Friday, August 31, 2007

Sean Kingston is going to be a movie STAR!

Sean Kingston, the chubby youngster that sings the catchy pop hit with an island flair, "Beautiful Girls" has agreed to play deceased legendary rapper, Biggie Smalls (Notorious BIG) in a Diddy (Puffy...whatever you wanna call him) produced film. I would think it's an honor to play such a respected and still talked about, even 10 years after death, Iconic figure in the rap and hip hop community. I hope it is not taken negatively since Kingston does have some extra weight on him. But if he didn't he would not be able to be a true consideration for the role. Biggie's (Christopher Wallace) mother Voletta Wallace had a role in casting the movie and wanted someone who was a fairly unknown star. We just may get to see if the kid can sing AND act.

Kingston has dealt with lots of struggles already in his young life, like his mother being thrown in jail so a dramatic and deep film that I bet this will be, should be something he can sink his teeth (no pun intended) into. But besides both men being dark skinned and weighty the two entertainers don't have much in common musically. Kingston who is new to the scene is a cleaner artist lyrically (and said he would not curse in his song) than Big Poppa was in his high profile career. No matter how cutting the lyrics were, Biggie had some of the greatest rap songs of all times that will never get old AND will go down in history!! Our kids kids kids will know of the supastar that was BIG. You cannot deny his passion and flair for the game. I am happy that a tribute like this is being made for him. This film really has to be done well to get justice. I'm sure if Diddy is behind the scenes (and in front) due to not only his pride but his beloved old friend, it will.

1. Do you think Sean Kingston can pull this role off? If not do you see a better fit out there? I had a friend tell me that Guerrilla would have been a better match as far as look, for the film role.


  1. I don't think this new kid can pull it off. He's too clean. But I hope the film blows people out the water. Biggie deserves this.

  2. I would love to see Sean Kingston pull this one off. But if we were going for a look alike I would say Puffy knew he should have picked Guerilla for this one. We will see, I can't wait.


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