Friday, February 8, 2008

New Atlanta Shows!: "Ladies in the Locker Room" and "Atlanta Homicide"

The locker room consorts: Ronie, Nicole, Joy, Hattie (on the bottom), Kristy, & Alexis striking a pose for sport Hattie Mae Lemon of Sweet Lemon Tree Films is at it again! The faithful, out spoken woman of film has created two amazing projects that I'd like to share with you:

One is, "Ladies in the Locker Room". An Atlanta based 6 women hosted Saturday sports talk show. These knowledgable, sexy ladies will be traveling to the the All Star (Basketball) Weekend in the other derty south known as LA this month to bring you coverage from one of the most major annual sports events around! "Ladies in the Locker Room" is good for the women who want to learn and hear about sports from a female point of view and a treat for men who like to look at a prettier face while hearing the highlights of the week!

The second is, "Atlanta Homicide" that can be likened to, "NYPD Blue" or "New York Undercover" (I used to have strange dreams about Malik lie!) but with a homemade southern flair. Think, "Big Momma's House"...but without the syrpy jokes or the fat suit...or the old people...or the...well okay...don't really think of "Big Momma's House" the movie...just think of the southern part. Wait..."Big Momma's House" wasn't even really taped in the south of Georgia. That was an was really filmed in a California neighborhood. Damn. Oh well. But since this tv show, Atlanta Homicide is being taped in the south, i still advise you to get your pecan pie, sweet tea and your bullet proof vest on standby for this well acted thriller!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Hattie, the creater and producer of both projects as well as the cast of main characters of, "Atlanta Homicide". I must say that I'd never met a more humble and loyal cast of any show in my experience. Some of that humility may come from the fact that at our point of meeting they had yet to go national. The show was still looking to be picked up by a televison network for season. I am hoping that the throes of success that this show will surely bring them will keep all the actors very real and as "touchable" as they were the day we met. Hollywood can do a number on the psyche...ugh! But I'm going to be faithful that any changes that this family orientated cast makes...will be for the better!
Check out the trailor above. And check them out when they officially hit the airwaves. As you know if you get this blog via email or feed then you will need to log onto to view. I my lovlies will keep you updated on both shows progress!

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