Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan poses as Marilyn Monroe in "New York" magazine photo spread. But why does the media really find her so hot?

Lindsay, today left -Marilyn, then right

In 1962 vuluptous, tormented starlet, Marilyn Monroe had this scant photo session with photographer, Bert Stern. Such hot pics for a girl of the 60's right? But Monroe was on top of the world it looked. Well 6 weeks later she overdosed. Since it was her last shoot alive, the session was dramatically dubbed, "The Last Sitting". Money, power, look...death?! Who would have guessed it?

It seems that if you are beautiful and rich that the whole world expects that you are happy. Well in modern times we our young Hollywooder, Lindsay Lohan, another hot self made blonde with a troubled life. And guess what? Bert Stern took these same photos of the see through fabrics that forgettably "cover" the young stars ogled bod. In fact it was Stern's idea to shoot and choose Lohan. So are is this spread the depiction of art filled seduction or a deeply wounded sad female soul on the edge? There are several more pictures that will "grace" the pages of the magazine (New York) hitting stands on February 25th. Yes Lindsay has reached this type of fame, but is it because she is just that talented or is it because she's cute and her life is surrounded with drama? We all have our opinions don't we?

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