Friday, February 15, 2008

Kenny Leon's, "A Raisin in the Sun" brought to Atlanta!

Bill Nun
David Oyelowo
Kenny Leon Arrives on the red carpet
Montel Jordan and his wife
Angelo Taylor, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist and Slim of R&B Group 112
The cast, Kenny and ABC television exec

Fabulous! Incredible! Amazing! 3 thumbs up!
Seems like I'm enthusiastic right? Well I am. Earlier this week I went to go see, Kenny Leon's screen directed version of Lorraine Hansberry's original, "A Raisin in the Sun" at Atlanta's Woodfruff Arts Center and was wowed.

2004's Tony winning,"Raisin" did well at the Sundance Film Festival held in Utah earlier this year and is the 1st Broadway play to go from play to film to Sundance to Television! Quite the accomplishment for the film and 1st time director Mr. Kenny Leon. Leon is co-founder and artistic director of True Colors Theatre Company, a non profit theater company. Upon the cheers and admiration this man got from ABC execs that took the stage before the pre-screening film event, to the cast, and the full audience, you can tell that he is given so much respect and even has a cult following. Mad props to Leon, who did a phenominal job pulling everything together.

In attendance for the red carpet affair were: Audra McDonald (beautiful!!!), Justin Martin, David Oyelowo, Bill Nun, all from the film. Also in attendance were, Mayor Shirely Franklin, Monica Kauffman, Montell Jordan (coming out with a new CD May 2008...woo hooo!), Slim of 112 (coming out with a solo CD this year!), Angelo Taylor (2 time Gold Medal winning Olympist!), Hattie Lemon (producer of "Atlanta Homicide"), Bishop Eddie Long, and comedian Thea Vadall.

I went to the pre-screening but the official screening for TV will be on ABC, February 25th. Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sean Combs, Sanaa Lathan and Justin Martin make up the main cast. Let me tell you the two leading women, Rashad and McDonald, received Tony Awards for their performance, and I can see why. They were allowed to stretch their acting genuis in this one people. Very incredible performances by both women. Rashad made history be being the 1st African American in history to win a Tony as a leading actress in a play. Amen! However the entire cast was wonderful! This movie will make you think, and want to lead your family the right way. Grab your household and tune in on February 25th America!

Thanks to CoAnne from Soiree News for the personal invite. I'm so glad for the experience!

The Juice ReporER (chocolate almond milk juice...for an almost all mocca cast, except for John Stamos who played the "bad guy" in the movie but is still as cute as ever!)

Me and my lil sis being cutesy after the screening.

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