Friday, August 31, 2007

Britney Spears says, "Gimme More"

The world's youngest pop princess tabloid queen two time divorcee extradinair wants more...more of the music business that is. Britney's new song, "Gimmie More" is a fun, poppy, technoeee, white people's club JAM that WILL sell, watch. Now I don't think the kid can sing but she does have some good hits under her belt like, Slave for you, Boys, Toxic, and I even like Baby one more time and Lucky...yes i do. But she needed a new hit and britney is hotter than ever right now being the focus of everybody's attention so the song, good (it actually is good for Britney and much like what we are used to from her) or bad will be a hit. The media just can't seem to get enough of her but it looks like she's had enough of focusing on all of her problems so she's stepped into the studio and has not given up her music career. Despite everyone thinking she's crazy, I'm glad she can still try to be herself and do what she loves, music. I hope this song does well for her. She's got enough drama with the recent divorce and child custody battles so maybe this will give her something positive to focus on and put energy into. Kevin sucks and the world sucks for bashing her for every mistake she makes. Anyway listen to the song and tell everyone what you think. NOTE: When you get to the page where the song is you will have to scroll up just a little, the song is above the comments and below her picture.

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