Monday, February 18, 2008

Chattin' with singer/songwriter, Cheri Dennis, "In and Out of Love"- exclusive Interview snippet

Cheri Dennis at her pre-album release luncheon at Atlantic Records in Atlanta

Cheri Dennis is a spicy pepper. First impression. Well aren't all peppers spicy you ask? Okay let me clarify. First, no, they all are not all spicy, hello banana peppers don't cause an instant wish for troths of chilled H2O. Second of all I'll liken her to a jalepeno pepper. A Red one. She's not only a hot and talented fairly new artist on the Bad Boy label but if you get in her face she might burn you up with her words. But don't get mad, it's only business. I found out during yesterday's luncheon, album listening party that she says what she means and I believe she mean what she says. And in an industy called music that's full of's actually quite respectable and refreshing. When she speaks you can tell that she is careful yet truthful in her words. She probably doesn't do phony too well. And that just might make some people a little mad. Good! I say enjoy Cheri Dennis, just keep your water bottle close by.

Okay so she's not some big meanie or anything. The tatted up femme who told me her closet is full of items with stripes, just comes across honest and learned. That might be because Cheri is not the new kid on the block. Yes she has a fresh record deal with Bad Boy Records but this girl's been around the musical block for a minute or two. She first was introuduced to the land of milk and money with the group, Spoiled. When Spoiled "spoiled" she moved to New York and her dreams came true! Well not immediatly. Dennis will tell you it's, a, "Hard Knock Life" especially for a woman in the industry. The good thing about this girl is that she's strong willed and got the heat of her fire sign Leo to back her up. She was featured on Ma$e's album, Double Up in 1999 with a few singles. She recorded, "So Complete" for Bad Boy in 2001, had a hand in the 2005's Duets: The Final Chapter, hooked up the vocals for Yung Joc's freshman album, New Joc City in 2006, and got her shot at her own album in 2007. The only problem is the album that was set to release was pushed back to February 26th 2008. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing really. Good things can come to those who wait. And Cheri has been waiting for years now. The music industry is in for a treat.

Bits and pieces:
*She's emits sweet sounds when she sings. You wouldn't even know this cutie is from rougher beginings in Clevland, Ohio.
*She writes and co-writes songs of present and past. That means more money in her pocket, brainy girl.
*She tells us that she thinks Bad Boy recording artist and now model for Sean Jean, Cassie is smart, a good person and that she'd like to record some tracks with her.
*When I asked her if she could be the spokesperson for Bad Boy talent since many feel that once you sign with Bad Boy your career is over she put down her mini bag of cool ranch Dorritos and told me that she doesn't feel it's her job to be that spokesperson. She feels as if Bad Boy is not her life because she's got so many other things going on, no time to worry. And she knows that she is doing what she needs to do as an artist and she's fine with that. Solid.
*She originally wanted to do alternative hip-hop and enjoys artists like, Janelle Monae, Teedra Moses, Prince, Kanye West, etc.
*Her album drops the same day that Janet Jackson's and Erykah Badu does. But Cheri aint sweating. She said, "It is what it is.".

Check out this interview snippet to learn who she would love to work with in and look for Cheri's album, "In and Out of Love" dropping on February 26th. Thanks to Gyant from Atlanta for the word up on Cheri Dennis' Atlantic Records event. Check him out...he also keeps it real.

The Juice ReportER (Cheri's got the juice!)

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  1. Miesha! I wish I would have known about this. Thanks for the info on Cheri Dennis and yes, she needs to get more love! (fellow Ohioian) Dont forget to tune into Clutch Magazine for my March interview with her. ;o)


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