Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney Spears rushed to the hospital by ambulance

Britney and Adnan yesterday during lunch at Jerry's Deli in Studio City, CA

The 26 year old "Crazy" pop singer was rushed to UCLA Medical Center in the wee hours of this morning followed by a dozen police cars, motorcycles and helicoptors. She is now being placed on mental evaluation hold according to the LA Times. Her mom was seen during all this commotion and when asked if he daughter was doing fine, Lynne Spears replied simply, "Yeah.". Brit has been spotted wearing tattered clothes, hanging heavy with Adnan Ghalib who is legally still married but now getting a divorce, watched as she shopped for home pregnancy tests, was recently told on by her manager Sam Lufi to Barbara Walters (and the rest of television) that she sees a psychiatrist and has problems. Hmmmm. Alot going on.

When I said, "Crazy" above I wasn't reffering to her personality as much as I was to her song to make reference and slight connection. The word crazy works because that's what half the world thinks about Britney anyway. I myself think that she's not necessarily crazy but challenged due to some bad decesions made that lead to bad outcomes which now has bonded her for life because she has kids and all of this drama is being shown to everyone via the insensitive media. Add on top of that millions of opinions, insults, laughter, mockery, and judgements and you have the makings of "hot sh*t soup" served steaming fresh all day, every day. Damn. Not everyone can deal with things in a "stuff it" manner and they should not be faulted for that. The pressure of the world on your shoulders...ever felt that? Well magnify that x's 100 by imaginng all your "junk" is also being aired on television.

Eyeah...that would suck. Wouldn't that make many of us..."crazy."??

p.s. dude up there reminds you of curious george right?!

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  1. I wish someone would really diagnose this girl. I bet you all of your savings this girl is suffering from postporteum depression. She had those kids back to back and shortly after going through a divorce body not looking tight as it was. THis is just sad! She is not crazy she is really in need of sitting down with a psychologist.


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