Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Making the Band 4- We OUT the Door!"

Watch the after the show celebration and interviews!

Ok i'm guilty of watching reality shows like, The Hills, North Harbor, and dammit i STILL miss Laguna Beach(maybe i just love MTV)! But one of my fave's has ALWAYS been episodes of Making the Band. I confess that I watched EVERY blanking episode and was rootin' for my fave 5 the whole time: Willie, Brian A, Big Mike, Robert and Carlos. Well I was happy when all my guys except for Carlos (he needed to go home and focus on his new baby anyway) made it on Monday evening! Willie, Brian, Big Mike, Robert, Qanell (not a fave but a sweet lil dude) made up the band AND Diddy let Donny have his own solo record deal. Which i believe was a strategical record label deal for Bad Boy Ent. Bad Boy currently does NOT headline a white boy artist so Donny will be a new beginning. He of course was also the fan favorite when fans had a chance to vote for who they wanted to make the band. This guy made #1. I don't know if I believe in him enough YET to be a true R&B or pop artist craze like Justin, Usher, or Omarion BUT the kid works hard and seems sincere. He's got this pure ol New Kids on the Block vibe going real strong. I expect him to break out into a 90's rendition of "Step By Step" as 4 other white kids from Boston join him on stage spinnin' around.

Now this is my concern. Making the band episodes have been happening for YEARS. And what sucks is that Diddy has fun finding the talent, getting the publicity and ratings from MTV, but spends little time to help promote and grow them as great & lasting artists: Making the Band with Choppa and Babs, Dream,(lil cute white girl group) Making the Band with Danity Kane, Cassie, etc. are not doing so hot right now. It could turn around but it is what it is. They get one hit and then it's done. The only talent that has done well recently is Yung Joc who basically is a hustler by nature so he gone get his. Plus Joc has such a vibrant personality that even though he seems to specialize in rap you may not take so seriously and pop your bubble gum to, you instantly like him and may buy his album. But everybody new artist is not skilled in "Hustlenomics" like Joc. My hope is that Diddy really uses this time to help these winners get a true career going. Right now it's not a good look and it's a reflection of Bad Boy. Maybe I should be his artisit development manager. He can stay at the A&R level.

1. Maybe you you think Diddy knows how to develop artists talents??

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