Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting to know Raina Shaw, author of "Ridiculous Situations"

I would describe author, Raina Shaw as strong, confident, smart, savvy, beautiful, and wise. Ms. Shaw is the author of the best selling, "Ridiculous situations". A dating and women's guidance book with powerful spiritual influence. I had the chance to get some one on one with her recently. This is a teaser/intro to the cool audio interview that I'll post up on this site next week. For now learn more about Raina, the female who's got experience in concert promotions for artist like : Yolanda Adams, L.A. Reid, Mary Mary, Kenneth Eric Benet"BabyFace" Edmonds, & Sean Paul. It seems your girl's got an "in" on the music entertainment business side of life as well.

Raina loves Jesus but she wasn't always perfect. I think that's what I appreciate the most about her, her vulnerability. She speaks to the ladies with a wise and careful voice that says, "I've been there my friends, and it doesn't work!" "Ridiculous Situations" is filled with honest accounts that many women can identify with either because they have been in some of those same situations with men who weren't worth the time or are currently bathing in that awful hogwash right now! Raina implores women to trust God, live pure, be happy even if you are currently single, and not to give time and sex to a man who you KNOW aint doing right by you. Ladies you need to hear this!

Men, don't think this is just for women because there is a little something for our strong brothers in the interview too! During our girl talk I asked Ms. Shaw about men, what's she's learned and what she wishes that they knew about women. Raina of course obliged! Guys is it true? What do you think? Well you don't want to miss it so tune into our chat and find out how she's got the goods on the guys who are selling some of that tainted "candy". And by the way, we know that there are good, loyal, Godly men out there and for yall grateful women say, stand up and be proud. We thank you for loving God and then us because it matters!

You can buy "Ridiculous Situations" right here. You can also purchase from other sellers like, Barnes and Nobles and, both online. It's worth the price, knowledge, and an easy read. Raina has a new book in the workings that is a financial empowerment book dedicated to women, and you may see her trying modeling on for size in the future as well. This woman is on the grind so keep an eye out for her! Thanks again Raina for your grace and for telling the truth. May you continue to grow as a woman and an advisor. Thanks again Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates for the interview opportunity. I learned much and learning is one of the major keys to life.

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