupt when you have too much testosterone in a packed place. The celebrity DJ of Hot 107.9 radio’s birthday ended with several men being involved in an altercation ending in 3 men being stabbed (via AJC). The first reports on the popular social network Twitter from some of the urban community were reports of gun shots and a shooting. The truth revealed the stabbing that took place right as Atlanta’s Luckie Lounge, the spot where the festivities were held, was shutting down for the night/day.

Well besides that I’m sure Trauma had a great time partying with his celebrity friends: Estelle, DJ Drama, Summer Walker, Drumma Boy, Vawn, Jazze Pha, Maff Test, Lil Duval, MLK, JD, Don Cannon, Ludacris (who kept a low profile…nothing new), Chaka and more. For me the party was just decent…nothing I hadn’t seen before in Atlanta, same ol. However lots of excited guests who wanted to be around celebrities (and pay $200 vip fees…WTH?!) showed out till there was no room to find your own face. It was hotter than Hades in that joint. Anyway happy birthday again to an obviously beloved DJ.

P.S. Late post due to internet down.

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  1. girl, y o y do we have to act up like this when all we want to do is support and socialize! so sad! glad you're safe!


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