Friday, February 15, 2008

Divan Restaurant & Hookah Lounge- Restaurant review

Divan Restaurant & Hooka Lounge
3125 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

These are a few of my favorite things: God's Love, getting a pedicure, showers, a good book, "Blockbuster nights", Grandma's cooking, Angel perfume by Theirry Muegler, Dancing around, pushing the limit just a little, warm blankets, sweet candy kisses that make your heart beat fast from a cute boy, sincerity, cute blouses with funky accessories, carmel/chocolate roobios red tea, being heard, listening to people's stories and figuring them out (which you never really do it seems...but i aim to try), my family, and Mediterranean food but specifically Divan Restaurant & Hookah Lounge's Mediterranean food.

Wow. I have so much to say and no words to say them at all. I truly struggle to write this review to find the most complimentary words to describe my complete fascination. But you know me, I'll try. Well, my friend and I were looking for something a little different to try for dinner one night. You know..."Just got paid...Friday night" and we planned to go find a new joint to indulge in. I've always liked Labanese, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Morrocan style, well...Mediterranean cuisine. I made some friends from Turkey a while back and they always swore that I could pass for a Turkish girl with the nose that God had given me. Some might think that's good others not so good. But I know what is great and that's how the Turkish prepare meals. OMG! My Turkish friend used to make this fish, these cabbage rolls, this rice...everything was AMAZING! Gosh I miss Ghulshan, she was a great such girl. She taught me how to truly appreciate food from another culture. I'm not talking the Olive Garden real authentic food made from someone who has skill in those other worlds. Well Divan Hookah Lounge has mastered it's craft, mainly because it is it's craft.

First of all, this is a place for friends or lovers. The atmosphere is very "nights within the king's harem": reds, purples, plush pillows, faux satans, long curtains, sensual paintings, and ah yes the Hookah pipes. Oh my goodness...okay well maybe more of a place for lovers but that doesn't stop many friends (who may be secret lovers) from filling the seats or the cushioned benches at this fabulous little house. You can eat outside, you can eat inside downstairs or upstairs, at a table or on a soft bench. It doesn't matter much, you will still have a wonderful experience. Just try it!

Okay, now the most important thing...the food. YES! That's it...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Try the hummus for an appetizer served with slightly toasted warm pita break, the flavor of the chickpeas and other spices joined together melt into happiness on your tounge. You feel as if this was made just for you and to your specific liking. And this is just for starters. When it comes to a meal here are some suggestions:

Pan Seard Tilapia basmati-herb rice, lemon buerre blanc, micro herbs

Saffron Chicken Kabobs saffron, lemon, yogurt, burberrys, and basmati rice

Lamb Kabobs Divan's special blend, yogurt, burberrys, and basmati rice

All the above is right from the menu so you can get a full understanding of what comes within these dishes. You will not be dissapointed in the seasoning blend and fresh flavors which mesh together in harmony with the basmatti rice. The fish is tender, the chicken is super and the lamb...ah the lamb is perfect! If you are a drinker, and i do dabble on the occasion, try the Strawberry Kiss, a blend of dark and light rums with chocolate, cream, strawberries and I potion because I fell in love with that drink. For something a little lighter, the Pineapple Upside Down Martini is a delicously classic blend of vodka, vanilla and pineapple juice with a bit of cream. Mmmm...warm and smooth. Since this is a hookah lounge (no not a downtown street walker!) many try the hookah sweet flavor filled smoking pipes which here is water filtered to remove the tar and nicotine, only a slight trace of tabacco is left but I'd rather be safe than sorry so I dissed the hookah smoking altogether...but it sure does smell good. Slightly less intoxicating than my Strawberry Kiss. I have to talk about that special martini again. Oh all other drinks have competition now!

Yeah everytime I go, I'm happy but when I leave, I'm sad. I start acting like the ex-girlfriend who won't leave. But it's not too sad because unlike that bad boy you had to let go of, this is good stuff. Fresh, smart, food and you are welcome back. My oh my...I've been charmed.


The Juice ReportER (Strawberry juice in honor of my new favorite drink...Strawberry Kiss from Divan!)

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  1. OMG, this place will have you smacking really loud yo! The food is off the charts for real. Once you pick the fork up that's it. You will not put it down until you are done son! I am dreaming right now of some original humus, talapia with basmati rice, lamb kabobs.... tender juicy lamb. Let me stop before I start chewing my tongue.


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