Tuesday, February 19, 2008

T.I. is in court today, the BIG trial begins

I know you haven't forgotten what today is. Today is Tip's first day in court. His orginal court date was pushed back until this very day, causing of course frustration for the well missed rap sensation who wanted to get the ball rolling on his illegal weapons case. Well i really REALLY miss T.I. and am anxious for this trial to begin as well. I know that there's mucho negativity out there about the ghetto supastar, false or true but from this end, what's done is done, now is the time to send support.

Tip, who recently spoke with MTV News about the state of "the game" right now has been on house arrest instead of jail, by the grace of God while he awaited this day. Still house arrest is not the type of freedom that being able to travel and work outside of the home allots. I know he is ready! My prayers continue to go out for the Harris family and my friends at Grand Hustle. I will always stand behind yall 100%.

T.I. to MTV News:
“It’s a lot of bullsh** out right now, I’m not gonna front. I feel it’s definitely about time for somebody to come back out and kick this thing back in gear. The rotation is suffering right now. I intend to do something about it. It’s just a matter of when.”

His new album, "Paper Trial", that's he's been recording in his home studio (and it's very nice) in Jonesboro, GA where he has lived as he awaited trial, does not have a drop date yet...but Tip told MTV that his fans can expect to hear something different from him than they are used to. On T.I's "Let My Beat Pound":
"That’s gonna be a big record.” said Cliff. “It’s a different record. It’s a record I approached differently, and it don’t sound like a typical T.I. record. It’s basically about when you got your first car, one of the first things was to make sure your [sound] system was right. The love for the boomin’ system. It has the sentiments of LL Cool J’s ‘Boomin’ System,’ but it kind of sounds like a Sir Mix-A-Lot [song]. It’s kinda got the mood and tempo of ‘Posse on Broadway,’ but it’s outta here.”
T.I. noted, "Let My Beat Pound" would more than likely "serve the same purpose as 'Top Back' did on King."
and promised that fans will get their money's worth!

Young Dro, who also has a new album dropping this year, co-signed for T.I. on the Grammy's red carpet telling cameras not only is his friend and label mate focused on writing for "Paper Trail" but he's putting his ryhmes on paper. MMMMM...paper trail it is!

We look forward to it Tip. Come on back, we need you in the game homie!

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  1. FREE TI! FREE TIP! Man, Tip keep your head up. I know there is alot of pressure coming down on you at this time but you can come out of this and do great things. You are in my prayers for real yo.


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