Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dark Chocolate, Warm Lance Gross

Have you ever met someone with such a warm spirit? You know the type of soul that immediately can bring you in with their inviting smiles, and kind eyes?

Okay well do you like candy? Of course you do! I like candy! I especially like chocolate. And more recently due to proven antioxidant benefits i am loving on the dark chocolate. It's all of the pleasures of real milk chocolate without as much of the sugar.

Well Lance Gross is like that. A warm spirited young man with all of the goodness of your favorite tasty dark chocolate bar...yet in him there is a sweet side. And by that I mean wholesome. And in the wild and horny Hollywood it is a treasure to find any attractive man brimming on the wings of success that has phenominal and quality character left in him.

Now the thing about dark chocolate is that is has been out for years but many Americans slept on it. Why? Well because they preferred the cavity powers of milk chocolate. And even if something is not the best for you once you have grown a comfort and familiarity with it, it is hard to try something new even when the best alternative is staring you in the mouth. Yum. Basically more studies had to come out about how good dark chocolate was for you, for your heart. Dark Chocolate had to be seen around town more. Bigger companies had to support the step child of the brown confection and force it out in front of the market and create a demand for the good stuff. Twists were put in the darker toned cocoa with additions like seeds, berries and nuts to substitute for the missing globs of fructose. And dark chocolate had to prove itself. It still is, even in its success.

Lance Gross is not only blessed with a smooth dark brown complexion (that of the likes of dark chocolate) but he compliments that sun kissed skin with a bright smile that can add more light to the room in which he inhibits. Oh and talk about handsome! His easy demeanor makes him even more appealing.
I had a chance to conduct an exclusive interview as The Entertainment Lush for Find Entertainment, LLC with the star of TBS' "House of Payne" on the last day of October this year in his Midtown Atlanta condo. Thanks to Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates in California (represents Lance, for the contact and interview opportunity. Lance lives in Atlanta while taping season is in session for the wildly funny and very close to heart Tyler Perry created series. But the actor still has a drive and passion for L.A. his native land full of sunny beaches, fast life glamour and cosmetic beauty. Still even speaking with this young man who's mind is fully engrossed in Los Angeles I got a sense that his spirit is in a less pretentious more grounded land, maybe one that cannot be boarded by plane or bus because it resides in the heart.

I will let you see the interview in full in a couple of weeks (I'll let you know when it is airing on the website however I want to give you some brief bio facts on Lance as well as keep you up to date on what's happening now. Hmmm...wasn't that an old black t.v. show stemming from a spin-off?? :)

Birthday: July 8, 1981 (yes he's a 26 year old Cancer)
School Daze: He used to run track and field (he's got muscly muscles yall) and turned down a pro Track and Field career to act. Big dreams+faith=Big success
Beauty and the Brain: Graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in Theater.
Designing Men: Karl Kani (bitter cuz mama and daddy didn't get me no jeans when the designer was hot! But there was this spicy Italian kid in my high school named Micheal Angelo Morales who used to always wear Karl Kani EVERYTHING! He dated this cute blondie named Christie Bilica instead of me of course...dang he was such a fine dude. But i digress...) met Lance on an Elevator after a BET 20th anniversary party and hired him for a national commercial.
Bringing Sexy Black: Lance has stared in several music videos for leading female song birds: Mary J., Rihanna, and Mariah Carey.
Stars in his Eyes: He got his big break on House of Payne when Tyler Perry came to visit friend and actress, Tasha Smith's ("Why Did I Get Married", "Daddy's Little Girls") acting studio where Lance attended. Perry saw Lance and his skills during a "Jungle Fever" scene, later developed the idea for "House of Payne"...and the rest as they say is television history.
Character Flaws: Lance plays Calvin Payne on "House of Payne" as a 25 year old 7 year collegiate who loves the ladies, shuns responsibility and free loads off of mama and papa Payne.
Leading Lady: Lance is dating the beautiful Eva "Diva" Pigford (part-time "House of Payne" guest), an America's Top Model winner and real time model. They met on set...duh and kept meeting after I see. She was in Atlanta for a day after flying from Vancouver to see her manly man during our interview. She seems well and is very cool, lovely and energetic.
Extras Extras!!!: Mr. Gross has played several small guest roles in t.v. shows like: Eve and The Bernie Mac Show.
A Brown Aura: Lance stars as Micheal, a high school basket ball star in a film adaption of the hilarious and popular Tyler Perry play, "Meet the Browns" to release in February 2008. He stars opposite Angela Basset and Rick Fox.
Musical Notes: He enjoys: Jay-Z, T.I. but also listens to alternative music and some rock (I think Eva had something to do with that).
Welcome to Atlanta: His high-rise Midtown condo (totally killer view) is small and minimally decorated yet it lends an airy and classy, smooth vibe with his choice of key pieces and quality furniture placed inside the cozy living quarters. The new age indoor architecture gives the impression of lots of space and Lance uses a mixture of dark and cool colors to bring his domain together in harmonious, smart simplicity. Atlanta is his home away from home.
There's Something About Lance: He's smart, funny, very kind and yes this kid CAN act. So if you haven't watched, "House of Pain" please watch it cuz otherwise you are missing out on a show full of laughter and reality lead by great actors such as Lance Gross.

America don't sleep on Lance Gross like you did on Dark Chocolate too long! This is a bright, talented, warm young man who is making a quiet STORM in Hollywood! His ship is finally starting to come in.



  1. OMG,Lance is a cutey!!!! HELLO EVA watch it girl, don't act! Maven, your inteview with Lance was on point. I was definitely sucked into what you had to say on him. Thanks for sharing with your viewer's girl, keep doin' the DAMN thang!

  2. Grasping my water (I think it is a bit warm in here after reading about this lovely man) and the edge of my chair as I cannot wait to read the exclusive interview. Next to Allen Payne, he is definitely a beauty to behold and a wonderful spirit. Kudos on the exclusive Ms. Entertainment. Can't wait to read more :-)

    ::agency 3sixteen:: Coming Soon!

  3. That boy is soooooooooo fine!

  4. lance is cute. good read. when is the interview going to be posted?

  5. Thanks!! The interview will be posted this month. I'm excited to share it soon. :)


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