Friday, November 2, 2007

Robert Goulet exits the stage

Young America may not know or appreciate the baritone singing, award winning, musical stage and acting sensation that was Robert Goulet. However the older cats and those in tune to all ages of pop culture can.

Mr. Goulet passed away this past week while awaiting a lung transplant in a Los Angeles hospital. Last month the singer was found to have a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis and went into the hospital to receive treatment and operations. On this past Tuesday he met his final hours in the face. He was 73 years old. Not too young and certainly not too old but it was his time nonetheless.

Mr. Goulet leaves behind his wife, Vera of 25 years who says even during surgery he was in good spirits and quipped to doctors when about to insert a breathing tube, "Just watch my vocal cords."

RG tidbits:
1960's "Camelot" made RG a star
He received a Grammy in 1962 with "Best New Artist"
He recently could been seen sneaking around as a energy drainer in the FUNNY Emerald Nuts commercials.

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