Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hellz Nawl! Parents, get your kids please!

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Hellz nawl! Parents get your kids please, cuz these children think this is so cute! In fact they think that they are creating "art" by the way they are moving and put it up on YouTube dang it! This is unrealistic and not ART! That could be my little sister, that could be your little sister, that could be your little brother, you catch my drift. And the boy and the girl need a woopin, not just the female. OOOH WEEEEEEE!!! I am praying that we create a positive pattern for our youth in this country.


The Juice ReportER (a lil hennessy with pomegranate juice please so i can get over this video...UGH!)

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  1. This is sex with the clothes on. What in the hell?? And we wonder why teen pregnancy and HIV is strong in our race. This is sad. That girl looked like she was 14 yrs. old and the boy no more than 16yrs. old. I think this should be banned from youtube.


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