Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amy Winehouse is retreating

It all started August 8th when the woman with an Olive Oil body and big lungs was hospitalized and treated for exhaustion. Since then rumors of beatings, trouble between her and her husband and drug and abuse type addictions have been encircling Amy Winehouse. It was her own parents along with her in-laws that pleaded for the couple to get help and get off the drugs. Recently the 23 year old singer has cancelled her entire tour, including her September 9th performance on MTV for the Music Video Awards. Being that a chosen spot to perform on the awards is a good sign, Amy must truly need this time of rest. Currently Amy and her husband are checked into a retreat in Essex. Her husband says that he and his wife are getting better and that's the main thing.
News source from AP Entertainment.

I like Winehouse's voice. I even like the little weird song. I hate the beehive hair (even tho it fits her 60's blue's persona and image) though but hey everybody's got their own style. She is a little odd but the odd ones (haven't you met my 2nd husband Andre 3000??) usually make the lyrical genius list. I hope she does eat while she's in REHAB...otherwise the best of luck to her, spouse and family. May she recover fully and still sing her soulful heart out.

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